Tying Your Sweater Around Your Waist Is A Fashion Choice Now - Our Tips To Style The Trend

Not long ago, tying your sweater around your shoulders was the ultimate way to get a quiet luxury touch on your ensembles. While this still holds, another styling trick is replacing this hack. Tying your sweater around your waist is fast-becoming the go-to move of fashionistas worldwide. Even trendsetters like Kendall Jenner have switched to donning a tied sweater around their waist, both with formal and casual looks. 

Although the last time you tied your sweater around your waist as part of a look was most likely in your childhood, this easy-to-do tip will transform your clothes into a chic, laid-back outfit that gives off-duty-model vibes. Whether it's a practical hack to help you avoid having to hold your sweater in your hands on a warm day, or you just want to add another texture to your 'fit, tying your sweater around your waist is an easy, budget-friendly way of upgrading your closet.

A practical belt

We all know that oversized outfits are back on trend. However, for those worried about getting swallowed by excess fabric, you can solve this by adding a belt. But instead of adding just any belt, opting for a tied sweater can be the perfect street-style piece. A slim sweater tied around the waist will cinch in your dress or shirt and give you an extra piece to show off.

Matching pieces

While opting for simple pieces is one way to avoid a clashing outfit, it can sometimes leave your ensemble looking stale. Add some texture to your 'fit by opting for a sweater around your waist in a matching hue to your top. The tied sweater adds to the visual appearance and makes you look more dimensional without distracting too much from your outfit.

Mix of textures

A layered look with multiple fabrics and materials creates a more interesting style. Using a tied sweater of a different material gives you a more complex and exciting look since there are various pieces involved. If you wear a thicker material on your top and bottom, tie a thinner sweater around your waist to add some softness. Apply vice versa to add a thick material that breaks up your outfit.

Pop of color

Monochrome looks are fun and an easy way to create a luxurious outfit. However, even these elegant looks sometimes require something else to make a high-fashion moment. Add a tied sweater of a different shade to take your look to the next level. If you're rocking a neutral hue, use this to inject the season's trending color. Whether or not you're rocking a monochrome ensemble, adding this splash can make your look more vibrant. 

A surprising detail

The best part of these fashion tricks is using them to create an unusual high-fashion look. To achieve your haute couture moment, use your tied sweater with an unexpected outfit. Pair a knit sweater on your waist with a formal two-piece suit for something out-of-the-box that'll give you a runway vibe. Add even more flair by opting for a printed sweater with an elegant 'fit for more of a surprising accent.