Romantic, Lingerie-Like Details Are The Fall 2023 Fashion Trend We Can't Get Enough Of

The fall season doesn't have to be all about heavy fabrics like wool or corduroy — and the fall 2023 runways prove it. Many designers are opting to show a softer side with romantic, lingerie-inspired accents and details that are definitely turning up the heat without giving too much away in the process. Better to leave them wanting more, and all that!

This is hardly the first time that lingerie has influenced mainstream fashion. The most famous of such inspired looks is arguably the ultra-chic, typically satin slip dress that defined the "look good but not like you're trying too hard" aesthetic of the 1990s. The supermodels of the day, like Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell, really sparked the trend, and soon, every teen and twenty-something woman had at least one in her closet. 

These days, lingerie elements are best worn balanced so as not to go overboard with the look. "Moderation is the key to mastering the romantic aesthetic," Emilia de Poret, Klarna's fashion director, told Marie Claire. Now for some inspired ways to rock the lingerie-esque look.

Sultry in satin

Satin has long been one of the most sensual of all clothing materials. It's silky, smooth, and, let's face it, reminds us of high-end sheets. Because of all of this tactile goodness, it's no surprise that women instantly feel sexier when they slip on a satin cami or slip dress. To transition your favorite slip dress into fall, balance this luxe material out by layering it with a jacket or coat in a totally different texture, and pair the look with statement boots or heels. Or, layer it atop a plain white tee to add a vintage vibe and a hint of demureness.  

A little bit of lace

Nothing ups the romance factor of an outfit quite like some well-placed lace. The beautiful thing about lace is that while it can be a dominant feature of a garment, it can also be used sparingly along the neckline and cuffs and still elevate a look. Paired with a simple skirt or pants, any lace-adorned top is something to fall in love with.


Is there anything more romantic than a perfectly nestled ruffle? This beloved fashion feature adds dimension and can be ultra-sexy if played correctly. Just make sure to select understated pieces to go with it. For example, a ruffled skirt needs a simple top for balance, and a dress with ruffles on the bodice or sleeves looks best with simple jewelry and accessories because, really, the ruffles are the accessories.

Simple and sheer

One of the best ways to show a little skin without actually baring any is by wearing a sheer piece, either on its own or layered. The latter can create a funky yet still flowy and romantic vibe that's perfect for any outing, from a stroll around the shops to a first-date experience. While rocking sheer is a risqué fashion trend sure to turn heads, just remember to bring a coat along because one thing sheer pieces cannot do is keep you warm.  

Very velvet

Finally, something you and your grandma can both agree on — velvet never goes out of style. Whether it's a bit of velvet accent on a gown or a fully velvet pair of pants or dress, there's no fabric that offers more depth and texture. However you style it, remember that the velvet itself is the statement, and the other details are simply there to complement the look.

Classy corsets

It's frighteningly easy to go overboard when wearing a corset top or dress. Unless you're hitting the club, it's best to class up this extremely lingerie-inspired piece with a black blazer and tailored pants or skirt. Styled correctly, corset fashion can go from the boardroom to the bar with minor adjustments in between.