5 Jewelry Trends That Will Dominate Fall 2023

Fall 2023 has got plenty of trends in store for all you fashionistas. Between the various outerwear styles and boot designs ready to make a statement this season, it's difficult not to get excited by all the new fashion arriving. However, it's also time to get ecstatic over upcoming jewelry trends. These fall trends mix bold over-the-top designs, such as Dior's Fall 2023 regal jewelry, with imminent quiet luxury trends, including the ones shown as part of Saint Laurent Fall/Winter 2023. Between these two trends, there's lots of room to explore and find the perfect pieces to complete your wardrobe.

Some of the reported jewelry trends for fall are continuations of summer jewelry trends that will last for another season. Designers first showcased these styles during the fall/winter 2023 fashion shows, and they continue to make their mark in our jewelry collections. With the introduction of quiet luxury, you'll find many jewelry pieces incorporating these sleek and minimal designs. Regardless of how you prefer your jewelry, this fall is all about accessorizing to hone in on your style.

Pearl pieces

Pearls are the breakout star of the 2023 jewelry trends, and they're looking to extend their reign for another season. With designers such as Chanel and Carolina Herrera showcasing different styles of pearl jewelry, including bold designs, for fall/winter 2023, it's no wonder pearls continue to be popular. These timeless pieces will be on-trend no matter the era, making them a worthwhile investment for the long term. Modern pearl pieces including chokers and statement items are a fresh approach to this vintage design, making them versatile enough to complement any look.

Brooch madness

If the brooch trend has taught us anything, it's to always appreciate the value of a vintage jewelry piece. While brooches have long been known to add flair to any look, their recent resurgence is bigger and better than ever. For those looking for ways to sneak quiet luxury into their jewelry collections, small and understated brooches will add just enough visual interest to your looks without sacrificing subtlety. On the other hand, you can also opt for a larger-than-life brooch that steals the show, such as those shown during Gucci Fall/Winter 2023.

Statement earrings

While brooches capture our attention, earrings steal the show. Statement earrings are an easy way to add a personal touch to an outfit without having to completely change up your outfit. These earrings are available in various styles, whether featuring bold shapes and colors or over-the-top sizes. Brands including Alaïa are showcasing a modern approach to the look with heavy, chunky rock drop earrings, giving you a taste of just how to style this trend.

Cuffs and bangles

Cuffs and bangles are an ode to the '90s, a trend that sees no end in sight. While this nostalgic trend can differ from subtle to statement, cuffs and bangles are known to add some shine to your arms. After all, Brandon Maxwell and Prabal Gurung showed chunky cuffs and bangles up and down the runway at their fall respective shows, making for some eye-catching moments. Low-key options are also available in simple gold or silver metal designs that can equally highlight your looks.

Over-the-top sizes

Quiet luxury might be the current fashion fascination, but oversized jewelry pieces can complete your fall wardrobe. You won't find subtlety in such pieces as large pendant necklaces or statement drop earrings. You'll also find oversized jewelry in bracelets and body jewelry. Brands such as Alexander McQueen made impactful statements with their over-the-top earrings for fall 2023. If one thing is for sure, it's not to be afraid to supersize your jewelry this fall season, as it will complement your fall outfits and make a bold statement despite the presence of chunky outerwear.