Lower-East-Side Style Is The Viral TikTok Trend For A Casual-Cool Look

New York City is one of the hottest cities for fashion. Over 8.3 million people call the city home — making room for plenty of different tastes to collide. When many different cultures, trends, and fashion tastes combine, it makes for unique styles that have become tell-tale signs someone lives in a certain part of the city. Lately, people have been paying a lot of attention to the unique fashion taste of women on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. The LES includes famous neighborhoods such as the East Village, Chinatown, Little Italy, and Nolita. With many historical buildings, great nightlife, and more affordable rent by NYC standards, it attracts people from all walks of life, making the fashion scene greatly diverse.

Recently, TikTok fashion star @samiamdean posted a video to the app about how girls on the Lower East Side dress. This post went viral, gaining over 54,000 likes and inspiring over 1,580 other videos sporting the "Lower-East-Side style." While some of these videos are satirical, attempting to poke fun at the style, many of these show women trying out the look themselves — and looking great while doing it.

For the bottom: a maxi skirt

While the original TikTok recommends a maxi skirt, it also says it should be "really ugly." We are here to tell you fashion is subjective — so, no, the skirt doesn't have to be "ugly." You can even opt to go with a flowy bohemian skirt with an elastic waist or the fashion piece that's back in style against all odds: the denim maxi skirt

For the top: the Gen-Z baby tee or tank

Gen-Z's highly coveted "baggy pants, little top" trend has made its way to the starter pack for Lower-East-Side style. Trade out baggy pants for the above-mentioned maxi skirt, and join the baby tee revival of 2023 by choosing a minimal tank or a fun graphic crop top. The options are endless.

Grab your boots or loafers

It seems that this year there are only two choices for shoes on the Lower East Side — loafers or cowgirl boots. An unlikely interchangeable duo, both are on trend and look perfect with the same outfits. Perhaps the choice lies within who you would like to be perceived as on any given day. Loafers are the obvious choice for a more mysterious feel, while cowgirl boots scream "wild and free."

Can't forget the LES signature hairstyles

Pigtails and space buns are two signature hairstyles of the LES cool-girl look that are mentioned in the viral @samiamdean TikTok video. These are both common y2k aesthetic hairstyles, which seem to be garnering some serious clout with NYC "it girls." With hot and hectic city days, these are great go-to styles for keeping your hair out of your face — and looking effortlessly cool.

Accessorize like a cool-girl

Accessories are key to getting the amazing Lower-East-Side style. Cool-girl ways of accessorizing like wearing your technology, stacking your jewelry, and carrying a tote are all essential parts of the LES wardrobe. Accessorize like an LES queen by sporting over-the-ear headphones, silver jewelry, a large tote, and y2k sunnies.