Body Chains Had Their Moment, But They're Already Outdated - What To Wear Instead

It wasn't long ago when everyone was obsessing over the latest accessory trend on the block — the body chain. Designers like Chanel once sent body chains down the runway as a turning point for the movement. Although it wasn't in the trends for long, the body chain is ready to set the way for a series of new accessories prepared for their moment. While chic and unique, the body chain can be uncomfortable and restricting in many ways. Besides limiting your movement, body chains must be styled with specific looks to help them shine.

For those looking for the same busy look that comes with body chains, plenty of alternatives are more updated and modern for the current trends. Minimalists who felt left out with body chains will be happy to know that plenty of sleeker accessories give the same look as body chains in a fresher way. Although it's a bittersweet moment to bid with body chains, new additions are ready to fill the gap.

Arm cuffs

Instead of body chains that take over your entire outfit, opt for a subtle accessory that doesn't occupy much space. Arm cuffs are the latest accessory trend that's taking over for body chains because they don't limit your outfit choices or body movements. A sleek arm cuff is reminiscent of a chic '90s fit and was on full display during the Saint Laurent Fall/Winter 2023 show that showcased silver arm cuffs over stylish minimalist designs.

Supersized necklaces

There's no need for a body chain when you have an over-the-top necklace to steal the show. If you're looking for an accessory that draws attention, you only need a statement necklace to get the look. Oversized pendant necklaces were seen all over the runway, including LaQuan Smith's statement pendant necklines in its Fall/Winter 2023 collection, per WWD. These statement necklaces are the perfect replacement for the outdated body chain.

Waist chains

While still a chain, waist chains are easier to wear and can easily fit with most of your looks. Unlike the body version, waist chains can act as a layering or functional belt. Waist chains can be exposed on the skin or top of clothes, giving it more flexibility in function than a body chain. Look no further than the chic waist chains shown during the Chanel Haute Couture 2023 show that proves that this accessory is the hottest new item.

Chainlink accessories

Bracelet, necklace, or earrings; there's no turning back on a good chainlink accessory. Like the body chain, chainlink accessories are quintessential for those who want to mimic the '90s style. Givenchy Fall/Winter 2023 showed us how chain accessories can help emphasize a specific body part or bring focus to an article of clothing. Regardless, this simple swap lets you get the same '90s supermodel look.

Layered accessories

One of the benefits of body chains is that they give your outfit more glam and shine. You can replicate this look by upping the accessories you use. Rather than a body chain, opt for layered necklaces that still give a fashionable mess look that provides plenty of glamour. By giving you a "more is more" look, layered necklaces are a simple switch from body chains you already have. With over-the-top layering, Etro's Fall/Winter 2023 collection was an ideal example of how this layered look is a more modern approach to the outdated body chain trend.