Square-Toe Boots Are The Sophisticated Shoe Trend Of Fall 2023

Year after year we look for the perfect boot to pair with our carefully curated and intricately layered fall looks. Because autumn is all about layering like a pro, the wrong boot can be the rain that dampens your fall parade. An outdated Chelsea boot can have you looking like you're eternally stuck in the 2010s, and a misplaced platform boot can ruin your streetwear strut. And so the search continues, fall after fall. But does the so-called perfect fall boot even exist? The answer is a clear and resounding yes. It exists! The boot you're looking for is a square-toe one, and it'll rule fall 2023.


Square-toe boots are taking our fall closets by storm, and we're not exactly upset. In fact, we thank them for it. Our search for the perfect fall boot has ended, and we're already thinking up all the outfits in our closets that these trendy booties can elevate.

Just a peek

These boots can be styled with any bottoms. Maxi skirts, bell bottoms, cigarette pants. You name it, square-toe boots will improve the look. Our favorite combo? Square-toe booties peeking out from extra-long pants. You know, the ones that drag as you walk, but in a chic, intentionally oversized way.


Say you're all dressed up with the perfect pair of wide-leg jeans that are, sadly, a few inches too long. Easy fix — simply grab some heeled booties (square-toe, obviously) and you're done! If they still drag ever so slightly as you walk, it's all according to plan. 

Platform boots

Platform boots have their time and place. At the club, typically. But can you find a way to wear them on the daily? With square-toe platform boots, you sure can. Their angular toe tends to look more elegant than other platform boots, and so they lend your everyday outfits an air of sophistication that other platforms can't.


To style them right, wear your platform square-toe boots with your comfiest wide-leg jeans and accessorize minimally. Grab your everyday purse or tote and throw on your most-worn jacket. The statement shoe and super casual outfit will clash gloriously. We approve.

Parisian fall

We all have those fall days when we want to channel our inner French fashionista, walking down the chilly streets of Paris in an all-black outfit. It just seems as if the French have fall fashion all figured out. Our advice for those days is to elevate your outfit with the elegance of a high-heeled square-toe boot.


To get the French-girl style-inspired look d'automne, pair your square-toe boots with well-tailored, timeless straight-leg jeans. Dark wash jeans over black leather boots will look effortless yet cohesive, and a jacket that matches the shoe will tie it all together.

The mid-calf boot

One often-forgotten iteration of the square-toe boot is the tasteful mid-calf style. A mix between the recently popularized riding boot and the long-loved cowboy boot, mid-calf square-toe boots have the potential to take over this fall. Paired with anything from daring capris to skirts, these boots make for the ideal statement shoe.


We think these cuties deserve their moment in the spotlight, so show them off with a midi skirt that stops just shy of covering the top of your tall boots. Matching your bag to your shoes will take your look to the next level.

Weathered leather

Finding that one boot that goes with everything in your fall closet is pretty hard. Most of the time, it seems vintage is the only option. Its worn appearance and comfort are truly unmatched. Thankfully, the weathered leather look is perfect for square-toe boots.


A sun-faded brown or black leather can enhance any fall look. Take a tall, weathered square-toe boot for example. You could wear it with a midi or maxi skirt for those still-warm seasonal transition days, or you could pair them with your comfiest jeans — either way, these boots were made for the fall.

Black and cream

One of the best ways to accentuate your square-toe boots is to wear them with contrasting colors. For fall, this works best with dark shades and warm tones. Black and creamy white, anyone?

It's a tale as old as time, and yet black and white pairings never disappoint. That said, white can be too stark for the warmth of a fall color palette, so a creamier hue might work best for this contrast. Practice the sandwich method by wearing your cream bottoms (long skirt or pants) in between your black square-toe boots and a statement top.