Glitter Mascara Can Add Some Extra Shine To Your Lashes

If you ask us, glitter eyeshadow isn't just for special occasions, as we wear pops of sparkly eyeshadow and liner on the reg to add instant glamour to various looks (glitter cat eye look, anyone?). Every look is more exciting with some glitter ... even if that makes us extra! But what about sparkly mascara?

We enjoy using colorful mascaras for a fun spin on the more traditional lash-enhancing product, but we've always wanted to see more options for sparkly lashes, too. Thus, we couldn't be happier to discover that those shinier mascara options will finally be more available in 2023.

TikToker Kelly Strack posted a video testing Wet n Wild's Can You Imagine? Glitter Mascara, adding it over her classic mascara to incorporate some exciting sparkle to her already-gorgeous lashes. The results were stunning but not over the top. And like any other glittery makeup, shimmery mascara is more versatile than you may initially think.

Put it over a colorful mascara for twice the excitement

Why not go for double the fun with an unconventional mascara color and glitter mascara on top? If you want to be dauntless, opt for green, pink, purple, or any other wild mascara color as your primary mascara, and then top it off with glitter mascara for an unforgettable concert, photo shoot, or nightclub look.

Wear it with eyeliner

One of the best ways to make your sparkly mascara look pop even more is to add eyeliner. If you wear the sparkly mascara over black mascara, make it look even more sleek and striking with a swipe of black eyeliner to help your eyes stand out. Furthermore, if you wear your glitter mascara over an unconventional mascara color, you might want to opt for a similar fun color to stay on theme.

The glitter mascara will complement your highlight

We often enjoy enhancing our features by adding a shimmery highlight to our inner eye corners, cheekbones, and brow bones. If you also frequently wear highlight, a sparkly mascara will beautifully complement those details — helping your lashes shimmer and stand out. It will also draw attention to your eyes in addition to your cheekbones (and anywhere else you apply highlight!).

Pair the glamorous mascara with a glitter brow

A fun way to make the glitter eyebrows trend work for you is to pair the look with sparkly mascara. While it might be your instinct to reach for shiny eyeshadow to complement the shimmery brows, glitter mascara is another appropriate option — or go bold and flaunt sparkly brows, eyeshadow, and mascara to add lots of sparkle to anywhere you go!

You won't even need other makeup

We all have those days when we feel like only wearing mascara with nothing else but wish to find a way to make that mascara look a bit more unique. Glitter mascara is the answer! When you wear sparkly mascara on top of your usual mascara, you'll instantly elevate your natural look with no need for any other products, as you'll already sparkle while looking appropriate for everyday settings — with just the right amount of glam.