Use Etsy To Find The Custom Clothes Of Your Dreams

Some are a little more crafty than others when it comes to making unique, custom wardrobe pieces. For the rest of us, thankfully, there is Etsy. Known for its handmade and vintage items, this e-commerce company has been a saving grace since 2005 for those who simply can't pick up sewing, knitting, or creative crafting. And when it comes to fandom fashion and custom designs, there really is no greater mecca than the land of Etsy.


Whether you have your heart set on an Eras tour tee, the perfect "Gilmore Girls" hoodie, or hot pink personalized Barbie merchandise that can't be found in a typical store, the creators who list their goods on Etsy have you covered. The creativity and innovation leave you with plenty of choices when it comes to representing your all-time favorite bands, movies, books, and shows. The art that shapes us is, after all, definitely worth it, and you likely won't be disappointed when you purchase from one of the many small shops on the site.

Etsy is super easy to use

As always with online shopping, going through past reviews and doing at least a brief read-through about the shop you're ordering from will save you time and money. Make yourself an account so that you can keep track of all your most loved custom items. You'll also want to double-check on the location of the shop you're purchasing from, whether it's domestic or international, and what shipping will amount to. "When you visit a shop, take into account the seller's location, because that will let you know a little bit in advance how long the shipping times can be," Dayna Isom Johnson, Etsy's resident trend expert, told Nylon.


You're sure to find everything you've thought of and even more that you haven't, plus some crossovers that'll have entire fandoms totally swooning. Some might have the magic touch when it comes to thrifting and striking gold, but for those of us who don't seem to have the eye, patience, or time, the unique finds on Etsy are a total jackpot. From "Hocus Pocus," "Harry Potter," and "Twilight" to Taylor Swift, "Friends," and of course, the "Barbie" movie, you can easily dress in head-to-toe fandom fashion thanks to Etsy.


We're obviously going to start with the summer's biggest pink splash of fun — the "Barbie" movie. It didn't take long for several pages of hot pink merchandise to roll out on Etsy as the Barbiecore fashion trend took over, and there are some serious winners out there. It goes without saying that the "I am Kenough" hoodie is a must-have, and Etsy has us more than covered. Other sweatshirts, like the "Did you bring your rollerblades?" and "Come on, Barbie, let's go party" are also hot finds.


Barbie keychains, doormats, candles, coffee mugs — you name it, and Etsy likely has it. We are particularly fond of these personalized Barbie handbags and personalized phone cases. It also feels great to support a small retailer like you do when you order from the site — each order likely produces a celebration somewhere. If you're feeling hesitant about whether or not a shop will be reliable, Etsy offers Star Seller badges to shops with outstanding records who've provided stellar customer experiences.

Personalized school gear

If you aren't a huge fan of the merchandise your school has to offer, Etsy, once again, has you covered. From a multitude of aesthetics and hues, you can find the ideal cozy weather hoodie and personalize it to your liking just in time for football season. Try putting your school's team name across a T-shirt to show your school spirit, and feel comfortable and at ease in your own style. You'll also find plenty of options that won't require much personalization from you for some of the bigger schools -– but you'll find the styles to be cute, unique, and highly desirable.


Personalized school merchandise also makes for great gifts. Whether it's for a favorite teacher, devoted coach, dear friend, or even some proud alumni, there are tons of thoughtful options to show your love and gratitude to those you care for. So, don't forget to peruse Etsy the next time you want to show your school spirit.


Whether it's Comic-Con or a Halloween party, Etsy is a dreamland for finding high-quality, unique costumes, masks, and accessories. Popverse even ranked Etsy as the No. 1 online stop for cosplay shopping. Elf ears, wigs, and swords are just the beginning. When you search for pieces for your costume, you'll again want to make sure the shop's location isn't too far so that you'll receive your item in time for your event.


One of the reasons Etsy is such a staple for finding unique and realistic cosplay costumes is that many shops are owned by artists and cosplayers who know a thing or two about the realms of cosplay. Plus, you can always reach out to a shop owner and ask for a piece to be customized, as many of the creatives on the site are incredibly talented. However, you'll need to provide your vision, measurements, and budget to see what they can craft for you.

Book and series lovers

True fans of cult series likely already know the majesty of Etsy for finding fandom favorites. "Gilmore Girls," "Schitt's Creek," "New Girl," "The Office" — devout followers already own a sweatshirt or two from their comfort show, and we totally get why. After all, it's one of life's sweet pleasures to become, well, totally obsessed with a series. Custom T-shirts from the show "Friends" will be a hit for any fan of the sitcom, so keep Etsy in mind when the holidays come around. And again, if you're a fan of crossovers, there are several options on the site that'll have you gasping — like this "Gilmore Girls" x The Eras Tour T-shirt.


And if you're an avid reader, all your favorite fictional characters can likely be found — smiling or grimacing — on a T-shirt from an Etsy shop. "Harry Potter," "A Court of Thorns and Roses," "Fourth Wing" — it's time to take your readership status up a notch.