How To Style A T-Shirt To Be Polished And Sophisticated

Some clothing pieces are essential in everyone's wardrobe no matter their style, age, or identity — the classic T-shirt being one of them. It is arguably the most versatile piece in anyone's closet, with plenty of styling options and designs. The T-shirt as we know it today became widely available to the public in the 1910s but was then worn as an undergarment. They began being worn as solo pieces by men in the 1950s and then by women in the '60s. Easily styled and customizable, they exploded in popularity.

Since T-shirts are made out of soft materials such as cotton, they quickly became a comfortable staple, but they can also make a fashion statement. Many of us have multiple T-shirts in our closets whether they be plain, bedazzled, personalized, or anything in between. Unfortunately, the comfort of tees often results in them being used as pajamas rather than a piece of everyday, stylish clothing. Luckily, T-shirts don't have to be relegated to your pajama drawer. They can appear quite sophisticated when styled correctly.

The tuck is essential

Take your T-shirt outfit from frumpy to fit when you tuck the top into your bottoms. This will create a clear definition of your waist, rather than confusion about where your waist ends and hips begin. Tucking your T-shirt into your bottoms will also make it look like you put more effort into the outfit, instead of just throwing on your top and running out the door.

Use outerwear to your advantage

Wearing outerwear over your T-shirt as a fashion statement is a great way to make the look more sophisticated. In particular, we see many women wear T-shirts under their blazers. A favorite of models off-duty, such as Gigi and Bella Hadid, this gives a more business casual feel perfect for work while still being comfortable.

High-waisted bottoms are best

A tucked T-shirt looks best with high-waisted bottoms. With low-rise and mid-rise bottoms, the T-shirt is more likely to come untucked throughout the day and look sloppy. However, high-waisted denim provides plenty of security for your shirt to stay tucked in place. Not to mention, high-waisted bottoms with a tucked-in T-shirt will provide you with a clearly defined waistline.

Choose the right accessories

"I like accessorizing with gold necklaces, hoops, and a belt. As for shoes, a pump or bootie always adds the finishing touch," says E! News wardrobe stylist Jenny Rodriguez when speaking to The Zoe Report about how she accessorizes a graphic tee. Adding the right accessories to your outfit will immediately make it look like you put some effort into your style.

Pair with a skirt

Create the ultimate juxtaposition by pairing your T-shirt with a skirt. A T-shirt is typically seen as a casual clothing piece, not meant for brunch or nights on the town. Yet, when paired with a skirt, it immediately creates a contrast that provides a polished everyday look. Yomi Adegoke showcases the look perfectly as she elevates a simple black T-shirt by pairing it with a multicolored skirt full of unique details.

Finish it off with a classy pair of shoes

Shoes are the final touch that can make or break an outfit. When it comes to wearing a T-shirt, we often see people pairing them with sneakers, creating a very casual vibe. To avoid this casual appearance, we recommend styling your T-shirt with heels, flats, or a more sophisticated pair of booties.