Mango's Viral Shearling Coat Is Back In Stock - Here's How To Style It All Fall Long

Everyone knows that coats are essential for a warm and stylish fall season. However, one particular jacket is making rounds on social media. If you haven't yet noticed, Mango's Shearling Coat is going viral thanks to its fuzzy and chic design that makes for a perfect outerwear piece. At $199, this pricier item is worth the investment for fall. After all, this furry coat isn't just a viral product of this season, as it previously went viral last year and was cause for a frenzy. In fact, last year, the same coat constantly sold out, causing the brand to restock multiple times. This year, the shearling coat is back and has the same amount of popularity.

Although shearling might not be everyone's favorite material, it's perfect for staying warm during those colder days. Available in ecru and khaki, there are two color options this year to help satisfy your fall wardrobe. However, the ecru shade is currently the one stealing the show. While the product was available last year, its continued popularity will probably have it selling out very soon. Thanks to the coat's popularity, plenty of style trendsetters and influencers have shown us the perfect way to add this piece to our fall rotations, which includes pairing it with some denim or leggings.

Pair with trendy leather leggings

While Mango's shearling coat is this year's viral product of the season, it's the perfect piece to pair with a previous trendy item. Leather leggings, for example, were once the season's must-have item, making it an ideal pair for your shearling coat. With two opposing fabrics, this contrasting look makes for a comfortable, chic ensemble for all your fall errands.

Combine with classic trousers or pants

You no longer need to wear your favorite black trousers or pants solely to the office. Nowadays, these bottoms are also an excellent base for all of your street-style looks. Suppose you're looking to upgrade your fall wardrobe. You can combine your classic trousers with this modern shearling coat for a fall look that combines style, comfort, and elegance. Finish your 'fit with a comfy pair of sneakers for a dressed-down casual look.

Wear with white bottoms

Although the coat comes in an ecru shade, white jeans make for a chic monochrome look. Similar in color, this beige and white combination will give you a lighter autumn vibe rather than the traditional darker hues. Add a contrasting top underneath your coat to break up your look, or opt for a similar shade for a cohesive, monochrome outfit.

Pair with denim skirts

Denim midi skirts aren't just a trendy '90s piece; it's now a must-have closet essential that works year-round. Instead of tucking your skirt away for the season, pair it with your shearling coat. These two trendy items still give you a dressier casual look than your average denim jeans. Finish the look with boots to provide a more fall-inspired look that works throughout the season. This combination also works with your denim maxi skirts that offer more coverage. 

Throw on winter accessories

While the winter season is still a few weeks away, there's no shame in pulling out these accessories early. To complete your comfy look, add a chunky scarf or beanie for a 'fit that screams warmth and coziness. Your shearling coat's black accents are perfect for pairing with any black winter accessory you may need to keep you stylish throughout the season.

Casual everyday 'fit

While the coat's shearling material gives the perfect opportunity for a dressier look, you can always dress it down for an everyday look. Pair your shearling coat with blue jeans and watch as this combination becomes your go-to throughout the fall season. Finish with a basic short-sleeve tee for an understated look or a long-sleeve for more warmth.

Make it preppy

No matter the season, wearing a miniskirt is always a good idea. Although mini skirts offer less warmth, they are perfect for your shearling coat. For coverage, add tights underneath, and you can get a perfectly preppy look that showcases your shearling coat while still dressing it up. Add preppier accessories like headbands or hair bows to make you feel straight out of "Gossip Girl."