Matte Mushroom Nails Are The Trendiest Brown Manicure For Fall 2023

Every fall, it feels like we gravitate towards earth-toned nails, especially a nice brown. It makes sense — brown is universally flattering and perfectly encapsulates the change in season and the world around us. And while a plain brown-colored mani looks fabulous, it's the topcoat we're paying extra attention to this fall. "While an earthy brown isn't exactly original this time of year, using different topcoats or trendy placements can add a spin that feels modern and new," celebrity manicurist Stephanie Staunton explains to The Zoe Report.

And this fall, we're talking matte finishes. That's right: Matte manicures are coming back with a vengeance (and for good reason). A matte manicure adds a unique, sultry touch to any color we can all appreciate. When paired with a brown polish, it creates the perfect transitional mani going into the fall — which has been dubbed matte mushroom nails, reminiscent of earthy mushroom tones. To get the look, simply ditch your normal topcoat and opt for a matte one on top of any earthy brown polish. From there, you can keep matte mushroom nails as is or opt for a few designs to show your personality.

Add a little shine

If you're looking for an outside-the-box French manicure idea, look no further than this matte and glossy look. Using a topcoat as an invisible French tip creates a stunning contrast that will capture attention instantly. This can be created by adding the matte topcoat, curing it to the nail, and then painting a French tip using a normal clear coat.

Try mixing and matching

Earth tones are beautiful, especially when they are next to each other. Instead of just doing matte mushroom nails, mattify a few other colors among the neutral color spectrum to make a beautiful manicure. These nails are perfect for the girlies who just can't pick one color.

Create a mushroom French

Matte French manicures are the newest twist on a classic French mani, and this mushroom French is the perfect way to do it this fall. To get this look, create the French design over nude nail polish and finish with a matte topcoat. What makes this so interesting is rarely do we see a matte French, especially a brown one.

Have a golden touch

Brown, nude, and gold complement each other so well. These shades can be incorporated into your manicure in so many ways, including stickers, polishes, foils, and of course, glitter to get the desired effect. Work with your nail technician to decide how much gold you want to add to your acrylic set.

Go for crystals

We all love a bit of sparkle in our life, so why not add a few crystals to your nails? The stunning shine will pop against the matte base, creating a beautifully eye-catching look. For this mani, it's best to add a strong nail glue to adhere the crystal to the nail.