Elle Woods Is The Ultimate Corporate Girly Style Icon - How To Recreate Her Best Looks

Elle Woods, portrayed by Reese Witherspoon in the iconic 2001 comedy "Legally Blonde," and its 2003 sequel, "Legally Blonde 2: Red, White & Blonde," is undeniably one of the most influential fictional fashionistas of our time. Her fiery personality, bold confidence, and impeccable sense of style left a clear mark on the world of fashion and pop culture — especially in the early 2000s. Elle not only shattered stereotypes but also reshaped the way we perceive fashion as a means of empowerment. As Witherspoon herself told People, "When you look good, you feel good," echoing the sentiments of the character she portrayed. "I know that's what Elle Woods says, but it's true! When you look good, you feel good."


Elle burst onto the screen as the ultimate blond bombshell, but she was far more than just a pretty face. Throughout her journey at Harvard Law School, one element remained constant — her impeccable fashion choices that reflected her personality so well. From her signature pink outfits to her daring ensembles that broke the mold of conventional legal attire, Elle's style is a testament to the power of self-expression through fashion — even in the corporate world. So, if you're looking for ways to add a bit more pizzazz to your work attire or you simply want to sprinkle some Elle magic into your closet, here are some of our favorite Elle Woods fashion moments to draw inspiration from!

Elle's take on a button-up

Remember Elle Woods' iconic white Givenchy for Chesa blouse with a black G print? Well, it's time to recreate that fun yet professional look with a modern twist. Elle paired this classic blouse with a sleek updo and simple jewelry, embodying the perfect blend of casual and professional. Her hairstyle gave off that currently popular clean girl aesthetic, leaving her blouse to make a statement.


The Kate Lynx Print Silk Button-Up Shirt by Rails, available at Nordstrom for $248.00, provides a modern take on Elle's Y2K style. We decided to go with an animal print blouse, as visible branding doesn't exude that quiet luxury vibe that's all the rage today. With a stylish lynx print that adds a touch of sophistication, you can easily channel your inner Elle Woods. Finish the look with a pair of subtle golden hoops and a sleek middle-part bun and you're ready to conquer the day!

The iconic pink matching leather set

Who could ever forget Elle Woods' unforgettable pink pleather skirt and jacket set from "Legally Blonde"? It's a look that exudes confidence, style, and fabulousness, making it perfect to draw inspiration from. Now, while you can certainly opt for the classic set, we're here to introduce you to a more versatile twist on this iconic outfit. To recreate this look with a contemporary edge, we recommend pairing a pink pleather skirt with a matching blazer.


The Alexa Vegan Leather Blazer ($495) and the Oliviana Metallic Vegan Leather Skirt ($350) from Milly serve as an updated take that preserves the essence of Elle's style while offering more flexibility, as the blazer makes it slightly more business casual. The best part about a set like this is that it is suitable for both professional settings and a fun night out with friends — meaning you can easily transition from day to night by swapping out your footwear and accessories.

Elle's fluffy coat

Elle Woods was never one to shy away from making a major statement with her outfit — and her iconic fluffy pink coat over a sparkly bikini is just one example. While that particular combo might not fit your everyday attire, you can still draw plenty of inspiration from it. The standout piece from this look is undoubtedly her fluffy pink coat. It's a symbol of confidence, individuality, and, of course, a determined commitment to the color pink. 


Guess what? You can channel the same spirit with a modern pink faux fur coat that can literally be thrown over everything. In fact, it can even make the most casual jeans-and-tee combo look intentional and chic. Whether you're headed to a brunch date, a night out with friends, or just a quick grocery store run, this coat is your secret weapon for turning heads and exuding Elle Woods-level confidence. Our pick for this stylish essential is the MSGM Pink Faux Fur Coat, which retails for $1,240 on Lyst.

The bend and snap top

Elle Woods brought the unforgettable "bend and snap" move to life in an iconic pink tank top with a sassy, yellow see-through, and tie-in-the-front top over it — a look that is a true embodiment of 2000s fashion. Elle paired the top with low-waisted jeans, giving us those immaculate Y2K vibes.


To recreate this iconic Elle Woods outfit, we've found the perfect modern twist – the Exotic Mist Collection Neon Yellow Mesh Ruffle Top, which you can snag on Demi Blush for £4.99 (approximately $6). This top not only embraces the boldness of Elle's original choice but also adds a touch of retro fashion with ruffled details, giving it a soft and feminine touch. For that extra "wow" factor, we recommend pairing it with a spicy lingerie top underneath. This adds a subtle peek-a-boo effect, making your outfit playful and confident — two words that perfectly describe Elle herself.

The pink halter dress

While Elle undoubtedly rocked more than just pink, her pink outfits remain some of her most iconic ones, and for good reason. One of these unforgettable looks is the adorable pink halter dress she pulled off fiercely. The beauty of this dress is its versatility – it's suitable for a casual daytime look or can be dressed up with heels for a night out on the town.


To channel Elle Woods' essence into your office attire, we recommend going for a high-neck halter pink midi dress. This slightly more business-appropriate take on her classic look is perfect for the next work event you have coming up. The high neckline adds an extra touch of elegance, and the midi length gives it a trendy and sophisticated vibe. Our choice for this Elle-inspired dress is the Irresistible Presence Hot Pink Halter Ruched Bodycon Midi Dress, which retails for $59 on Lulus.

Elle's green cardigan

The classic green cardigan that Elle Woods wore in the movie is a great piece that's perfect for any fall and winter season. While Elle's collared cardigan with a waist tie is a fantastic choice, you can achieve a more modern look with a trendy grandpa-style sweater — quite contradictory, isn't it? We recommend going for a slightly oversized cardigan that features multiple shades of green — just like Elle's.


While a piece like an oversized cardigan can easily be thrifted at your local second-hand shop, our choice for a new one is the TY Cardigan ($88) by Unif. The extra-long sleeves give the look a nonchalant vibe, while the classic plaid pattern is what makes it a timeless piece. Whether you're heading to class or out for brunch with friends, this soft cardigan will make you feel cozy yet stylish — it even has pockets for some extra storage on the go.

The black dress with a white ruffles

A classic black dress is a must-have for every corporate girl, and Elle Woods knows that. She graced the court halls in a stunning black dress with a white ruffled collar that gave off that "I know exactly what I'm doing" vibe. To recreate this look, start by selecting a black dress that falls at least to the knee, making sure it maintains a polished appearance. The key to capturing Elle's courtroom look is to opt for a dress with a high-neck collar. 


While the cut and color of such a dress can lean towards the formal side, you can balance it out by choosing one with charming, ruffled details — just like Elle did. These ruffles soften the overall look, allowing you to appear professional without sacrificing fashion. To channel your inner Elle Woods at your next work meeting, we suggest going for the Cololura Plus Size Ruffle Sleeve Peplum Dress that retails for $49.99 on Amazon.

Elle's off-the-shoulders style

Elle Woods loves the off-the-shoulder style, a popular cut that beautifully highlights your shoulders and collarbones, adding a delightful touch of femininity to any look. In one scene from the movie, Elle rocks a striped purple and pink off-the-shoulder top that's perfect for those sunny and warm days. But here's the thing about channeling your inner Elle – it's all about drawing inspiration from the character rather than copying her looks as if you're preparing for a costume party.


So, in that spirit, we've chosen the Floral Print Square Neck Tiered Smock Midi Dress ($15) from Nasty Gal, a pink and purple flower-patterned off-the-shoulder midi dress. This selection captures the essence of Elle's style instead of opting for the exact replica of her top. The similarities are obvious — the vibrant colors and the alluring off-the-shoulder style remain true to Elle's iconic look. However, the pattern and the clothing type are completely different, showcasing that you can pay homage to Elle Woods while still maintaining your own style.

The sparkly blue dress

Elle knows the power of a good, sparkly piece of clothing. In "Legally Blonde," she graces the screen in a breathtaking blue sequin dress, a garment that is undoubtedly a showstopper. So, the next time you're looking to make a statement and capture everyone's attention, take a page from Elle's style book and embrace the sparkle.


A sparkly blue dress reminiscent of Elle's can be your secret weapon for any occasion. You can buy our choice, the Add It Up Dress Blue Sequin, on Hello Molly for $89. Whether you're aiming to shine during the day or illuminate the night, this piece has got your back. For a daytime ensemble, pair it with your favorite sneakers and an oversized blazer. Then, when the evening calls for glamour, elevate the outfit by putting on a pair of heeled boots, instantly transforming you into the life of the party. After all, life is too short not to rock glitter on a daily basis.

Elle's brown boots

When it comes to boot trends you'll want to wear everywhere, one timeless staple that deserves a top spot is the classic brown boot. Elle Woods herself knows this, as she confidently strutted through the halls of Harvard in a pair of these versatile beauties, leaving us with no doubt that brown boots are a must-have for the colder days.


While you should always select a pair that speaks to your personal style, we suggest considering brown boots that gracefully graze just below your knee, as this length provides both fashion and function. To ensure all-day comfort, opt for a pair with a chunky and stable heel. These boots will not only keep you looking stylish but also allow you to walk with ease wherever your day may take you. Our choice of Elle-inspired boots is the Sangeti Knee High Boots by Vince Camuto, which you can buy at Nordstrom for $229.

Elle's pink dress with a collar

Elle's stunning pink dress with a chic, pointy collar is undoubtedly one of the movie's best fashion moments. It is also the epitome of her well-known Barbie-inspired style. If you're looking to embrace that Barbiecore vibe that's been all the rage in 2023, we've got just the fashion tip for you: opt for a pink sweater midi dress that captures the essence of this unforgettable look.


Our choice for this outfit is the In The Style Exclusive Knit Collar Detail Midi Dress, which you can pick up on Asos for $81. This piece is the perfect balance between comfort and style, making it a great item to add to your wardrobe. You'll feel like you're dressed in a warm hug, yet you'll look perfectly put-together. Whether you're headed shopping with friends or going for an evening gathering, this dress effortlessly captures Elle Woods' style, just in a slightly more laid-back package.

The lavender winter hat

Cold days can often feel a bit gray and gloomy, but that's no reason to let your outfit match that energy. Elle Woods would surely agree that even the chilliest of days should be an opportunity to showcase your impeccable style — no matter how many layers you have to put on. When it comes to staying warm, one accessory reigns supreme — the winter hat.


Now, if you're taking a page from Elle's fashion lookbook, consider going for a funky and brightly-colored hat, just like the purple one she rocks in "Legally Blonde." The adorable addition of a flower on the side only makes this look more unique and quirky. But of course, if that isn't your style, you can forgo the flower and opt for a sleeker design or a different embellishment that suits your taste. For your Elle-inspired winter hat, we suggest forgoing fast fashion in favor of supporting a small business by purchasing this Lavender Beanie for $26 on Etsy.

Elle's striped boat neck top

If there's one neckline style that screams "late '90s and early aughts," it's undoubtedly the boat neckline. Elle's striped boat neck top offers fantastic inspiration for a nostalgic fashion choice. While you can embrace this neckline in various forms, such as long-sleeved or short-sleeved tops or even as a dress, we've opted for a sleeveless style that mirrors Elle's.


You can buy our choice, the Kinsley Linen Top by Hobbs London, at Bloomingdale's for $125. Our selection has a slightly looser and more flowing silhouette, giving it a more formal look that makes it suitable for a range of occasions. You can easily pair it with your favorite jeans for a busy day or dress it up with a fancy pantsuit for an important business meeting. This updated take on Elle's boat neck style maintains the essence of her iconic look while adding a touch of modern elegance.

The pink ivy hat

A pink ivy hat certainly isn't a common choice, but Elle Woods rocked it with confidence, and so can you. The ivy hat belongs to the flat cap family and shares some similarities with the newsboy hat — another style that was popular in the early 2000s. Traditionally, hats like these have been associated with men's fashion, but Elle demonstrated that they can be effortlessly worn by anyone, especially when they are in a bold and daring color like pink.


Embracing the ivy hat style is a way to make a striking fashion statement while paying homage to the early 2000s era. If you're unsure what to pair it with, a safe choice is always an oversized blazer in a simple pattern or neutral color. That way, the hat isn't competing with other parts of your look. Our choice of an Elle-inspired pink ivy hat is this Fashion Wool 504 Ivy Cap that you can call your own for $51.85 at the Village Hat Shop.

Elle's pink cloud dress

One of our personal favorite Elle Woods outfits is her pink cloud dress. This look might have gone unnoticed by some, as it's the very first outfit we see Elle wear in the movie. However, the playful cloud pattern on the dress adds a whimsical and classic Elle vibe to the traditional pink halter-neck style—and that just does it for us.


To channel this unique look, you can choose any piece of clothing that features cloud patterns. However, if you want to capture the true Elle Woods spirit, make sure it's in a shade of pink. Whether it's a pink dress with cloud accents or a top that is entirely covered in cloud motifs, this style choice pays homage to Elle's bold taste. We suggest embracing the whimsy and unleashing your inner Elle with the Monki Wera Cloud Print Midi Dress, available at Asos for $11.75.