'Pantyhose Eyeshadow' Is The Sultry Look We're Loving This Season

Pantyhose nails were one of the sultriest manicure trends to hit the scene in 2023, and the same can be said about the eyeshadow trend of the same name. Also taking inspiration from the namesake hosiery, the pantyhose eyeshadow look has turned that vibe into something simple and sultry for the eyes. 

Although there are many types of pantyhose that feature a range of colors and transparencies, the basic styles tend to be sheer and stick with darker colors, including various shades of brown, gray, and more. The same aesthetic — including both the sheer nature and range of colors — goes for pantyhose eyeshadow. Beyond that, a matte shadow can be used to create a flat finish; however, you can also mix things up by opting for something with a bit of a sheen — just like a pair of pantyhose that your stylish grandma might have worn back in her day (if you've never actually worn this fashion relic yourself).

Intrigued? Of course you are! You might also be interested to know that this trend has been spotted on plenty of style-savvy celebrities — a few notable ones include Gigi Hadid, Kylie Jenner, Vanessa Hudgens, Shay Mitchell, and Zoë Kravitz — with each star opting for their own version of the aesthetic. Naturally, you may want to do the same, and when you see what all you can do with this look, you may not be able to resist.

Barely-there pantyhose eyeshadow

Take the pantyhose eyeshadow trend to one extreme by using a product that can barely be seen. Simply choose a nearly nude eyeshadow shade for your skin tone — by nearly, we mean it should be one or two tones lighter or darker than your actual skin or the same color you might choose when picking out pantyhose for your skin tone. What's more, you can cover your entire eyelid with one shade or use two nude tones (one lighter and one darker) to create a subtle gradient.

Slightly shiny pantyhose eyeshadow

Indulge in the same naked and sheer idea but add a shiny twist to the overall look with the help of an eyeshadow that has a slight pantyhose-like sheen. This would certainly be an ideal choice if you want to opt for gold, bronze, or even silver shades. Enhance the overall effect by adding a darker, matte shade as the base beneath the sheer shade or in the crease of your eye for extra depth. Ditch the liner to keep things light, but add mascara to help define and frame your eyes.

Chocolate-brown pantyhose eyeshadow

You may think that simple, classic brown shades are dull or outdated. However, this couldn't be farther from the truth — as long as you choose the right shade. For instance, a shade of chocolate brown can be both a rich and luscious addition while not being too bold. Choosing a fairly sheer shadow will not only help you capture the ideal vibe for pantyhose eyeshadow but also offer you a way to wear a slightly darker shade that's perfect for the cooler seasons.

Amber pantyhose eyeshadow

Add a touch of color to this look by choosing an eyeshadow in a soft amber shade that's sheer enough for the pantyhose effect. An option that works with both a shiny and matte finish, you can also add a hint of sparkle to the latter by incorporating a touch of golden glitter to various spots, including the inner corner of the eye, along the brow, or even on the lashes. If you'd like to pop on a bit of eyeliner, then you may want to use one that's black, brown, green, or even blue.

Rosy lavender pantyhose eyeshadow

If you like the idea of playing around with a style of pantyhose eyeshadow that boasts a hint of color but amber isn't quite right for you, then you might want to consider a lavender shade. You may also want to layer a darker tone with one that's a little rosier to bring extra depth to the look. However, just be sure that both are relatively soft and sheer so that you don't lose the pantyhose effect when you start to add one over the other.

Deep plum pantyhose eyeshadow

Put another twist on this pantyhose-inspired trend by crafting your look around the same shade of plum eyeshadow that you may wear when putting on hosiery. A darker purple than, say, a lavender, you can choose a product with a flat finish that would be perfect for creating a smoky-eye effect. On the other hand, if you use a plum eyeshadow with a silvery undertone and shimmering finish, as well as a silky feel, you can keep the color closer to the eye a little deeper before blending it out around the edges.

Multi-tone pantyhose eyeshadow

This look may be too fabulous to limit it to just one color. Instead, combine a pair or trio of pantyhose eyeshadow shades for a multi-tone look. To keep things straightforward, opt for three shades in a coordinated pallet. For instance, you might choose chocolate brown, icy ivory, and light gold. Use the brown shade on the outer edge — the darker shade will help to anchor the entire look — before adding the ivory to the middle of your eyelid, which will keep things bright. Finish things off with a touch of gold on the inner corner.

Top and bottom pantyhose eyeshadow

Take pantyhose eyeshadow a step further by using it on both the top and bottom of your eye. A look that can work with various shades, you can also opt to use more or less depending on the aesthetic you're hoping to achieve. For a casual look, simply sweep the color on top before lining the bottom. For something more formal, keep the bottom line rather tight while covering the full upper lid. You might even want to extend it past your eyes to the inner corner or along an outer flick of eyeliner.