Dusty Rose Nails Are Transitioning Barbiecore Pink Manicures To Fall 2023

Fall is the sneakiest season of all, creeping up on you when you're not yet ready to say goodbye to summer's warm and relaxing embrace — or the summer trends you developed an emotional attachment to. But that's okay, because we're here to provide you with a gentle reminder that, yes, fall is approaching. And no, it doesn't have to be the end of your summer style, but rather its natural evolution into its best fall version. We're here to make that often uncomfortable seasonal transition a little easier by giving you some tips on how to adapt your favorite summer manicure trend (Barbiecore, obviously) into the fall. It's time to transition from hot pink to dusty rose — this autumnal pink manicure look will fill the space left behind by summer's hottest pink trends.


This one is for our pink lovers who can't stand to part ways with the trend that catered so heavily to our favorite color. We feel you, and we have just the fall looks for you. Keep reading for all the creative varieties that will enhance your dusty rose nails for fall.

Dusty rose

Barbiecore's iconic hot pink shades aren't exactly fall-appropriate, if you care for seasonal color palettes. And while we admire the rulebreakers, some of us feel more comfortable sticking to the basics — bright hues for the summer and muted tones for the fall is our comfort zone. If it's yours, too, go with dusty rose and pale pink hues for the fall.


If you want to try it out, start with a solid dusty rose manicure on your natural nails. This sleek, one-tone nail trend looks good on absolutely everyone.

Add some glitter

If you have your heart set on this pink fall nail trend but don't want the basic, solid-colored look, glitter is always an option. In fact, glitter is forever encouraged by us, so feel free to officially use us as your excuse to get an additional coat of glitter every time you do your nails — from now 'til forever.


If you want glittery nails that are different and eye-catching, try the technique in the photo above. Pick a pretty pale pink hue for your base polish and enhance only one or two nails with matching pale pink glitter.

La vie en (dusty) rose

If there's one nail trend we always go back to, it is the classically chic French tip manicure. It's as timeless as nail trends come and versatile enough that you can make them as quietly luxurious or loudly stylish as you want. La vie en dusty rose will define fall nail trends.


Want your life to take on that romantic Parisian vibe? Then pop on your rose-colored glasses and paint your nails sheer pink. Next, pick your favorite pale pink polish and carefully line your tips. Also? Some gold 3D nail decorations never hurt anyone. 

Marble and gold

For those of us who enjoy artistic nail designs, there are two particularly eye-catching nail trends that are perfect for fall, especially when combined. The popular marble effect, commonly created with white streaks over muted neutral shades, combined with gold details is a two-in-one trend that is the epitome of luxurious manicures.


You can still stick to a pink palette for the fall with this look, as long as you go with paler pink or mauve shades. Pick your pink, and marble away. Gold details can be added as generously or sparsely as you wish.

Chrome rose

It's not just you. We've been seeing chrome everywhere. But is it just a fleeting summer trend? Definitely not. Although glitter and shine seem to perfectly complement summer, this sheen can do just as much good during the fall. Just make sure to stick to fall colors underneath the chrome.


As chic as this trend seems, it's pretty simple to achieve. Just pick your dusty rose base color and ask your nail tech to top it off with her best chrome match. You'll want to wear these rosy chrome nails every single day.