The 'Ugly Color' Trend Is Transforming Our Closets In 2023 - Here Are Our Favorite Hues

For years, women wore mainstream "pretty" colors like blush pink, snow white, and sky blue to look as attractive as possible. But fashion is changing in the 2020s, and people are starting to recognize that colors and styles that weren't considered classically "pretty" in the past can be a lot of fun to wear. First, we had the weird-girl aesthetic in fashion, helping women feel more comfortable wearing quirky ensembles. There was no aim to look conventionally pretty; instead, wearers put more of a significant focus on creative expression. Then, 2023 brought the oddly trendy chartreuse bright accessory color, dethroning magenta. That yellowish-green color is anything but classically attractive, yet it's still a prominent trend. Thus, more hues once-deemed "ugly" are taking over 2023 fashion.

While rocking "ugly" colors might sound daunting or unappealing, these pieces won't look so ugly once you style them. The goal isn't to look unattractive — it's more about creating unique, fun outfits with pieces in hues that aren't necessarily classics. Some of our favorite "ugly" hues include rusty red, dark gray, olive green, mustard yellow, and every shade of brown.

Rusty red

Do you get tired of always seeing the same classic bright red dresses and lipsticks? Yes, that vibrant apple red is a tried-and-true shade for sexy looks, but rust red is another option and looks much nicer than it sounds. Resembling that burnt rust color, rusty red garments are typically warmer than the traditional red, making the rusty look a lovely option for softer, more understated outfits. It's especially fitting for the fall season!

Dark gray

Similar to how rust red is an excellent alternative to traditional brighter, clearer reds, dark gray is a great option if you're bored with constantly wearing black. While some might think dark gray sounds gloomy or dull, garments in that dark neutral appear sleek and attractive while standing out in a sea of classic black clothing. So, next time you need a neutral blazer, pair of trousers, or blouse, consider reaching for dark gray instead of black.

Olive green

Green olives might initially make you think of salad rather than fashion, but this olive-inspired hue looks significantly more stylish than it sounds. Olive green garments present warm, earthy energy, offering a gentler, more understated option than louder, brighter green hues like the chartreuse trend. Softer olive green is very versatile for pants, tops, and outerwear, as it's not completely neutral but still won't overwhelm other colors and patterns.

Mustard yellow

If you're interested in exploring yellow fashion but are intimidated by super bright, sunny yellow shades that we frequently see in the summer, a more low-key, muted mustard yellow is an excellent choice. Not only is the darker mustard yellow appropriate for more seasons than brighter yellow shades, but the warmer mustard shade is more subtle and less dramatic, making it an excellent option for anyone who wants to slowly ease into wearing yellow pieces.

Every brown shade

When you first hear the color "brown," you might think of dirt, coffee beans, and some other not-so-pretty images. But various brown shades look surprisingly beautiful in all types of clothing. Brown is an underrated neutral that looks appealing in both casual and formal ensembles, and is also gaining popularity regarding beauty, thanks to the 2023 latte makeup trend.