Step Up Your Eyeliner Game This Spooky Season With A Spider-Web Look

When summer starts to wind down and autumn is on the way, you might begin to think about what kind of fall fashion you want to try out and what hairstyles might be trending as the cooler weather approaches. You may also be eager to come up with Halloween makeup looks that are relatively easy and fabulously freaky. If you also want something that's chic and classic as well as something that's adaptable, then you definitely need to consider opting for a spider-web look.

Spider-web designs are an option that can be as simple or as intricate as you like (or can manage if you're not a pro makeup artist). They can give you the ability to choose a design that works with your personal preferences, flatters your face, and can suit whatever vibe you're hoping to achieve. You can also make it ethereal and foggy or razor-sharp and precise. For the former, you can use eyeshadow to create a smokey effect. For the latter, grab a liquid liner to create super-fine strokes.

We totally understand if your mind is already racing with weird possibilities and your fingers are itching to craft a gorgeous, ghoulish look. Of course, you can always dash off and play around until you land on an eerie effect that's just right for you. Or, you could try what other macabre-loving artists have created and then make it your own. 

A spider-web twist on the classic cat eye

Creating a spider-web eyeliner design may seem like a dramatic and bold choice — and you might be intimidated by the idea of crafting this kind of detailed look. While you can certainly choose an option that's both fierce and complicated, you can also start off with something a little more subtle and relatively easy to nail. For instance, begin by drawing a typical cat-eye look with a flick at the outside corner of your eye. Use that as the base for a relatively mini-web.

Bottom spider-web eyeliner

If you adore the eye-framing effect of liner on both the top and bottom lash lines, you might appreciate how stunning a spider-web effect looks when placed on the lower area. Not only does this leave the upper section available for a hint of color or striking lashes, but it also gives you plenty of room to draw the web across your temple and cheeks. You can also let the web extend under your entire eye or customize the length however long (or short!) you want. Pop on some red lipstick for maximum effect. 

Spider-web eyeliner with a heart

Add an extra detail to your webbed eyeliner by incorporating a small detail into the design, such as a heart, star, or even a little dangling spider. Accentuate the heart effect with the help of a deep rosy eyeshadow — or something that leans toward a maroon and burgundy shade that's romantic yet dramatic — which is perfect for the intense season. As for a star, a deep golden yellow would work, and a seasonal orange or ghostly white would look incredible with the tiny creepy-crawly critter.

Barbiecore spider-web eyeliner

Although Barbie has seemingly always had a pretty strong fanbase, the billion-dollar-making Margot Robbie-led movie brought the love of the classic doll back to the mainstream. You can take that Barbiecore trend into the spooky season by combining it with spider-web eyeliner. While those two aesthetics may not seem to suit each other, you can create a feminine web with pretty pink and pristine white liner. Complete the look with black cat-eye liner, wispy lashes, and glittery eyeshadow that are all worthy of both you and the iconic toy.

Dramatic full-glam spider-web eyeliner

If there's a season that is ideal for taking your makeup looks to the extreme and even over the top, it's around Halloween. That's why you may want to indulge in a dramatic, full-glam spider-web design. Use your black liner to create a super-crisp cat eye with a fierce flick, and add a smokey shadow under your eye as well as a smoldering deep red on top. Add a generous dab of gold glitter to the inside corner and add a web on your upper lid that follows the natural curve of your eye.