You Don't Need Lashes For A Glam Makeup Look

Many people use false lashes to make their eyes appear larger and add a glamorous touch to their overall look, but don't assume you always have to wear lashes to go for a glam makeup style –false lashes can be beautiful, but aren't always necessary. TikToker @elizmmakeup — who has over 54,000 followers — posted a video proving that you don't need false lashes for your makeup to look stunning. The TikToker enhanced her brows, did some contouring, and added blush, highlighter, eyeliner, lipgloss, and mascara for a dazzling look without fake lashes.

It's possible to skip the falsies and still go for a glam look, and there are plenty of ways for you to enhance your already beautiful eyes. "Opt for long-wearing eyeliner or really thin liquid liner to make the base of lashes appear thicker ... Dot it along the lash lines and line the top, then blur it out with cotton swabs," Nick Barose, celebrity makeup artist, told Harper's Bazaar. You can also use lipstick, eyeshadow, and face gems to add an enchanting allure to your makeup style — all without the need for time-consuming lashes.

Rock a bold lip instead

Wearing lipstick is one of the most convenient ways to add glam to your look, and there are so many color options! For instance, brown lipstick is a fun '90s comeback trend, while you can never go wrong with a classic red. Meanwhile, pink lipstick is perfect for cutesy looks, black lipstick gives a daring and edgy vibe, and purple lipstick can be lively and playful.

Focus on eyeliner instead of lashes

You can do so much with eyeliner, as the product offers more room for creativity and self-expression than false lashes. Winged liner is an always-striking look, so why take the focus away from the design by adding fake lashes? Other eyeliner ideas include applying the product to your waterline as well as the playful floating crease eyeliner look.

Have fun with eyeshadow

Eyeshadow is another makeup option that offers significant room for using an artistic approach to express your unique and creative personality. There are endless eyeshadow options, such as smokey eyes, rainbow looks, and glittery shadows. Plus, keeping an eyeshadow in your favorite color or neutral — whether that hue is pink, black, green, brown, or orange — in your go-to makeup kit is always a good idea!

Flaunt face gems for intense glam

If you want something even more glamorous than false lashes, face gems are an exciting option. Whether or not you wear other makeup with them, face gems will elevate any ensemble and make you look like the life of the party wherever you might be. Put them on your eyelids, forehead, or cheeks for an ultra-dazzling look!

Wear mascara instead

If you like the enhanced lash look or frequently wear false lashes, it helps to swap the fake lashes for mascara. Mascara will still add length, volume, and darkness to your eyelashes but without the intensity and effort of false lashes. If you want to ease into a more natural lash look or don't want to spend as much time on your lashes, mascara is a convenient alternative.