The Little Red Dress Is The New LBD, And It's Officially Timeless

You should always have at least one LBD, no matter your style, as little black dresses are beautifully versatile yet always exude chic vibes. But the little red dress is just as timeless and makes a much louder statement than the basic black dress look. Red is the "it" color of many seasons and years, as well as being endlessly classy. (Hello, classic red lip!) As such, if you don't already have a red minidress (or several), you should add one to your wardrobe ASAP to give your closet more brightness and excitement.

"Red has been a color I've been forecasting for months so I am beyond thrilled to see it on the runway," Marissa Galante Frank, the fashion director of Bloomingdale's, told Harper's Bazaar following initial fall 2023 runway shows. We, too, are thrilled: Like black dresses, red dresses are always style-savvy, as the sexy color never goes away for the everyday person — even when the fashion industry stops obsessing over all the red popping up in fashion shows. Simply put, red is a forever-prominent color, and as such, you should familiarize yourself with all the little red dress options to enjoy rocking the lively look (even if you don't closely follow fashion trends). 

Strapless and sleeveless little red dresses

When we hear "little red dress," we typically think of sleeveless and strapless options. Strapless dresses are excellent for nights out when we want to be daring and show off our shoulders, while sleeveless looks still make a statement but provide a bit more support. Both strapless and sleeveless red minidresses are chic, so you can't go wrong either way — just don't wear these pieces without jackets on cooler days.

Little red garments with long sleeves

On the other hand, little red dresses with long sleeves are a tad more practical. After all, a red dress with longer sleeves is more appropriate for fall and winter weather than a sleeveless or strapless option, especially if you add tights or leggings. 

Body-hugging options

Naturally, we know that little red dresses are associated with sex appeal (even more so than little black dresses) because red is such a lively, passionate color. If you want to lean into that sexiness, opt for a skin-tight, curve-hugging minidress to show off your beautiful and unique figure for your next date or night out.

Red skater dresses

The '90s skater dress is officially back in style, and these youthful-looking garments look gorgeous in red. When you want something playful, cute, and practical that doesn't appear overly sexual, formal, or understated, you can't go wrong with the skater dress silhouette. We'd even argue that the skater look is the most stylish in red!

Sheer red choices

If you're looking for ways to rock the naked dress trend, you need a sheer red dress in your fashion roster. A vivid, blood-like hue will contribute to the seductive vibe while helping the garment stand out from the more typical neutral and skin-colored see-through dresses. We can't think of anything sexier and more dauntless!

Sparkly little red dresses

All outfits benefit from a touch of sparkle, and red minidresses are no exception. Whether you opt for a dress covered in sequins or glitter for an ultra-glamorous look or choose an option with super subtle dainty shimmery details for an elegant touch, sparkles can elevate your short red dress from stylish to sensational.

Little red lace

We frequently see little black dresses with lace details, but red options with lace are just as gorgeous and, unfortunately,  overlooked. Lacey red minidresses appear sophisticated and intriguing, perfect for nighttime and dressier events. As such, we're declaring that the lace look isn't only for little black dresses — who knows what other colors could benefit from lace, too?