6 Ways To Style Bold Lower Lash Line Makeup

With many makeup trends taking the spotlight for a few weeks and then being replaced with something new, one makeup look that hasn't gone out of style since 2020 is a bold, colorful lower lash line. It's the perfect everyday makeup look you can do to give your eyes an extra pop of color when you're wearing a more minimalist outfit or want to elevate a maximalist look. Working with the lower lash line can be intimidating if you've never tried it or you're new to wearing makeup, but it's one of the easiest places to glam on your face once you get the hang of it. If you feel like you haven't mastered using eyeshadow palettes, eyeshadow sticks are a superb alternative that makes the application effortless.

Styling your lower lash line with glittery shades, bright tones, and deep colors will have everyone's eyes on you. You don't need to be a makeup artist to achieve a bold look. There are a multitude of ways to style your lower lash line with differing colors. Whether you enjoy a subtle hue or an intricate design, your lower lash line will be your favorite thing to color when you're getting ready.

Start simple

For makeup girlies who want to step outside of their comfort zone by adding color to their lower lash line, start simple with a daring color like blue and create a reverse cat eye. Essentially you would do a typical winged eyeliner, but instead of dragging the pencil on top of your eye, use it on the bottom and drag it past the inner corner. The rest of your makeup can be more straightforward, such as using soft blushes and nude eyeshadow to allow the blue eyeliner to pop.

Opt for a monotone style

Figuring out how to pair eyeshadow colors together can be tricky, so if you're not confident with blending colors yet, stick to one color and use different shades. For example, this purple-eye look is soft and whimsical. The eyelid has three types of purple tones, while the bottom lash line has two. Pick one of the eyeshadow colors from the lid and sweep it across your lower lash, connecting it to your wing for a blurred-up look. Add glittery eyeliner to your water line to match the wing.

Try a smokey lower lash look

Smokey eye makeup is a classic look that makeup artists are constantly recreating. It is a more advanced style that takes time to perfect, but you can always try it out. This look requires heavy deep tones, like black or midnight blue, or try using both. This artist did a smokey eye with blue, black, and hints of yellow on the eyelid. She also used metallic blue eyeliner for vibrancy, which she put on the lower lash line and inner corners.

Add a contrasting color to an intricate design

Detailed eye looks are eye-catching but sometimes intense, so adding a contrasting light color to the lower lash line helps soften the overall look. For example, this gorgeous multi-liner work on the eyelids is bold with a flourish of color. The pink shade on the lower lash line reduces the intensity but still stands out on the face. You could recreate this look with a different eyeshadow tone, like a pastel yellow or orange, to complement the green liner on the eyelid.

Smudgey lower lash

There are no rules when it comes to being creative with makeup. It doesn't always have to look picture perfect with clean cut-creases and sharp edges. Smudgey eye looks are distinct and add flair to the face. You don't even have to smudge your lid. Instead, create a messy lower lash line style. This pride makeup look combines complementary colors but focuses on the blue tone when added to the lower lashes. The sky blue liner on the water line is vivid, making it the first thing you see.

Give your lower lash line a design

Instead of sticking to applying liner on your water line or sweeping eyeshadow under the lower lashes, draw a simple yet flashy design with your eyeliner or eyeshadow stick. For example, yellow eyeshadow is vibrant and stands out on its own, but when purple is added to the mix, it adds the perfect contrasting color. While this makeup artist could have done a simple lower lash liner, she drew a curl near the inner corner, elevating the look with the small detail. This eye makeup is another fantastic, effortless style for beginners.