Pooling Denim Is Trending - Our Tips For Pulling Off The Look For Fall 2023

When rocking denim during the fall season, countless options can help deliver your intended look. Cropped jeans work well for petite heights and are more tailored. Baggy jeans give a more laid-back, casual vibe no matter the occasion. While both options are classic twists on basic denim, one style trending for fall 2023 gives your bottoms extra length. Pooling denim, or jeans that almost completely cover the shoe, is a unique denim trend that has plenty of benefits, even if you're not keen on dragging your pants around.

Pooling denim allows you to wear any shoe you want. Especially during the fall, when most would love to wear their cozy boots all the time, pooling denim covers them up, so you can be comfy all day, and no one will know what's underneath. Even petite heights can join in the fun with a pooling denim piece. Instead of wearing flats or sneakers, opt for a heeled boot or shoe that gives you added height. The visual appearance of a longer leg helps give the illusion of a taller stature.

To pull off pooling jeans, though, you must be strategic with your styling to ensure they look chic and high-fashion all season.

Keep it casual

There are many ways to dress up your denim, but there's a street-style aspect to keeping your ensemble casual. Pair pooling denim with a graphic tee and jacket for a simple look you'll gravitate toward in the fall. Keep the laid-back vibe by adding a pair of sneakers and hair accessory.

Add a feminine touch

It's undeniable that oversized denim pieces have a masculine touch. Between the baggy fit and rigidness of the fabric, pooling denim is edgy. For some contrast, pair your jeans with a softer, feminine top that'll counteract the natural edginess of the pants. Corset tops or floral prints are an excellent place to start if you want the best of both styles.

Stick with basics

Not every outfit needs to be complicated or consist of many pieces. Sometimes, the most chic looks are ones that are simple and sleek. Since pooling denim has large volume and fabric, style your jeans with a basic tank top or simple shirt. Throw on a denim jacket or plain fitted sweater for extra warmth during chilly weather.

Add a matching maxi coat

Finding the right outerwear piece can be challenging when pairing it with extra-long jeans. You never want a piece that'll hit the wrong place on your body, as this can shorten your stature and make you appear shorter than you are. To combat this, pair your pooled denim with maxi coats that match your jeans and look cohesive without cutting off your figure.

Dress up your denim

If you want to get a sophisticated denim look, pair a dressier item with oversized jeans. A fitted blazer or cardigan can balance the baggy jeans but also look polished. The blazer-and-jeans combination is a classic way to make any look chic, but opt for a fitted piece that won't overwhelm your figure.

Go for tailored puddle jeans

Pooling denim pieces are primarily baggy, oversized, and casual. However, getting this same look with a more polished pair of jeans is possible. Opt for tailored jeans with the same extra-long length. Using fashion tape, cuff the hem so it still covers your shoe but features this polished detail.