Try A Naked Smoky Eye For A Simple Yet Sculpted Look

A smoky eye is an absolute staple in every makeup wearer's repertoire. Oftentimes, the look is brought out for formal and semi-formal events, thanks to its dramatic effect. However, a new version of the classic technique has recently appeared on the TikTok scene. Creators like @Karlacelis_ have posted videos showing off their simple brown-based "naked" smoky eye, which offers the same enhanced structure as a traditional smoky eye, but without the heavier application and dark, elaborate color palette. 

The naked smoky eye trend skips the heavy-handed eyeliner, the intense inner corner and browbone highlight, and the quadruple eyeshadow shades. Instead, it consists of a simple swipe of one or two brown-based eyeshadow shades, which are blended into the crease and below the lower lash line. The result is a clean, sculpted look that naturally highlights your bone structure without all the extra product — and time. If you've been searching for a simpler version of a dramatic eye look, the naked smoky eye is for you. 

Smoky bronze

Unlike the latte makeup trend, a naked smoky eye tends to feature a shimmer-free shade or two of matte brown or taupe. However, that doesn't mean that the rest of your face can't shine like a bronzed goddess. Opt for a warmer brown eyeshadow shade to match the tones of your bronzer and tie the look together. 

Pop of shimmer

If you're looking to combine a naked eye with the more luminescent look of the latte makeup trend for the best of both worlds, try swiping a matte medium brown shade across your lid and crease. Then, apply a shimmery medium brown shade to your lower lash line and blend out. 

Smoky glow

If you're looking to achieve a natural naked smoky eye with a hint of glam and glow, opting for a clever combination of harmonious warm and cool tones can work wonders. Go with a warm brown on your lids, crease, and lower lash line. Then, add a cool nude pink lip.

Extra toasty

You can tone down your typical smoky eye without removing all the drama. If you're not quite ready to go full-on natural, try a darker medium brown eyeshadow across your lid and crease with a brown/black shade swept across your upper and lower lash lines. The result is a perfect compromise between naked and full glam. 

Smoky nude

Even if you're in love with the clean girl aesthetic, you can still get in on the naked smoky eye trend. Select an eyeshadow shade that's just one shade darker than your skin tone and apply it from your crease to your lower lash line. Blend and add a subtle bit of tightlining around your eyes for the ultimate in a clean smoky look. 

Brown haze

You don't necessarily have to ditch your eyeliner to pull off a naked smoky eye. Stick to one simple brown eyeshadow shade that's no more than a couple of shades darker than your skin tone. Blend it into the crease and below the lower lash line, then apply your liner and mascara as usual.