Open-Knit Dresses: The Fuller-Coverage (& All-Seasons) Version Of The Sheer Trend

You may associate knitwear as a trendy look for fall or winter, but certain styles happen to suit both spring and summer as well. For instance, open-knit dresses are trendy, fabulous, and totally chic. Usually made of threads or yarn that are knitted, crocheted, or braided together in various ways, they can also feature a straightforward design or boast more complicated patterns as well as a range of colors and eye-catching accents. Beyond that, they can be pretty darn comfortable thanks to the soft and stretchy nature of the fabric. Of course, that's not all the material can do for this particular item of clothing.

Frankly, the knit dress is a trend that can be a flattering choice for all body shapes and sizes. It also embraces a relatively naked aesthetic which is definitely on-trend if a little risqué for some. Indeed, open-knit pieces give a glimpse of what's underneath — that might be another dress, swimsuit, bra and undies, pants, shorts, or even your bare skin.

On top of that, an open-knit dress is a versatile option that can be worn at the beach as well as out for drinks with friends. That's not to mention the fact that they can be dressed up for a semi-formal event or even suit a day at the office with the right accessories. You just need to know what option is right for you and exactly how to style it.

Basic white open-knit dress

Although you definitely wouldn't consider this dress basic when it comes to the details of its eye-catching design, it does have a relatively straightforward cut. However, the open-knit aspect almost creates an illusion because while there are holes in the fabric, they are relatively tiny and hard to distinguish individually. This results in a see-through effect that plays with the eye. Beyond that, other aspects of the dress like the hip-high side slit, low-cut neck, and lengthy front tie definitely help to take it to the next level and make it anything but boring.

Chic and classy open-knit dress

You may not be able to resist wearing your open-knit dress to work or appointments when you have one that makes you feel so stunning. With a small knit pattern as well as a gently curved V-neck and a slight side slit that reaches the knee, your open-knit dress can become ever-so-chic. Lining underneath the dress provides an added layer of elegance — and adds a shapely silhouette beneath the knit fabric. Topping the look with a classic blazer makes the ensemble perfect for situations where you don't want to wear a more revealing item.

Open-knit dress with a pattern

Those who know how to knit or crochet can have fun with their designs by incorporating patterns into their dresses. For a comfy but no-less stylish look, opt for long sleeves and a length that drops all the way to the floor, topped off with a high and curved neckline. While the entire dress has an open-knit layer, patterned zig-zag lines in two different sizes (pointing in two different directions) allow the dress to stand out even more.

Black paneled open-knit dress

Knit dresses don't have to be white. Frankly, they can be a wide range of colors including sleek black which is perfect for those who are always willing and eager to slay the shade. Rather than a diagonal pattern, you can have fun with a variety of different shapes, like squares that add a geometric appeal to the knit, and create small, open areas in contrast to the fully-filled panels of your open- (and sometimes closed-) knit dress. 

Purple V-neck open-knit dress

Opting for a shorter design and a V-neck style might seem like a simple choice, but the semi-seethrough nature of the open-knit style, paired with a darker bra and shorts underneath (and a fun shade of purple) makes this a perfect warmer weather option. A light lilac or lavender hue is flattering rather than flashy, and could quickly become your favorite new fashion color. Keep the look casual by wearing the dress on its own, or add a few accessories for a night out. 

Multicolored open-knit dress with accents

It might be hard to decide what you love most about the delicate yet wonderfully delightful open-knit dress. An ultra-beachy open-knit dress can be lined with a thicker edge around both the neck and hem, perfectly framing the piece. Showing off multi-colored sections crocheted in shapes like starfish or blooming flowers adds to the sunsoaked coastal vibe and captures a quintessential boho-chic aesthetic.