Fall 2023's Biggest Hair Color Trend Is Inspired By Tuscan Leather

If summer is all about the different blond hair trends, then fall is all about the brunette colors. Fall season is the perfect time for a hair change as it fits perfectly with the changing weather. Like the leaves, one of the best changes is opting for a darker hue, like brown, which blends perfectly with the atmosphere of the weather. While a classic brunette always stays in style, there are ways to spice up this color for the season. Tuscan leather is the perfect blend of red and brown hues, creating the ultimate mix that reminds everyone of a vintage-aged leather piece.

The leather hair color trend is no stranger to hair trends, as we've previously seen it take over the summer and spring seasons. More subtle than its cherry auburn counterpart, Tuscan leather gives just enough red to bring more life to your hair. Like other color mixes, there are plenty of ways to blend red and brown to create a one-of-a-kind Tuscan leather hair that'll complete your fall look.

Dark red shades

While everyone thinks of vibrant red shades for red hair, Tuscan leather lets you play more with different shades of red. Darker hues of this color create a more decadent look that looks more similar to the brown dye. With a closer match to brown, your dark red becomes more subtle, ideal for those looking for a less drastic change.

Light leather hair

On the other hand, you can also lighten up the dye to create a brighter shade. Instead of darkening the hair for the season, a light brown hue is perfect for those looking to slowly lighten their hair from dark or gradually darken their hair from blond. Either way, the lighter Tuscan leather alternative creates an equally rich hair color that works for those looking to keep the sun-kissed feel.

Expensive red

Not long ago, we had expensive brunettes as one of the must-have trends. Since this hair color is still trending, adding red is only fair. An expensive brunette meant a rich and luscious brown hue, similar to chocolate brown but a little lighter. Mixing this expensive brown with a little red tint perfectly combines these rich shades. In other words, a rich brown color makes for the perfect base for your hair, while the red pigment added to the hair dye can make your hair stand out and give a unique touch in the light.

Dark Tuscan hair

Light Tuscan hair is perfect for those looking to stick with summer's sunkissed hair trend, so the darker variation is ideal for those leaning into the moodier tones. The dark Tuscan leather color is similar to the cherry auburn hair trend, with more of a mix of darker hues. That said, a moody hair color is a perfect switch for those looking to invoke the fall season into their wardrobe, making for a cohesive vibe.

Highlighted leather

You don't need to mix both hues to get the Tuscan leather hair trend. Like any leather piece, spots of color can fade or darken over time. Invoke this concept into your hair by opting for highlights that break apart the darker tones. If you want a red-prominent hair color base, use lighter brown highlights to give your hair a more dynamic touch. After all, highlights can help create contrast in the hair, giving more depth and the appearance of more volume.