Here's Which Barbie You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign

The "Barbie" movie rocked the world with its words on women's empowerment, and if we didn't love Barbie before Greta Gerwig and Margot Robbie brought her to life in 2023, we definitely love her now. Barbie has been an icon in the lives of little children (and some big ones) since 1959. When the stars align just right, we can pair different Barbies with the various signs of the zodiac and get a look at our lives in plastic.


But which signs best correlate with which Barbies? Well, we dove deep into the toy bin to look at Barbie and the most notable traits of each sign to bring you this list. From the talkative air signs to the passionate fire signs, and from the grounded earth signs to the emotional water signs, each one seems the perfect fit for a specific Barbie of days gone by. We have some vintage Barbies, as well as some modern ones on this list, and we'll explain to you just why we chose each Barbie as a representative of each sign. There are a lot of things to consider when it comes to zodiac traits, so even if you don't exactly identify with your sun sign, there's still likely something in your Barbie match that you can resonate with.


Gemini is Teen Talk Barbie

First we'll look at Geminis. These chatty Kathy types are sure to talk your ear off with all of the latest gossip, and that is why their perfect Barbie counterpart is Teen Talk Barbie. These teen fashionista dolls don't just look stylish – they actually talk. Several of the 270 phrases this talkative Barbie said made some parents call for the doll to be pulled from shelves, but Mattel didn't cave (although the company did apologize and remove "Math class is tough" from the doll's repertoire). With that many sayings, and the ability to turn some people off, it makes sense that Gemini would be a good match here. Geminis have a tendency to talk too much, and because they are a communicative air sign, they sometimes fall into gossip.


As Brandyn Lee told Bustle, "Geminis get so wrapped up in talking that sometimes secrets just naturally slip out before they even realize they've said anything." Boredom is a common pitfall for this talker as well, which is why Teen Talk Barbie's quips about going to the mall and shopping also fit this sign. They like to be on the go rather than sitting around with nothing to do. So, if you're a Gemini, now is the time to put on your best duds and head out into the world to meet your besties for some lattes — and a little of the latest gossip.

Sagittarius is Space Discovery Barbie

Sagittarius folks are the travelers of the zodiac. They love adventure and exploring, so Space Discovery Barbie is an excellent choice for them. Space is the final frontier, after all — what better way to explore the world than leaving it?! From her shimmery silver spacesuit to the relaxing garb she sports while hanging out inside her shuttle, Barbie can do it all, and Sagittarius seeks to find success in all they do as well.


Astrologist Francesca Oddie told Well+Good, "If you want to go along for the ride with a Sag, be prepared to let whatever happens happen, and just enjoy it." This means that if you decide to travel with them, you should be ready to expect the unexpected with this outgoing, passionate fire sign. They're so passionate about travel that they'll do it even without going anywhere. As Oddie also said, "They can do this through travel or through travels of the mind, like higher education or studying topics that interest them." In fact, they'll do whatever they can do to make life an adventure, no matter how ordinary things seem to be. Even if you can't visit the moon like Barbie, you can still learn about it and go on an adventure in your mind.


Pisces is Slumber Party Barbie

Honestly, Pisces are the big dreamers of the zodiac, so they definitely need their beauty sleep. A Barbie who comes with her own sleeping bag and pajamas seems like a good match for this zodiac sign. While Mattress Advisor pointed out that 38% of Pisces tend to have trouble falling asleep, we think that this sign knows how to hit the snooze button once they do doze off. Perhaps all they need to help them get a good night's rest is a little help from their friends.


Of course, a slumber party is also the perfect time for these intuitives to hone their skills with tarot cards and Ouija boards — or just listening to some meditative jams on their turntable while hanging out with their closest friends. As psychic reader Emily Newman told Well+Good, "Pisces is highly intuitive and perceptive, often sensing things others may overlook." It could be the knowingness of the water sign that keeps them awake at night. Spending some time sleeping over with friends will give you, Pisces, a chance to get all of that stuff out of your head. And, if all else fails, put on those meditations and close your eyes. You'll be asleep in no time.

Leo is Totally Hair Barbie

While being prideful and vain are negative traits of this zodiac sign, Totally Hair Barbie feels like a great match with that lion-esque mane and her ability to change her style to fit her mood. Interestingly enough, Vedic literature connects solar and lunar energy to our hair, as the way we suck in energy from the world around us — and Leo is ruled by the sun. Astrologer Meghan Rose told Glamour, "Leos connect with their manes by displaying what they may not want to waste their time explaining with words." Think of it like someone fiddling with their hair when they're flirting or stressed. She added, "Leos hold their manes to a higher standard than fellow zodiac signs."


Now you fully understand exactly why we picked this Barbie as the representative of Leo. It's all about the hair. And, as astrologer Valerie Mesa put it to Glamour as well, "Luscious hair is totally part of the Leo trademark — they just can't have a bad hair day." Totally Hair Barbie never has a bad hair day either, and you can bet she takes good care of that mane.

Aries is Teenage Fashion Model Barbie

As the first sign of the zodiac, Aries is the leader of the pack when it comes to Barbie dolls. The original Barbie came onto the scene and demanded attention, just like fiery Aries. This bold sign doesn't mind strutting their stuff in stripes, that's for sure. Much like Pisces has a little bit of every sign integrated into their traits, Aries is unique in the way that they truly stand out among the crowd as the leaders and boss babes, those who put forth the most passion into the things they set their minds to.


As astrologist Emma Toynbee told Well+Good, "They represent all that is newly born, are movers and shakers, lead-role actors, agents of change, individual and unique, pioneers, inventors, innovators, strong competitors, and fierce warriors." That first Barbie was truly an innovator — look at all of the Barbies, and all of the imitations of Barbie, that have come since. Toynbee noted, "They are the ones who arrive first and so they thrive in the winner-takes-all digital era." Barbie hit the scene decades ago, but she thrives even today because she is innovative and knows how to change with the times.

Cancer is Dreamtopia Mermaid Barbie

Just dive deep into the water when you need to get away or you're feeling insecure, Cancer. This fish-tailed Barbie is you, not only because you're a water sign — and mermaids need water — but also because, like Ariel in "The Little Mermaid," you crave connection with people. Cancer are the family-oriented sign of the zodiac, and family is what you make it. They doesn't have to be connected by blood, as most of us know. Barbie has a wide family, and with fins, she can swim around the world to visit each and every one of them (while you may have to do much of your connecting via the internet).


As Amy Zerner told Bustle, "At the first sign of ridicule or criticism, Cancerians will retreat, deeply hurt." She added, "Cancerians sometimes hold back because they fear rejection and, therefore, may lose out on their quest for relationships." This is where we think the freedom of a mermaid Barbie comes in handy. You can take that time and work on yourself when you're feeling rejected. Spend some time going deep and doing shadow work, which will assist in making rejection less painful when it does creep into your life.

Capricorn is Career Girl Barbie

Capricorn takes work seriously and has a leader mentality, the perfect match for Career Girl Barbie. Of course, Barbie has had plenty of careers in her lifetime, but the Barbie known as "Career Girl" got her debut in the '60s. She stepped out in a fashionable suit that is sure to help her sell real estate, climb the corporate ladder, or whatever her chosen career path is. We picked this career-minded Barbie for Capricorn because we know just how focused this sign is on success when it comes to work. And, like Barbie, "They seek to understand their purpose, and they're powerful because their ego does not get in the way of hard work and the difficult choices that must be made on the road to success," according to astrologer Linda Joyce, as told to Women's Health when talking about earth signs.


When specifically talking about Capricorn, Joyce said, "Experience has taught [the Capricorn] that a steady pace, self-imposed limitation, and hard work is what's needed to get ahead." This sounds much like a recipe for success, and looking at Career Girl Barbie, we can see that she too knows how to go about things at just the right pace to gain the best rewards.

Taurus is Shopping Time Barbie

We know this earth sign loves the finer things in life, and you can surely find them investing in those great things while shopping for their favorite brands. Of course, Taureans are known to love comfort as well, which makes the Wal-Mart Shopping Time Barbie an alright choice. Wal-Mart may not be high-class, but it's one of those comfortable places where you know you can always find what you're looking for at an affordable price. As a sign that likes to spend time at home, Taurus can enjoy the shopping experience this big box store offers, giving them the comfort of a home away from home. 


Astrologer Emily Newman told Well+Good that "Taurus is hardworking, reliable, passionate, romantic, and consistent, but Taurus is also blunt, traditional, possessive, assertive, unidirectional, a homebody, and stubborn." Shopping in itself is hard work, something that many of us have someone else do for us these days. However, Taurus is more likely to keep doing their own shopping — it's a routine that they are used to and one that brings comfort into their lives. Plus, they just can't trust someone else to pick out the perfectly ripe fruit they prefer.

Scorpio is Halloween Barbie

Scorpio has a shadow side that gives them a bad rap — it's this side that makes so many people view them as manipulative. The thing is, Scorpios like to keep to themselves a lot and enjoy keeping their secrets from others, which makes them come off as dark and mysterious. It's that darkness that makes us pair this sign with the myriad Halloween Barbies that have been on the market in the decades she's been in existence.  Plus, Halloween is during Scorpio Season, after all. 


Astrologer Jessica Lanyadoo told Women's Health, "Scorpio governs over taboos, sex, and sexuality –- the deep things we don't talk about in life. People are scared of that and so there's a way that Scorpio gets demonized as a result." This water sign is often mistaken as a fire sign because of their passion, and they are passionate about dark things. You're already feeling scared of the dark Scorpion, so why shouldn't they connect with their season of the year and look the part? Whether you're feeling like a cutesy dress covered in jack-o-lanterns or you want to look like a vintage witch, a la Samantha Stephens, embrace your inner shadow and show it off on the outside.

Libra is Judge Barbie

Libra may have been one of the easiest of the zodiac signs to pair with a Barbie. You are the scales, after all, weighing good and bad. Justice is your name, and that easily makes the Judge Barbie for you. Judge Barbie was the 2019 Career of the Year Barbie doll, and was chosen in part because of the low number of female state judges at that time — only 33%, according to CNN. Perhaps making Barbie into a judge would inspire young women to strive for such a career, and no other zodiac sign would be as fitted for this career as Libra.


Astrologer Maria Sofia Marmanides told Well+Good, "That need for justice, that want for fairness, is really all about compassion. Before they come to any kind of firm conclusion on something, they really do want to consider the other person's needs, the other person's wants and motivations." You don't have to be a judge to help people and to work toward fairness — if you're feeling the need to help balance the world, volunteer your time in any sector that you feel passionate about.

Aquarius is Dream Date Barbie

Aquarius folks are known to be outgoing and friendly, and it's because of these traits that we think this sign would make the perfect date. Who better in the world of Barbie to represent that than Dream Date Barbie? If you're looking for the whole package, date an Aquarius. "In friendship, they enjoy spending time with like-minded individuals who share their values and passions," astrologer Emily Newman told Well+Good. So, whether your date leads to something more or not, they make good friends if you can match their values.


She added that "Aquarians are known for their intelligence, analytical abilities, and love of learning ... to get along with them, engage them in intellectually stimulating conversations and ask for their opinions." While Dream Date Barbie may look like Malibu Barbie in a flashy dress, you can bet that, like Aquarius, she's an intelligent go-getter looking to learn more about Dream Date Ken while having a little fun living it up. Aquarius, like Dream Date Barbie, is one of those people you don't want to judge by their cover. That mask they are wearing is allowing them time to find out if you're on the same level as they are before they get too close.

Virgo is Malibu Barbie

Malibu Barbie is probably one of the most grounded Barbie dolls. She looks so happy and relaxed in her natural element, whether she's on the beach, at the campground, or hanging out at home. She likes things simple and enjoys nature, much like the earth sign Virgo that we've paired her with. Down to earth, "Virgo is one of the signs that cares the most about wellness and holistic living," astrologer Narayana Montúfar told Women's Health, adding, "Very often, natives from this sign spend time researching healthy food, exercise, and methods that can help them live their best lives." Exercise for Malibu Barbie is all about swimming and walking on the beach, and we can definitely see Virgo enjoying this lifestyle.


Astrologer Lisa Stardust told Women's Health, "Virgos are really reliable, and if you're looking for a good friend to cry upon, they're extremely patient." It's that laid-back vibe of Virgo that makes them a great friend, and just one look at Malibu Barbie tells us she'd be someone fun to hang out with too.