The 3 Types Of Scorpio Sun And The Differences Between Them

Scorpios have developed a reputation as the mysterious, secretive, and sometimes temperamental sign of the zodiac wheel. If you've ever found yourself close to one, you've likely experienced their intensity and loyalty firsthand. These scorpions may act suspicious and obsessive at times, but they're devoted to and protective of their loved ones like no other. They often have a fascination with taboo subjects and the capacity to delve into the depths of the human psyche without passing judgment. "Scorpios long to investigate the undercurrents of humanity, mainly those who are often misunderstood such as criminals and outcasts," Lumi Pelinku, astrologer and spiritual coach, told Well+Good. "They even mold into the darker shades of personality hence their well-known dark humor ... Scorpios see and accept the multifaceted hues of humanity."


If you don't identify with the archetype of this powerful zodiac sign as a Scorpio, then your Mercury placement may offer an explanation. Mercury will always have a position within 28 degrees of the sun, which means that its placement will fall in either Libra, Scorpio, or Sagitarruius for Scorpio suns. Known as the planet of communication, Mercury governs how we interact with the outside world and express ourselves, accounting for the key differences among the three sub-types.

Scorpio with Mercury in Libra

Not one to ruffle feathers, this placement seeks harmony above all else. A Scorpio sun with Mercury in Libra cares deeply about integrity and sees the world through a lens of fairness. Strong communicators, they also have an elegant grace about them. "Their minds are often more naturally tranquil. They are peacemakers and make excellent negotiators and diplomats," astrologer and holistic psychiatrist Kayse Budd, M.D. told mindbodygreen.


Mercury in Libra also knows how to amp up the charm and will always seek to understand another's perspective with an open mind and loving attitude. Charismatic and easy to get along with, those with Mercury in Libra are popular, and with the sun in Scorpio, you can expect a very magnetic individual. Scorpios may not typically be known for their openness, but this Mercury placement brings light to their innate air of mystery and makes for a dynamic individual.

Scorpio with Mercury in Scorpio

This placement has the gift of focused obsession, which may sound intense – and it kind of is – but it can be a great tool when it comes to productivity. If there's an unsolved mystery within your friend circle or at work and you need someone to dive into the depths with their magnifying glass, a Scorpio sun with a Scorpio Mercury is the perfect candidate. This placement is highly spiritual and intuitive and may struggle with boundaries at times, so it would be beneficial for these Scorpios to have a trusted confidant like a counselor to talk through the inner workings of their psyches with – instead of accidentally spilling tender information to an acquaintance or colleague.


Mercury in Scorpio can't help but imagine how they would feel if they were in another's position but may have difficulty extending that same compassion to themselves and their struggles. This placement may pry without really meaning to, looking for confirmation of a hidden truth they've picked up on. They have a sharp sixth sense and can take the temperature of a room or a situation within seconds and sometimes can't help but point out the less-than-flattering details of someone's personality, creating roughness in certain relationships.

Scorpio with Mercury in Sagittarius

A Mercury in Sagittarius essentially translates to the court jester. These individuals are bright and see the world from a bird's-eye view. They're witty, playful, and at times snarky. They learn through doing, and as most Sagittarius placements would indicate, they have a deep need for travel and adventure. They're truthful, blunt, and, well, loud. This can come off as abrasive at times, but their enthusiasm for life simply can't be contained. There's not much these natives love more than a lively debate with another quick thinker, and if the topics of the bizarre and otherworldly are involved, they're all in.


They are indeed aware that they're a bit much for some people, and yet, this doesn't slow them down at all. They came here to fully express themselves, and they gravitate towards others who are here to do the same. At times, their enthusiasm to share their knowledge and opinions can veer into lecture territory, but this isn't their intent. They don't mean to hold their audience captive; they just have a deep need to verbally process their internal landscape.