Eyeglass Chains Are Trending In 2023, And They're Like An Extra Piece Of Jewelry

When it comes to the latest eyewear trends, different kinds of rims, lenses, design details, or added accessories reign supreme. In the latest trend, plenty of people have fallen in love with the latter in the form of eyeglass chains. In fact, it's so popular that it's been buzzing on social media platforms like TikTok. De'Siree Fairley, a 28-year-old teacher from Virginia, told The Guardian, "I always get compliments from people around my age or in the Gen Z category. I believe they admire aesthetics like dark academia and cottage-core, and glasses chains add to that whimsy."

Indeed, along with being practical and keeping you from dropping your glasses, chains are also a great way to add an extra accent to your outfit. Of course, that means that you'll likely want to find one or two — or more if you want to start an entire collection — so that you have something to match every ensemble. From relatively simple and subtle options to ones that you definitely wouldn't be able to miss, there are certainly a few different styles of chains that you'll want to pick up the one (or two or three) of your choice and slip right onto your glasses.

Super-thin silver eyeglass chain

Eyeglass chains don't have to be massive to make a big impact. For instance, you could opt for a super-thin chain. To keep the straightforward yet still stylish vibe going, you can also pick up a chain that has a simple, silver finish. Although it's relatively subtle, the chain can add just what your ensembles need to take them up a notch. On top of that, this chain will go with pretty much any outfit and any pair of glasses.

Classic gold eyeglass chain

You may already wear a gold chain as a necklace or bracelet; however, that shouldn't stop you from adding the classic accessory to your eyeglasses. If you don't already have a chain, then this is the perfect chance to add one. Another relatively simple option that's undeniably sleek, it's also wonderfully trendy and timeless. That's not to mention the fact that, just like a silver option, a gold chain is fabulously versatile and can work with a range of glasses for casual, professional, and formal styles alike.

Eyeglass chain with a double-chain

Your eyeglasses style can be twice as nice with the help of a double chain. Featuring the same practical nature as regular chains, double chains either use two separate strands or loop one to have it pull double duty. Although both sections of the chain can be the same length, you may want one to be longer than the other to create even more visual interest. If one is long enough, then you can even let it dangle like a necklace.

Eyeglass chain with pearls

Just like gold chains are a classic choice for necklaces, pearls are endlessly classy and classic. That's why they also make an ideal choice for a glasses chain. Depending on the design and how you choose to wear them, you can capture both an elegant aesthetic and a trendy vintage vibe. You can also grab one that uses small pearls (either real or faux) that are all the same size, or you could find one that uses pearls that are small, mid-size, and rather large for more diversity.

Extra-chunky eyeglass chain

Extra-thick jewelry is a fabulously bold trend that can also be both playful and flattering. That's why it extends from necklaces and earrings to bracelets and rings. Of course, the style can also be used for chunky chains that are meant for eyeglasses that are just as chic. Sometimes made of gold or silver with different kinds of links, you might also want to consider ones that are acrylic, bakelite, or even typical plastic. These materials tend to give you more options when it comes to colors, patterns, and other design details you might adore.

Chunky square multicolored eyeglass chain

When you think of the individual links on a chain, you might envision ones that are nicely rounded. While something more circular is certainly a fantastic option, you may be intrigued by ones that change things up by embracing a different shape. For instance, chains that boast square or rectangular links are just different enough to be eye-catching and put a fun twist on your look. You could also try one that switches up the color of the links, such as silver and blue, gold and maroon, or bronze and blue — the options are endless.

Mixed-material eyeglass chain

Beyond combining different colors, eyeglass chains can also use a mix of materials. Just imagine how incredible you would look with a chain that starts out with a silver section that has a slightly dark tinge. About halfway down, that might switch to a black bakelite chain that has links slightly larger than the silver ones. By embracing the best of both worlds, you may find that this becomes your favorite eyeglass chain — and the one you end up wearing as often as possible.