Fairycore Makeup Inspiration For An Ethereal Look

From bohemian style to a free-spirited feeling, fairycore is about more than dressing up in wings and spending time in nature. This fun and beautiful aesthetic gives us a chance to wear flowy clothing and experiment with colors and shimmery fabrics. Aside from clothing and nature-inspired accessories, like floral crowns, makeup means a lot when it comes to this look. But there's more to it than picking shimmery bright colors.

You'll want colorful eyeshadow palettes, pretty pastels, glittery everything, real and faux flowers, and an out-of-the-box imagination. Fairycore may seem like cosplay to some, but you can mix your fairy aesthetic with your everyday look as well. You'll also notice, as you look at these inspirational looks, that you can combine your favorite aesthetics for unique looks, like a cottagecore fairy or even a goth pixie. If you're ready to fly into the whimsical world of fairycore and need extra help in the makeup department, there are many looks you can use as inspiration to get you started.

Put on some real flowers

Fairies love flowers — after all, they are nature spirits. One of the fun and unique things you can do for your fairycore look is to add actual flowers to your makeup design. All you need are some flowers that are safe to use (you don't want to attach anything poisonous to your face or use anything you're allergic to) and some sort of adhesive like spirit gum to attach it with. Pick flowers that match your clothing, and consider basing the rest of your makeup look around the color of the ones you've chosen.

Or paint them on

If you love flowers but have allergies or don't have any growing around your place that you can use in your makeup look, just paint some on. You can use the makeup you already have, like lip and eye pencils, or invest in some face paints. If you're going to a party or rave where black lights may be involved, we recommend some black-light-reactive body-safe paints for your flowers and any other things you want to paint on your face and body.

Be a butterfly

Eyes are the windows to the soul, and these eyes say you're a free spirit. While creating artistic eye looks takes some skill and a steady hand, it's doable with some practice. Butterfly wings are one of those things that are forgiving when it comes to drawing them, so have fun with it. If you want a lighter fairy look, pick a soft color like pink and draw some wings around your eyes. Here's another chance to put your white eyeliner to use as well.

Fall for autumn leaves

We love the leaves in this eye look and the fall-colored eyeshadow. When it's fall, and you're looking for a fairycore look that fits the season, painting some cute little blowing leaves by your eyes or on your cheeks is a great way to celebrate the changing of the seasons. This mix of green and reddish eyeshadows makes us think of the autumn leaves as they begin their change before falling into piles of leaves on the ground.

Hints of pink

It may give you cold weather vibes, but the pink nose and cheeks look is also great for fairycore looks — it has a feel of innocence. Pink is a girly and fun color that is perfect for a more feminine aspect of the fairycore look. You can even pull off pink eyeshadow with this one. A little glitter added to the pink cheeks and nose adds more to that icy vibe, so if you're going for a winter fairy look, we highly recommend this addition. 

Cottagecore meets fairycore with mushrooms

Mushrooms may seem more of a cottagecore vibe, but we think that's only when you're talking about decor. When it comes to makeup, fungi are definitely fitting for a fairycore look. Remember, fairies love nature, and depending on your belief in these mythical beings, they take care of things in nature, including fungus. There's a bit of extra work to go into a look like this, but we love the colors. 

Or a more simple mushroom homage

If you want something that pays homage to mushrooms without all that extra makeup work and face adhesives, you can simply color your face to look like one of your favorite mushrooms. Though the actual red-capped mushroom this makeup is derived from — the fly agaric — is poisonous, we love this cute look using red eyeshadow and a white eyeliner pen. The look has an innocent feel to it, but that underlying "poison" makes us wonder what you'll really be thinking if you go for this specific look ... hey, not all fairies are good!

The colors of the sun

Fairies dancing in the sunshine — that sounds like a beautiful piece of art we'd love to look at. Make your face that art by embracing the colors of the sun, like orange and yellow. Whether you opt to follow suit with this Instagram user and have orange lips with yellow eyes, or swap things around with yellow lips and orange eyes — or even do both eyes and lips the same color — this look is warm and inviting.

Shimmery greens

You definitely want to incorporate green in your fairycore look — the color of the leaves on the trees and the grass on the ground. Metallics and glittery eyeshadows are your friends when it comes to a fairycore aesthetic. We love that this artist added black to her look, giving it a bit of a dark fairy vibe. With black lips and jewels around the eyes, you can go light on the cheek shade to not take away from those other focal points.

Experiment with shapes and colors

The right colors and lines can look floral, branchy, or viney without any definitive pattern. A few key colors of lipliners or eyeliners can give you the tools you need to draw anything on your face, from a viney floral look like the image we've shared to an ivy plant crawling around the entire face. You don't have to make the look perfect; it's the colors and the imagination that creates a whimsical look like this one.

Yellow eye makeup

It might not be your first choice on a normal day, but for fairycore, yellow is an excellent choice whether you're going for a bright morning look or even a mysterious look (which would be fab paired with a deep blue, glittery shadow, like a night sky). We love the bright solid look of this content creator's eyeshadow and think the addition of stars is super cute. Of course, wings are a fairy thing, so winged eyeliner and eyeshadow are great additions to your fairycore vibe.

Lake fairy look

If you love the water but prefer fairies to mermaids, here's some inspo for you. This look could go just as well in the forest as it could by a lake — all you'd need is a more woodsy green wig and to replace the seaweed headband with some ivy. What we love most about this look is the intricate eyeliner design the creator made — it brings the black lipstick in tight and makes this look dark but somehow bright at the same time.

Lush lashes

Faux lashes are a must unless you were blessed with some really long and beautiful natural ones. We love this doll-look eyelash with a more natural, no-makeup makeup look involving light blush and that cute pink-tipped nose. The lashes are the focal point for this look, but you still get those full-on fairy vibes from the image. Of course, the addition of elf ears doesn't hurt!

Don't be afraid to match your wardrobe

When your makeup, especially your eyes, matches your fairy garb, you're reaching a new level of fairycore. This creator paired a top that matches the gorgeous crown with makeup that pulls the look together. The blues and purples mixed with one another make us think of fields of lavender or the flower gardens our mothers tended to while we played in the backyard. Have fun with your color pairings, especially when you're making them blend in with your daily wardrobe.

Love your white liner

Everything about white eyeliner is vintage and fairy. There's just something about this bold color that stands out and screams for attention, and we're all for it. You'll most definitely want white eyeliner on hand if you want to adopt a fawn look, prefer winter fairy aesthetics, or just want a way to highlight your eyes that can't be ignored. 

Don't forget winter

We've looked at some summer and fall fairy ideas, and since fairies are nature spirits, it makes sense there would be fairies for all the seasons. Whether or not you have a cold heart, an icy winter fairy queen look can be fun. We absolutely love the metallic blue lip that perfectly matches the upper face art in this look. The snowflakes chill us to the bone, as does the ice queen crown.

Add some gems

Fairies love shiny things, so don't be afraid to embellish your makeup look with gems. Of course, the metallic purple eyeshadow is shiny too, but it seems to glisten even more with those little gem dots above and below the eyes. Don't forget that shiny natural lip that leaves the eyes as the most prominent part of this look! Oh, and we love that the eyes match the hair here.

Try a frosty pale look

This pale look is one step away from being an ice queen or a fawn — you just need a few other additions. However, if you want to be a fairy, this look alone, with a nice flowy gown and some shiny wings, is perfect. The frosty eyeshadow and lips almost make that blond hair glow.

Just a shimmer

You can get those fairycore vibes without the bright colors and extravagant designs ... just add a little shimmer. While playing with colors and going out with intricate designs is fun, you can still be fairy-chic without it. Put on your regular makeup look that isn't too over the top — something natural — and add some shimmer to your cheeks. If you want something a little brighter, pick a tasty lip color that makes your mouth the focal point.

Let nature take control

If you want to be one with the forest, we suggest taking this image as your inspiration and drawing something forest-like on your face. The fern looks like it's taking over the face, like this fairy is becoming one with the earth. We love the natural base makeup and the lipstick that matches the hair. This look has a poison ivy feel to it but on a more gentle side with the ferns.

Adopt a faun persona

The faun is another aspect of fairycore we can fully get behind. Though they may be wingless, fauns are another nature spirit that loves the outdoors, is absolutely adorable, and has pointy ears. Browns and whites are the perfect shades for a faun look. Give your nose a cute look with some brown or black, and match your lips to it. You can go natural for most of the rest of the look, but feel free to have fun with your eye makeup. And don't forget the antlers!

Not all fairies are bright and cheerful

Just add some wings, and this look is the perfect fairycore addition for someone who prefers wearing black. Of course, we love the mix of blacks and greens in the makeup — the green adds to that earth fairy feel that tells us even though this fae prefers the night, she still loves nature and all the things that grow within it.

Have fun with your eyeliner

From the black wings to the little stars, having a little fun with your eyeliner is important, no matter what colors you're using. One thing we really love is the eyeliners that come with a stamp — it makes it easy to get perfect hearts, stars, or whatever shape you can find while shopping for your favorite liner colors. What shape you choose depends on your fairy look for the day. Even bats can be fun for a dark fairy vibe!