Here's How To Style Your Gym Shorts For A Stylish And Comfortable Outfit

Fashion has had a transformation where the focus is the intersection of style and comfort. With this renaissance, we've gotten trends like chunky dad sneakers and versatile, chic blazers. These trends have altered how we look at fashion and have made it more important to be both stylish and comfortable for our day-to-day. Whether it's because of their practicality or street-style presence, gym shorts are the latest article of clothing to become trendy and high fashion for daily wear.

While pairing your gym shorts with dressier items might seem unpolished, this combination has become a go-to for style influencers, such as Emili Sindlev, who have created contrasting high-end looks with athletic shorts. Since gym shorts have a more relaxed, street-style look, they make for the perfect piece to lean into this style or create dynamic looks like the ones we often see on Sindlev's feed. Although they might not be your go-to for formal events, gym shorts will likely be the next comfortable piece you'll add to your day-to-day outfit rotations.

Wear under see-through pieces

Finding the right pieces to wear under sheer clothing can be a real dilemma. However, gym shorts give us the perfect way to combine both trends without a problem. If you're wearing mesh or sheer pants or dresses, form-fitting biker shorts are a great piece to wear underneath. We've seen how biker shorts turned from a gym piece into athleisure's main star (just check out the look on Jennifer Lopez), and now they'll help you achieve the ultimate high-fashion look.

Mix in other sports-inspired items

Although creating a contrasting look is the recipe for a street-style favorite, you can also create a cohesive sports-inspired look that shines. Pair your gym shorts with your favorite jersey or sports-themed top. Finish with a dressier third piece, such as a coat or jacket, for a more polished look. Add a pair of heels or sneakers to style it all and create the ultimate ensemble. Style icon Princess Diana helped establish this look with her sporty sweatshirt-and-biker shorts combination.

Combine with basic pieces

There's no need to complicate with styling various pieces when all you need is a few essential articles of clothing to complete the look. Pair colorful gym shorts that'll stand out from the crowd with simple items, such as white tees and black jackets, that won't distract from the look. Trendsetter Hailey Bieber (via Vogue) has worn this look before for a casual, yet stylish date-night option.

Pair with a fancy top

Pairing your gym shorts with your fanciest top creates enough contrast to catch everyone's eye. Since you're already opting for a trend that goes against the norm, why not pair your shorts with a fancy blouse for a look that combines the best of both worlds? Balance the casualness of your gym shorts with the elegance of a dressy top for a look similar to style influencer Danie Sierra.

Don a polished blazer

If you plan to dress up your gym shorts for a more day-to-day look, just reach for a chic blazer. Blazers, regardless of the accompanying pieces, add a touch of sophistication and formalness to your look. Via Instagram, @taina.csg constantly showcases this combination, showing that you need nothing more than gym shorts and blazers to create a chic 'fit.

Bring out the bold

Choosing fashion trends that take you out of your comfort zone is the best opportunity to break all the fashion rules head-first. Pair your gym shorts with other statement and eye-catching pieces to create a look that may not initially appear cohesive but which shines when worn together. Style influencer Emili Sindlev previously paired her gym shorts with a dazzling metallic bag and contrasting racing jacket for a look that works, even with all the bling.

Add some '90s flair

Since the '90s are still taking over fashion, '90s trends are perfect for pairing with your gym or athletic shorts. Create a new vibe for your shorts with the ultimate '90s top, such as a halter or spaghetti strap tank. Model Bella Hadid (via British Vogue) has worn this combination by pairing her longer basketball shorts with a matching tank top, giving the perfect nod to the era's laid-back style.