18 Of The Hottest Piercing Trends Of Fall 2023 To Upgrade Your Look

Piercings offer us a unique way to stand out in the crowd, and it's one more way we can accessorize our looks. Piercer J. Colby Smith told Vogue, "The ears are a great place to show off new jewelry. Conch piercings, daith piercings, helix piercings — really anything in doubles is really hot right now." Smith added, "Septums are great because if you're an actress or model, it's very easy to take it off or hide it. It gives you a little bit of an edge with the ability to slip out of it from time to time."

Some piercing trends come and go, but we've discovered that this fall is the best time to bring back some old favorites. What better way to accessorize your favorite oversized sweater than with a fresh new piercing? And yes, like most trends as of late, the '90s are making a huge play when it comes to piercings. Even the basic lobe piercing is looking trendy again, and we've scoured the web to find out what other piercings you should have on your radar if you're looking for a new look with the autumn chill coming into the air.

Eyebrow piercing

One of those trends coming back to us from the '90s is the eyebrow piercing. If you've been feeling the itch to add a piercing that will truly stand out, this is one of the ways to go. However, you may want to avoid scheduling the appointment around a special event. According to Urban Body Jewelry, although rare, getting one could leave you with a temporary black eye. Aside from that, you can pick a couple of different piercings — vertical or horizontal — as well as different styles of eyebrow rings to make them pop (but barbels seem to be the most popular).

Conch piercing

Conch piercings have been popular for quite some time, but they work even better when you're diving into some of the other trends that require multiple piercings. Piercer Johnny Pearce said to PopSugar that the conch area is "capable of housing large, beautiful statement pieces and can be worn both as a stud or even with a decorative ring once properly healed." The options are endless and allow for a ton of creativity.

Vertical labret piercing

Lip piercings are another returning trend from the '90s, but we think a vertical labret, in particular, is the way to go if you want to jump on this one. However, it's important to do your research beforehand, as body piercer Hayley Tierney pointed out to Byrdie, "This is a piercing that depends very heavily on anatomy; it is not one that everyone is going to be able to support."

Belly button

With crop tops being back in style in a big way, it makes absolute sense that belly button piercings are making a comeback as well. Fashion Week 2023 brought them back into the limelight, and they're not going anywhere soon. Like other piercings, not everyone has the right anatomy for this piercing, so you'll want to talk to a professional. Also, remember that you may not always be wearing crop tops, so there could be some sensitivity issues while your piercing heals.

Lip spider bites

Here's another lip-piercing trend worth looking into: Spider bite piercings. Spider bite piercings can be done on your eyebrows, nose, and ears, but we love it on the lips. This piercing's hallmark is depicted by two piercings side by side, like a bite (and as we mentioned earlier, piercings in doubles are trendy right now!). Of course, to get the best effect, you definitely want to pick dainty studs that make it look more like bite marks.

Industrial piercing

If you want a piercing that truly stands out, consider getting an industrial piercing. The bar going from one point of the top side of your ear to the other side looks tough. Although this piercing is trending, it requires piercing two holes in one sitting, so it might not be for everyone. Plus, you want to consider comfort when it comes to having a bar that stretches along the top of your lobe. Otherwise, though, an industrial piercing is an excellent option if you're looking for a fun twist on a classic earring. 

Double nostril

Technically, you could also call this one a spider bite, but it really depends on what type of rings you're putting in those holes. Plus, a double nose piercing doesn't have to mean both piercings are in the same nostril — you could get one piercing in each nostril. Whether you want one piece of jewelry on each side or two on one side, this is a trend you'll want to check out because it not only looks great with matching nose rings but also with combos like the one above.

Orbital piercing

An orbital piercing also requires two holes — hence why it's so on-trend for fall 2023 — so that your earring can "orbit" through your ear. Instead of a classic barbell earring, though, like with the industrial piercing, what connects the two holes is a hoop earring. This piercing looks cool and works great with a constellation auricle look. If you want a piercing that is sure to get people talking, this is the one that should be at the top of your list.

Tongue piercing

Another '90s piercing coming back into style is the fun and crazy tongue piercing. You can expect a swollen tongue when you get this one done, but most folks with one will tell you it's worth it. While there are some behind-closed-doors activities that make tongue piercings taboo, they also add a fun look to anyone who likes to stick their tongue out a lot.

Medusa piercing

The Medusa piercing is back in piercing fashion favor for 2023. Medusa is a mythological being with a bad rap — she supposedly turned men into stone with one look. Perhaps this piercing gets its name from the fact that it makes the wearer look like they have a rough exterior. While Medusa is a fun name for a lip piercing, according to piercer Johnny Pearce, it "does have a specific title: The Philtrum, named after the anatomical area of the piercing location" (via Byrdie).

Rook piercing

The painful and unique piercing you didn't know you wanted: The rook is one of those piercings that most people haven't even heard of and is placed right in the cartilage at the fold in the ear. Speaking of pain, if you have a low tolerance for pain, this may not be the right one to try out. Healing time is also lengthier for this type of piercing. Even so, it's a great place for unique hoops that you want to stand out.

Daith piercing

The trendy daith piercing is similar to rook piercings — they're right next to each other, and both may require some time for healing. Both also depend highly on the anatomy of your ear and whether or not they will work for you. Some sources claim that daith piercings can help relieve headache pain, but there is a lack of evidence to support that claim (via WebMD). Nevertheless, the piercing can offer a fun alternative to your standard cartilage piercing.

Tragus piercing

Tragus came into popularity not too long ago and doesn't appear to be going out of style any time soon. As Johnny Pearce told Allure, "The tragus, like all other parts of the human anatomy, will vary in size and shape on every individual." Because of this, you may be limited in the type of earrings you can wear based on your anatomy, but if you have the space for the piercing, it's sure to look stunning. The best part? It usually doesn't hurt any more than any other cartilage piercing, making it a great candidate for those with a lower pain tolerance. 

Forward helix

Thinking about a helix piercing? Forward is the way to go — named this because the piercing faces forward, so to speak. What's even more exciting about this piercing is that you can get multiples done, whether you want two or three. Located above the tragus, this is another opportunity for earring stacks, and constellation auricle looks, too.

Septum ring

Here is another trendy nose piercing you can get done that is a fun twist on the classic nostril piercing. Some may think this look resembles cattle rings bulls have in their noses, but we think it's a great way to show off your unique sense of style. While this looks like an easy-to-do piercing, don't try this at home. If you pierce through the cartilage, you could have some issues.

Asymmetrical stack

And, if you want multiple piercings, getting an asymmetrical stack is one of the popular ways of getting a trendy look. We love this example, with three small studs along the earlobe, but there's a little something cooler going on with the conch, daith, and tragus piercings all in a row as well. Using matching earrings, like the studs and hoops pictured (all the same color and material), also adds to the clean, asymmetrical look of these piercings.

Constellation piercings

Love the stars and astrology? Like the idea of an asymmetrical stack, but looking for something a little less uniform? Here's the piercing trend for you. Constellation piercings, also called cluster piercings, resemble a star constellation in the sky and allow you to play around with different earrings for a unique look. As piercer Nicole Mitchell told Byrdie, "They can mimic actual true-to-life constellations or shooting star-style formations, or also simply have a dazzling, yet minimal and somewhat understated pattern and effect."

Single lobe piercing

If you want one simple hole in each ear, you'll be happy to know that, like a lot of fall 2023 trends (ahem, quiet luxury), simple is trending. Plus, you can play around with all sorts of earrings, from dangles to hoops and even simple studs. While some may think a single hole in both ears is boring, we think there is so much you can do with it — and it's great for those who fear the pain of too many piercings.