How To Hide Your Piercings For Work (Or Anything Else)

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If there is a right time to get a piercing, it is definitely now — as plenty of fun piercing trends have popped up. Whether it's a stylish nose ring, an edgy eyebrow bar, or perhaps an intricate ear cartilage piercing, there's no denying that piercings provide a unique way to express your personality and style. However, as much as we love flaunting our piercings, there are times when we need to conceal them, be it for work, certain special occasions, or other reason.


The ease of concealing a piercing largely depends on its location. Some piercings are naturally less visible, while others are way more challenging to hide. But worry not — we've got a couple of valuable tips and tricks up our sleeves that can help you discreetly tuck away your piercings, especially in a pinch. So, if you're looking to explore the world of piercings while keeping the option to conceal them when needed, we're here to assure you that it is possible!

Place a band-aid over the piercing

Using a skin-colored band-aid is a simple yet effective trick to temporarily hide your piercings, especially if you have ear or eyebrow piercings. By strategically placing a band-aid over it, you can easily conceal it, giving the impression that you're simply covering a minor cut or wound. However, keep in mind that someone might ask you what happened and how you injured yourself. So you might want to have a story ready (we don't encourage lying, but you might not want to reveal all, either). The beauty of this method — and why we're mentioning it first — is its simplicity. It's a quick and convenient solution that doesn't require any special tools or products, and it doesn't require you to take the piercing out.


However, we have to note that this trick works best for short-term concealment that lasts a maximum of a couple of days. Using a band-aid over a piercing definitely isn't a long-term solution. If you have to maintain the disguise for an extended period, a band-aid in the exact same spot for weeks on end may start to raise suspicion. For the occasional day or event, though, it's a reliable option. Another disadvantage of this option is that piercings in the septum, lip, or tongue aren't ideal places for this technique, as the band-aid might cause discomfort — not to mention that it probably wouldn't stick to those areas for long. Either way, sticking to a water-resistant band-aid will ensure it doesn't move around, even if you get sweaty.


Cover up nipple piercings with a padded bra or nipple covers

To discreetly conceal nipple piercings, you can opt for padded bras or nipple covers. The extra layer in a padded bra offers additional cushioning, making the piercings less noticeable than they would be if you rocked a non-padded bra. Bras like this work well under various types of clothing, from thin fabrics to tight-fitting outfits.


However, even if you aren't a bra girlie, you can still conceal your nipple piercings. In fact, some outfits can't be worn with a bra, and that's where nipple covers come in handy. These tiny silicone circles perfectly adhere to your nipples, concealing any piercings you have. They are a versatile and discreet solution, and most options on the market are reusable. "I have nipple piercings, so my nipples are pretty apparent in anything without a bra. Thinking nipple covers might help, I finally sat down and came across these. These are the best things. I wore two to a festival, and they didn't move an inch! I forgot I even had them on," a satisfied buyer raves about the Charmking nipple covers in an Amazon review.


Both of these methods are temporary and can be used whenever you need to conceal your nipple piercings.

Use makeup to cover up facial piercings or the hole

Using makeup to cover up facial piercings or the holes when the jewelry is removed is a handy and quick way to conceal your piercings in a pinch. All you have to do is simply apply some concealer that matches your skin tone directly over the piercing or the hole. Begin by cleaning the area around the piercing to ensure it's free from oils and debris, and then use a small brush or your fingertips to carefully blend the concealer over the piercing.


However, it's essential to remember that makeup is not a long-lasting solution for covering piercings. The concealer will most likely wear off relatively quickly, particularly if it's exposed to movement or sweat. As a result, this method is best suited for situations like a Zoom call or a video conference, where your piercing won't be that visible to begin with due to the camera quality and distance. In person, no matter how much makeup you use, your piercing will still be noticeable.

Hide a septum piercing by flipping a horseshoe barbell

Hiding a septum piercing is a bit different from other piercings due to its location. If you have a septum piercing, there's a unique trick you can use to easily conceal it. However, in order for this to work, you have to have a circular barbell, also known as a horseshoe barbell. The horseshoe barbell is designed to resemble an upside-down "U" shape when it's in its regular position, with the open ends visible. To hide the septum piercing, gently flip the horseshoe barbell upward into your nostrils. When done correctly, the jewelry will be completely hidden inside your nose. 


However, it's crucial to be careful with this method. The horseshoe barbell can flip back down due to movement, exposing the piercing. To avoid this, ensure that the jewelry is securely positioned in your nostrils and keep an eye (or should we say, nose) on it. Additionally, if the piercing is new and still healing, make sure you handle it with clean hands and avoid excessive manipulation to prevent any bleeding or pain. Just remember to be mindful of the jewelry's position so that it remains concealed throughout the day.

Cover ear piercings with your hair or accessories

A perhaps obvious but nonetheless effective way to hide your ear piercings is to use your hair or hair accessories strategically. This method is especially useful if you have multiple ear piercings or are looking for a temporary concealment solution.


If you have hair that is at least jaw-length, wear it down, allowing it to naturally fall and cover your ears. Alternatively, you can also create hairstyles that strategically cover your ear piercings, such as low side ponytails, half-up half-down styles, messy side braids, or similar hairstyles.

However, if you have hair that is on the shorter side, you can utilize hair accessories to cover up your ears — headbands and scarves work best. Apart from those, you can also use head covers like hats or beanies. For concealing ear piercings, this approach provides a quick and fashionable way to showcase your personal style when you need to exude a more conservative appearance.

Replace bigger jewelry with a small stud

One of the simplest methods of minimizing the visibility of your piercing is to replace your existing jewelry with a small stud. This technique works particularly well for nose, lip, or cartilage piercings.


Before making the switch, ensure that your piercing is fully healed to avoid any complications. Most studs are designed for healed piercings, so this method may not be suitable for fresh or still-healing piercings. However, some piercings require specialized jewelry, and changing it might not be an option. Always prioritize your piercing's health and healing process when making these adjustments. Once you swap out the piercing for a stud, you can also opt to cover it with some makeup. After all, covering a smaller piercing with concealer is much easier than covering a big one.

Use big glasses or sunglasses to hide eyebrow piercings

We never claimed that all of these methods are 100% efficient, but hey, sometimes desperate times call for desperate measures. If you're out of options and looking for a quick way to hide your eyebrow piercing, consider using oversized glasses or sunglasses. While this method may seem like a somewhat silly solution, it can be surprisingly effective in certain situations, especially if you're only interacting with someone briefly.


Large, stylish glasses with thicker frames or a pair of oversized sunglasses can help conceal your piercing, at least from the right angles. Besides, when people notice your eyewear, they're less likely to pay attention to your eyebrow piercing. And if you're looking for ways to style oversized sunglasses, we recommend keeping the rest of your styling sleek and simple.

Pick jewelry pieces that are clear or closely match your skin tone

One of the most discreet and hassle-free ways to hide your piercings is to simply select jewelry pieces that are clear or closely match your skin tone. These options are designed to be as unnoticeable as possible, ensuring that your piercing color blends into your skin. They're particularly suitable for ear and nostril piercings, as those are the easiest to swap out. Of course, those who look closely will still notice the piercing, but unless you're face to face, it's going to be really hard to tell it's there.


If you're searching for such jewelry, platforms like Etsy offer plenty of options for clear and nude-toned pieces designed specifically for this purpose. "I absolutely love it!!! It's so perfect for work. It matches my skin so well, and you can't even tell I have a nose piercing," a satisfied buyer of Skin Tone Nose Screws from Etsy reveals in their review.

Alternatively, you can explore piercing protectors, thin sleeves designed to cover earring posts, preventing sensitive ears from reacting to the metal. Since they pass through the piercing and are considerably less visible than jewelry, they can also serve the purpose of preserving your piercing hole without drawing attention to it. You can buy pierced ear protectors for $5.50 on Earrs.


Cover up belly button piercings with high-waisted clothing or shapewear

Hiding a belly button piercing is relatively straightforward, as clothing can provide the necessary coverage. However, certain tops or dresses — particularly those that are skintight or made from lightweight fabrics like silk — may still reveal the shape of the piercing. 


High-waisted bottoms — such as pants, skirts, or shorts — help by covering the belly button. With them, you can even rock cropped tops, revealing your midriff above the piercing. Of course, if you're wearing a dress, this trick won't work, and you might have to resort to shapewear. Traditionally, shapewear is designed to provide support and create a smooth silhouette, but thanks to its thicker and less revealing fabric, it is also great at hiding your belly button piercing underneath your dress. So, whether you opt for high-waisted clothing, shapewear, or a combination of both, these tips can help ensure that your belly button piercing remains well-concealed.

Use a mask to hide lip or tongue piercings

Wearing a mask can provide an impromptu way to hide lip or tongue piercings in certain situations. While it's true that most of us happily moved past the era of constant mask-wearing, these protective face coverings can offer a quick solution when you need to temporarily conceal your piercings.


If you decide to use this trick, those around you may simply assume you're taking extra precautions for your well-being. In fact, if anything, people might think you're also feeling a bit under the weather, which will make them keep their distance. However, there are situations when this absolutely wouldn't work — especially if eating is involved.

Choose over-ear headphones to hide ear piercings

Choosing over-ear headphones to hide ear piercings can be a temporary option if engaging in conversation isn't a priority. Perhaps you're concealing your ear piercings from someone you don't need to talk to but are in the same room with. Of course, this option is a rather specific and short-term solution, so it won't work in many scenarios.


If it does work for you, all you need is a pair of comfy over-ear headphones to rock during the time you want your ear piercings hidden. However, keep in mind that wearing headphones for too long just to conceal your piercings can be uncomfortable. This tip is definitely more suitable for brief moments when you want to discreetly hide your piercings without engaging in any conversation.

Covering your mouth makes a tongue piercing less noticeable

When it comes to tongue piercings, they are really easy to keep secret if you don't have to open your mouth much. When talking, this might be possible by glancing away or keeping your head down more than usual. We also recommend using your hands to cover your mouth, especially if you're eating or yawning.


These small adjustments can go a long way in concealing your piercing without drawing too much attention. With tongue piercings, it's all about being mindful of your angles, how open your mouth is, and when it's appropriate to use your hands or a napkin as a cover-up. However, it's important to remember that this tactic is not foolproof and may not work in all situations. For example, if you're in a relaxed setting, such as a family dinner or casual get-together, overthinking your gestures may come across as unnatural — especially to people who know you well.

Hide wrist piercings with bracelets or a watch

Concealing wrist piercings is easily done with some strategic accessorizing. Using bracelets or a watch is a great way to cover up your wrist piercings, especially as these accessories are quite common and popular. By wearing a few bangles, a cuff, or a wristband that fits snugly around the piercing area, you can effectively mask the jewelry. Choose bracelets that are slightly wider or more substantial, as they provide better coverage. If you don't like chunky pieces, layered bracelets can create an attractive distraction, making it less likely for people to notice the piercings. However, the thinner they are, the more you will need.


If bracelets aren't your thing, a watch is another practical choice for camouflaging wrist piercings, especially if it has a broad wristband or a chunky design.

Use silicone filler to temporarily fill up the piercing hole

For covering up the holes your piercings leave behind, you can use specialty makeup like Dermaflage that allows you to fill in the area. "I decided to change career and work in a corporate environment where my bridge piercing was longer appropriate. Taking it out left massive indents and looked really bizarre. No makeup would cover it up, so I searched everywhere until I finally found this product. It has been a complete lifesaver," a satisfied Dermaflage buyer claims on their website.


Products meant to cover up piercing holes are not like your regular foundation or concealer. "What makes it different is that it builds and it conceals, whereas if you covered your piercing with liquid foundation, you'd still have a hole in your face," Jocelyn Atkinson, the founder of Dermaflage, explains to Refinery 29. Apart from its buildability, products like these are also waterproof and last much longer on the skin than classic makeup would.