High-Waisted Pants Aren't Going Anywhere - Better Learn To Wear Them Now

The rise of Y2K fashion has caused low-rise pants to trend again, and we're seeing them pop up on the runway and in stores. While this is a top choice for some (especially Gen-Z), many of us still prefer the comfort of having our torsos covered and not worrying about our pants falling too low, especially when bending over. While low-rise pants barely hit the hip, high-waisted pants fit securely around the waist. They're a retro style that's not going anywhere.

Even those who rock the low-rise trend seem to still have a place for high-waisted pants in their closets. Lovers of high-waisted pants unite on the feeling that a low rise can make them uncomfortable. Vice president of global design at Levi's Jill Guenza stated that their Ribcage high-waisted denim is "one of our most in-demand styles for women" in an interview with The New Yorker. In the same article, former model Jesse Kamm stated that wearing low-rise pants never felt right to them and "having structured, high-waisted pants makes you feel sort of hugged right, or supported in some way." With many women feeling the same way, we are constantly looking for the newest and best ways to style high-waisted pants.

Tuck in your top

A top tucked into your high-waisted pants can help show off your waistline and lead to an overall more sophisticated look. This is a great option to avoid looking bulky, especially if you are looking to layer another piece over the top. It will create a defined separation of where your waist ends and legs begin.

Let your abs shine with a crop top

If you aren't hopping on the low-rise trend but still are looking to show off your abs, it is still possible with high-waisted pants. Pair a super cropped top that ends on the ribcage with your high-waisted pants, leaving just enough room to let your abs shine. Choose materials like silk, satin, or even leather, and this works as a dressier outfit.

Make a statement with bold colors

Who doesn't love a pop of color? Patterned or colorful high-waisted pants are a great option for a staple piece. The pants take up most of the outfit with their high waistline, so it is always fun to add this pop of color and keep your top more neutral.

Different fits can change the whole look

High-waisted pants can have a variety of fits. Straight leg, skinny, flared, wide leg — the possibilities are endless! Each gives off an entirely different feel. This is a perfect example as the model wears wide-leg, high-waisted leather pants for a classic look. But a skinny fit would also work — it would just give a different vibe.

Pair with the right shoes

Pairing the right shoes with your high-waisted pants is essential. While these pants look great on all body types, you should look at the length of your torso when deciding on your shoes. According to MasterClass, "If you're on the petite side or have a short torso, higher shoes (like high-heeled booties or stilettos) will help lengthen your body. Flats work better for those with long torsos."

Belt them

Belting your high-waisted pants is a great way to ensure your waistline is as defined as possible. This can create a clear definition as to where your top ends and pants begin, and prevent you from looking frumpy. Not to mention, if your top is tucked in, a belt can help ensure that it stays that way throughout the day.