'Raw Blond': The Cool Girl Hair Color Of 2023

If you prefer to step out into the world with light platinum hair as opposed to a deep earthy blond color or darker honey-colored highlights, then you might want to give a raw blond tone a try. A trendy shade that can be both angelic and edgy, think along the lines of the kind of hair seen on the Targaryen fam in HBO's "Game of Thrones" and "House of Dragons." Celebrity colorist Jenna Perry broke it down for Glamour, saying, "Targaryen blond is winter white blond. It's as virgin blond as you can get."

This is why it can also be deemed raw blond. That's not to mention the fact that achieving this look means you'll need to embrace a relatively high-lift color unless you already have natural blond hair. Granted, it might be worth the effort (as well as time and money that would go into the mane-focused makeover), as Alex Brownsell, celebrity hairstylist and cofounder of Bleach London, explained to Glamour, "Hair lifted to the lightest shade of blond without using a toner is very popular right now."

But wait! Before you run off to make an appointment to transform your hair into a heavenly shade of raw blond, you need to figure out which version of this chic color will suit you best. From a blond that's on the verge of being whimsically white to a tone that has a luxe silvery vibe, there's undoubtedly an option that's just right for you.

Perfectly pristine raw blond

Go all out with this trend by embracing a shade of pristine raw blond. A hint away from a true white color and boasting an enviable glow when hit by the light, it has the potential to be both elegant and extreme, depending on how you wear it. Getting hair this color with a smooth, even tone may be a little tricky and may take some TLC to maintain. However, it will definitely be worth the work. If you're not into the extra effort, then a wig in this shade may be your best bet.

Classically chic raw blond

Whether you've been eyeing looks that put a modern twist on Old Hollywood style or simply adore colors that are classic and timeless, you might want to opt for a chic raw blond. Not quite as white as the pristine variation but still incredibly light, it may remind you of the kind of shade you might have spotted on iconic blond stars of the past like Marilyn Monroe, Jayne Mansfield, Lana Turner, or Mamie van Doren. Of course, you can style it in contemporary ways that are as casual or formal as you want.

Frosty raw blond

Raw blond may be a style that suits cool girls. However, the frosty variation is anything but chill. Relying on a surprisingly soft palette of undertones that can be anything from baby blue — or even a light shade of Robin's egg blue — to icy gray, you can decide which hue is ideal for your natural coloring. These subtly soft hints are surely why, despite the fact that this is a cooler version of raw blond, it would still work during any season, whether it's warm, wintery, or something in between.

Silvery raw blond

You may have been rocking platinum blond hair for years. However, that might mean it's the perfect time to try something slightly different. Silver blond hair sticks with the raw aspect while featuring an ash-like undertone. To put it another way, a light white hue is needed to achieve platinum blond, while on the other hand, this raw blond goes with a darker silver hint instead. Saying that, it's still a fabulously fair shade and an eye-catching color that will surely earn you countless compliments and be worth endless selfies.