Extra-Thick Chain Jewelry Is The Chunky Trend Making A Statement This Summer

While there may be days when you're in the mood for subtle, lightweight, or what is known as naked jewelry, you can also indulge in the exact opposite aesthetic by popping on an extra-thick chain. Although accessories made of chains may have been around for longer than we can recall, the super-chunky look is a modern revival of the now-retro '80s and '90s style. And these days, it's all about going big and bold. Libby Page, market director of Net a Porter, explained to the online pub, "[T]he bigger, the better."

Both then and now, these thick chains have been an ideal choice for any gender and could work with a variety of styles. For instance, they could be an addition to a relatively edgy look or be the one statement piece that sets your formal ensemble apart. On the other hand, you might want to wear one with something more casual. Page addressed how to do just this thing, saying, "A black T-shirt is a wardrobe fail-safe; a piece we can turn to whenever we're stuck in a rut on those 'what to wear' mornings. A simple chunky chain will elevate the tee, and those extra few seconds well spent will mean no one will be any the wiser of your rushed-off-your-feet morning."

Of course, there are plenty of other ways to wear a super-thick chain. On top of that, while you may want a classic necklace, there are more options when it comes to this style.

Extra-thick Cuban chain necklace

All chain necklaces feature links to make up the full piece. However, a Cuban chain is slightly different than a typical design. The links, which are often made of gold, silver, or another precious metal, tend to be more oval than perfectly circular and appear to be twisted. Instead of the pieces of the chain being the same dimension, one side is kept rounded while the other is somewhat flat. By making them on the larger side, they can offer you the extra-thick vibe you're looking for in their own unique way.

Extra-thick chain charm necklace

Charm bracelets have come back into style, which is why you might also want to pick up a charm necklace. Although many thinner styles will offer you just enough room to add a few charms here and there, an extra-thick chain means you'll have plenty of space to add as many trinkets as you want. It will also give this statement-making accessory a modern touch on top of the fact that the significance of each charm — whether it represents a person, place, or thing you love — might make this necklace a beloved signature piece.

Colorful extra-thick chain necklace

When you think about a chain necklace, you might imagine a relatively thin band of links that are gold or silver. However, you can always choose one that isn't either of those things. Instead, not only can you pick out an extra-thick chain, but it can also come in different colors and finishes, which can be clearly seen thanks to the chunky style. You might be interested in something matte and blue, pink, or yellow. On the other hand, you may be intrigued by one that is multi-colored and has a spectacular sheen.

Extra-thick chain earrings

While there are various kinds of chain necklaces that you might find enticing, there are other accessories that take advantage of this trend. For instance, you should definitely consider grabbing a pair of extra-thick chain earrings that dangle down in a straight, linked line. Granted, in this case, the chain might not be quite as thick as you would end up with on a necklace because you wouldn't want too much weight pulling at your ears. However, lightweight versions can still be comfortable and add a striking and potentially edgy touch to your style.

Extra-thick chain bracelet

Add another accessory that boasts an extra-thick chain to your collection by picking up a bracelet that embraces this stunning style. This is an item that can definitely be worn on its own thanks to its showy design and could be the one piece you wear with a formal outfit or that takes a casual outfit up a notch. On the other hand, it could also be the centerpiece of a stacked arrangement of bracelets. Just think about how incredible this option would look with a few medium-sized and super-slender bangles.

Extra-thick chain ring

You may not have realized how attractive a chain ring could be. In fact, you may not have even known that they exist in the first place. You might also not have realized that you could opt for an extra-thick chain ring that is both eye-catching and elegant. With links that are wide and long, as well as sometimes being layered so that the individual pieces are staggered, they're also not terribly deep. This means the item will sit snuggly against your finger without being too bulky or uncomfortable.