Our Astrologer Helps Us Prepare For August 2023's Blue Supermoon

If it feels like something's in the air, know that you're not imagining it — a rare astrological event is just around the corner, ready to make major waves. Following August's Sturgeon Moon comes the Blue Supermoon on Wednesday, August 30. And FYI, the next Blue Supermoon won't make an appearance until August 2032.

A blue moon is a second full moon occurring within the same month as another full moon, while a supermoon is a full moon located at the closest point in relation to the Earth. August's Blue Supermoon will appear especially big and bright, notes Almanac, making it the perfect opportunity for some nighttime moon gazing.

According to experts, however, it's also a good time to look inward and prepare for personal shifts. "The moon's average distance from Earth is 238,900 miles (384,472 km), but on August 30, it will be much closer: 222,043 miles (357,344 km)!" Kyle Thomas, a celebrity astrologer doling out wisdom on Instagram and Patreon, exclusively told Glam. "Because of this, there may be a slightly stronger gravitational pull on the tides, animals, and ourselves — so you may feel a tad bit more emotional or intense near this point in time." While August's Blue Supermoon may trigger some big feelings, there's no need to fret. Thomas exclusively shared with Glam how to prepare for the lunar event, which includes hopping in the tub for a relaxing shower or bath. 

Expect mixed feelings during the Blue Supermoon

Full moons are known to stir up some drama, and August 2023's Blue Supermoon is no exception. As astrologer Kyle Thomas told Glam in an exclusive chat, this moon will occur in Pisces, the last sign on the zodiac wheel, opposite Virgo. This astrological position invites a combination of practicality and spirituality, noted Thomas. "When it comes to astrological aspects that will color this lunation, we will see mixed energy to navigate," the expert explained.

The planets will also play a major role in the moon's influence over our emotions. "First and foremost, the full moon will be united with Saturn, which will add seriousness and gravity to our emotions — which may cause us to feel distance from others," Thomas revealed. "We may experience obstacles and challenges that force us to take a step back and face depression or sadness, especially if we have not been directly facing these emotions." Neptune will also step in, potentially bringing feelings of confusion or weakness.

Thankfully, the Blue Supermoon won't be all doom and gloom. The celebrity astrologer pointed out that several other planets will elicit optimism, creative thinking, and lighthearted fun during the full moon. Use this time to shake things up and finally sort through any matters that have been holding you back.

Celebrate August's Blue Supermoon with energy-enhancing rituals

August 2023's Blue Supermoon might ignite some powerful feelings and inspire you to start a personal transformation ASAP. However, the lunar event is also a chance to slow down, according to Kyle Thomas. In our exclusive conversation, the astrologer suggested practicing some grounding full moon rituals. "Because Pisces [is] a Water sign, using water can be quite helpful," Thomas explained. "For instance, soaking in a meditative bath, visualizing a shower as cleansing white light, or even making moon water can be helpful."

The rare cosmic phenomenon wouldn't be complete without a check-in with your inner self. First, take note of what patterns have been guiding you over the last several months. "The situations and conversations coming to culmination now will be connected to the patterns that originated at the new moon in Pisces on February 20, 2023," Thomas told Glam. Then, accept these developments with a mantra like "I surrender to the flow of the universe," the astrologer advised. Use your mantra in a meditation or journal exercise on or before the peak of the Blue Supermoon to help you embrace the changes the occasion may bring to your life.