Yellow Gold Is Replacing White Gold As The Trendiest Engagement Ring Band

While white gold has held steady as the leading engagement ring band for what feels like a solid era, yellow gold has glided into the spotlight with a glimmer that can't be denied. Choosing an engagement ring is no small decision and landing on a style that's both timeless and versatile is typically the predicament most face before heading down the aisle. While yellow gold is now center stage, it certainly isn't its first time reigning supreme. Yellow gold was popular in the '60s through the '80s and only recently took a backseat, per AC Silver. The glistening gold complements a variety of gemstones, and it's ultimately a true classic.

It may be natural to associate gold jewelry with the gaudy and outdated, but the warmth of yellow gold jewelry can be a welcome change after the white gold trend. Whether you opt for a diamond, ruby, sapphire, or emerald, a yellow gold band will really make the gem stand out. "Yellow gold is our most requested metal," designer Ashley Zhang told Refinery29. "I think this choice in settings will stay strong. The contrast of the yellow with white diamonds really makes them pop."

Dainty sapphire and yellow gold

There's nothing outdated or clunky about this delicate yellow gold band and luminous sapphire. Warm and subtle, this combo is one for the books. Hopping on the colored gemstone trend as well as the yellow gold trend, a look like this will stand out just about anywhere with its unique shape and dazzling energy.

A timeless classic

There's nothing that embodies elegance quite like a glistening diamond on a yellow gold band. An engagement ring that could truly be passed down through the generations, this style is a surefire thing when it comes to versatility and choosing a band that will forever be a classic.

Golden warmth

A unique, colored gemstone is a fun way to express yourself and for those who crave something beyond the expected, there are pieces like this peach sapphire ring. Glowing, ethereal, and fit for a fairytale, choices like this are not only great conversation starters — they're sure to be treasured for years to come.

Fit for a queen

Make a statement with a pear-shaped gem to adorn your yellow gold band. This one is royal and regal in all the right ways and the yellow gold only adds to the extravagance. Colored gemstones and yellow gold may require more intentionality when it comes to styling your wardrobe and getting manicures, but the overall impact is well worth it.

Delicate bands

A unique, detailed yellow gold band like this one has us totally swooning. Prong-set diamonds spaced throughout the band make for a dainty vibe and we love the unique touch. Beautiful when paired with other yellow gold pieces, choosing an engagement ring like this lays the foundation for all your accessorizing.

Elongated diamonds on yellow gold

A slight twist on the classic round style, this elongated diamond on a yellow gold band is eye-catching in all the right ways. Bringing length and elegance to the finger, this setting is classic, dainty, and will go with just about anything. Yellow gold may have a bit of a vintage vibe for now and only time will tell whether or not it holds steady as the trendiest engagement ring band.