Dress Up Your Naked Nails With A Micro Celestial Manicure Update

There's nothing quite as ethereal as the heavenly bodies when it comes to a dreamy, celestial manicure. Pair this trend with a simple, elevated neutral nail, and you've got a stellar, cosmic manicure in muted tones that'll match just about anything. There's a lot to love about a glossy neutral nail, and dressing it up with some dainty constellations or the phases of the moon — in a micro setting — makes for a delicate, awe-inspiring look we just can't get enough of.

To request this vibe, simply choose your favorite nude, gray, or peachy hue as the base and then select silver, white, or gold detailing to capture the essence of the night sky. This trend can range from subtle to vibrant, depending on the energy you're aiming to embody, and there's plenty of room to exercise your creative eye. This slightly witchy trend is great if you want to take your neutral manicure up a notch while still emulating a versatile look.

Peachy moonrise

For a warmer-toned celestial manicure, opt for a peachy hue as a backdrop for your celestial symbols. This one gives us feelings of early dawn before the moon has disappeared from sight, and we are totally head-over-heels. Longer nails, of course, give you more surface area when it comes to nail art, so consider some lengthy tips with this trend.

Dainty symbols and celestial bodies

This one is perfect for anyone craving a delicate, barely-there energy when it comes to nail art. A naked nail makes for a beautiful backdrop with this trend, and the miniature evil eyes could not be more alluring. Suns, moons, and twinkling stars –- this look is what the trend is all about.

Pinkish hues

Pink tones with matte white stars are the ultra-feminine, sweetly divine iteration of the micro celestial manicure. This trend could easily be accomplished with a French manicure, leaving your tips glowing in the midst of shooting stars and crescent moons. The micro stars truly take this look to the next level.

Stark white symbols

We're loving this take on the micro celestial manicure. The bright white mani and single symbol detailing make for a unique, eye-catching manicure. While we adore the swirls of the cosmos in this trend, this simple look is also a winner. The neutrals will, again, go with just about everything, and the micro stars take the vibe up a notch.

Black and white negatives

Taking the neutral piece of the equation in a different direction, this celestial mani in black and white has an icy effect and is ideal for a multi-toned vibe. It also has a lot in common with the galaxy nail trend we all know and love. Glistening stars and half-moons glitter across these longer nails for a dressed-up look that could certainly be worn year-round, but we see these absolutely carrying their own through the winter months.

Decadent dipped nails

Lastly, these naked nails dripping with a celestial emerald polish and shimmering with images of the night sky — plus an evil eye or two — are true winners in our book. This one incorporates some new elements into the trend, as embodied by the added color. The witchy vibes are strong with this mani, and we cannot get over the lush hues and dainty symbols.