Fashion's Sandwich Rule Will Help You Style A Perfect Look

When you're unsure what to wear, the three-color rule is trusty and helpful. Another beneficial fashion "rule" is the "sandwich" tip, and it's not as weird as it sounds. Many Instagram users became obsessed with the style rule when fashion expert @lydiajanetomlinson posted a video explaining that the idea is to keep the top and bottom of your ensemble in the same color range, with contrast in the middle for an overall balanced look — like how the meat, vegetables, cheese, or any other fillings stand out between two matching pieces of bread. The style expert noted that you should also use the rule regarding how your garments fit, as you shouldn't wear anything too baggy on the top and figure-hugging on the bottom — and vice versa — as doing so can make you look disproportionate.

You can also find many TikTokers using the sandwich rule. For example, @lydia.langford shared a video following the rule by pairing a white top and black pants with white shoes for that desirable balanced effect. We'll show you there are many more ways to implement the sandwich rule into your outfits!

Balance out your statement pants

"Fun pants" have officially replaced the "going out top," but you have to know how to style those lively jeans, leggings, or trousers before wearing them. If you don't style them well, the statement pants will get lost in the look or just appear out of place. However, the sandwich method will ensure that your bold pants make a successful statement. For instance, wearing teal pants between a black top and black boots gives off that balanced sandwich effect with just the right amount of contrast.

Consider strategic color-blocking in a fashion sandwich

Believe it or not, the sandwich rule isn't just for balancing neutrals with a pop of color or styling all black-and-white ensembles. Thus, you shouldn't be afraid to embrace colorblocking in your wardrobe with the sandwich method. For example, try letting a pink top stand out between royal blue pants and a matching blue jacket.

The rule works for professional outfits, too

Of course, fashion's sandwich rule is fun, but you can still use the strategy for styling outfits for more professional settings and events, such as work presentations. Balancing a black-and-white skirt with a solid red top and heels will exude chic, put-together vibes, showing your colleagues that you have it together and mean business.

You can also apply the tip to jumpsuit and dress looks

Don't assume that the sandwich rule only applies to outfits with separate tops and bottoms! For instance, add a black belt and footwear to a jumpsuit with a colorful pattern to create more balance, grounding the overall look, while drawing more attention to your figure and curves. Or, incorporate a bright belt and shoes into a neutral dress or jumpsuit outfit to bring the ensemble to life.

Denim can be the bread in your fashion sandwich

While we tend to see pants as outfit sandwich fillings, jeans can be the bread, in some cases. If you want your denim jeans to be the bread, wear them with a solid top and a denim jacket or a button-down top with denim touches to make the shirt serve as the filling between the outfit's two denim aspects.