2024 S/S Fashion Trends You Should Start Wearing This Fall

The latest trends out of New York Fashion Week might technically be associated with the 2024 spring/summer season, but that doesn't mean you can't get ahead of the game by rocking them all fall long. Sure, some of the emerging spring/summer fashions — like super skimpy bra-tops — might not be sensible to wear during the colder weather months, but many of the looks seen at NYFW are just as suitable for fall and winter as they are for any other season. 


From specific colors making a splash to luxurious metallic finishes and pajama sets as daytime wear, you can be on trend without having to suffer the cold as a result. Ready to be regarded as the trendsetter of your friend group? Check out our curated list of NYFW spring/summer 2024 fashion trends that will transition perfectly from now until next summer. Pick your favorites and get shopping, or — better yet — see which pieces you can repurpose from your own closet! 


If you're a fan of a truly timeless vibe that can serve as a blank canvas to highlight individual touches like your makeup, hair, or accessories, you're in luck. White-on-white monochromatic looks are having a moment. This is a trend that can be dressed up or down as much as you like — from a classy suit to a flowy skirt or bike shorts and a tee. 

Sheer overlays

Sheer pieces have been in for a while, and it doesn't look like they're going anywhere anytime soon. Depending on how comfortable you are with taking fashion risks, you can add a sheer overlay to basically any article of clothing. Try a shirt or dress overlay over a tank or a slip as a comfortable starting point. 

Bold metallic gold

Bye bye Renaissance Tour silver, and hello metallic gold. This warm-toned luxury metallic is swooping in just in time for the matching colors of the autumn leaves to begin their descent. Play it safe with a gold bag or shoes, or go big with a bold metallic gold pant. 

Blue tones

Seemingly every imaginable shade of blue made an appearance at New York Fashion Week this month. That makes this the perfect time to hit your closet and pull out all those blue pieces you thought were outdated. Bonus points for cozy sweaters that will keep you extra toasty this fall. 

Luxury sleepwear sets

Don't sleep on this news! This is not a drill: Pajamas and sleepwear-inspired sets are finally fashionable to wear in public during the day. Just make sure you go for a matching set that's made of high-quality fabric and which features high-class finishing touches like luxurious trim.

Big, bold florals

It's never too early or too late to start wearing floral pieces. Whether you go for a print or floral textile embellishments, make them big, bold, and loud. This is your chance to embrace the fabulous granny you've always wanted to be by spending the next several months dressing like the wallpaper inside your favorite flower shop. 

Fancy fanny packs

Hands-free storage and a fashion statement in one? Sign us up. The fanny pack is officially back. Class up the traditional belt pouch by opting for a leather or suede version that will stand the test of time and last long enough to be pulled out of storage the next time this trend dies out and comes back around.