Silver Highlights Are Trending Thanks To The Renaissance Tour - Our Best Tips To Pull It Off

Beyoncé has been slaying her way across the globe on her Renaissance tour since May 2023. During her travels, she has managed to start a sunwashed blond hair color trend along with handing down direct orders for fans to wear chrome to her shows. Not about to disobey the Queen's request, Bey's fanbase has delivered — creating waves of silver as they gather together to fulfill their dream of watching the superstar perform live. Other celebrities — unencumbered by ordinary budget restraints — have taken their silver Renaissance attire to a whole new level.

Kiki Palmer posted her Renaissance look, which featured shimmering strands of metallic silver highlights throughout her loose curls, on Instagram, and the style quickly morphed into a new trend. While it is technically possible to achieve silver highlights in a salon, the process is labor-intensive, expensive, and difficult to maintain — and won't achieve the same high-shine metallic finish. If the following looks inspire you to try this hair color trend, consider giving hair tinsel a try.

Multi-dimensional balayage

Adding shimmery silver highlights to your blond or blond balayage using hair tinsel can up the understated drama of this lower-maintenance version of full highlights. Placing more tinsel throughout the same areas that have been highlighted can serve as a way to produce even more brightness, movement, and momentum. 

Peekaboo platinum

The technique of placing silver tinsel in a highlighted area to add even more visual interest can be accomplished with traditional highlights as well. Ask your stylist for silver tinsel highlights that line up with the highlights already in your hair. When paired with platinum highlights, this creates an icy, hot look. 

High contrast shimmer

If you're looking to create a major pop with your silver highlights, consider combining tinsel with a solid dark brown or black base. The contrast that exists between dark hair and shimmering light silver will make every individual tinsel strand stand out and shine bright like a diamond. 

Saturated in silver

Are you rocking multiple bright colors or a shadow root? Adding silver highlights throughout your hair from root to tip can help bring all the varying colors and tones of your locks into one cohesive look. Tinsel allows you to tweak already heavily processed hair without risking more damage. 

Pop of color

Queen Bey might have requested silver chrome, but there's no way she'd be mad about adding a pop of color to your silver highlights. If you're someone who doesn't like to follow the rules, look for iridescent silver-based tinsel that's tinted with the color of your choice.