Here's Which Disney Princess You Are, According To Your Zodiac Sign

Disney Princesses and zodiac signs align much more than you might think, so we did a deep dive into each Disney film — new and old alike — to find the perfect princess-zodiac sign pairs. Some were easier to establish than others, but we went by matching traits as well as how each princess found her happiness. 


Every Disney Princess goes through some kind of struggle, whether it be trying to defeat some sort of curse or an evil witch who hates her. As humans, we, too, have battles we must face, and our zodiac signs can sometimes offer us insight into what path we should take for the most success or the best outcome. This is the logic we applied to Disney's lineup of aspirational heroes.

There's just one caveat: Though they're royalty by every definition of the word, Anna and Elsa from Disney's "Frozen" are not in the behemoth's official Disney Princess lineup, so you won't be seeing either of them on our list. That said, here are 12 Disney Princesses and the signs we think they best embody. Don't worry: We explain exactly why they pair so perfectly together — at least to us — so you won't have to kiss any frogs to find out which princess you might most relate to astrologically (and we don't suggest that anyway after what happened to Tiana). 


Leo is Rapunzel

Leo is all about looking good and feeling confident, and just look at Rapunzel's locks — any Leo would be proud to have a long, luscious mane like that. In fact, speaking on this sign's traits, Bri Luna, founder of TheHoodwitch, told InStyle, "Leos believe they're the center of attention and they usually are." Stuck up in that tower, Rapunzel surely got the attention of the witch who locked her up there from a young age. In fact, she received so much attention that the old woman was sure to make it so only she could get to Rapunzel — or so she thought. Once Rapunzel convinced Flynn to rescue her, she quickly gained his affection. 


As astrologer Erin River Sunday told Women's Health, "They're not afraid to be the pursuer (in fact, they prefer it)," which is one sign of their bravery and boldness. You can definitely see Rapunzel's boldness in this fairy tale. "Look at those fireworks. They are as if they are for me," Rapunzel said when she finally discovered what the lights in the sky were for after getting free from her tower. Those are definitely the words of a Leo if we've ever heard any. Yes, Rapunzel, we know the world revolves around you — how could you not think it did when the witch made it seem like you were the most important prize and hid you in a tower all alone?

Pisces is Ariel

Pisces is the fish of the zodiac, with its symbol depicting two fish: one dark and one light. Naturally, Ariel is our pick for this sign because she's a mermaid. She also has two sides of her own: one who loves time in the water and another who wants to explore the dry land above and find out what it's like to be human. Pisces can really relate to this duality. As relationship astrologer Anna Kovach said to BestLife, "The irony is that those born under this sign crave close emotional connection, yet they are so sensitive and empathic that they often retreat into their own fantasy world." When they need a break from humanity, they swim away into their own dark — and safe — corners to contemplate life and work on themselves.


If there's another thing that Pisces and Ariel have in common, it's a love for shiny and unusual things. As astrologer Charlotte Kirsten put it to PureWow, "They're constantly chasing the next shiny thing that catches their attention." That statement definitely makes us think of Ariel and her whoseits and whatsits galore. Ultimately, Pisces is the dreamer of the zodiac, and Ariel is a big dreamer. No other Disney Princess famously said, "I don't see how a world that makes such wonderful things could be bad." 

Cancer is Belle

Cancer is one of the most family-oriented zodiac signs, and it's inherently very caring. As astrologer Rachel Lang told Well + Good, "They often are in tune with others' feelings and vibes. Because of this, they tend to be the ones who take care of others, nurture relationships, and feel deeply committed to their family and friends; once a Cancer loves, they don't easily let go." We saw this happen with the Beast. Even though Belle was his captor, she still managed to warm him up and show him that perhaps not all people would shun him for his appearance.


Another aspect of Cancer's love for their family comes out in Belle's connection with her dad. In the beginning of "The Beauty and the Beast," her story hinges on saving her father. After all, she told the Beast, "I asked for the rose. Punish me, not him," which ultimately led to her captivity. Of course, the enchanted items in the home helped Belle immensely, but we think she'd have warmed up to the Beast sooner or later even if they'd not been there to keep her company. That's just the way Cancers are — once they get to know the true you and see something kind, they'll stick around.

Taurus is Merida

In "Brave," Merida wanted to do things that girls simply didn't do in her fictionalized version of Scotland, and her stubborn streak pushed her forward, much like a bull-headed Taurus. (Her status as a Disney Princess despite debuting in a Pixar-produced film is further proof of her perseverance.) She was also grounded and stuck to her guns, undoubtedly making her an earth sign. 


Speaking on Taurus' traits, astrologer Cleo Neptune told Today, "When I think of Taurus, I think about the terrible twos." We've all experienced a 2-year-old who wanted what they wanted and wouldn't stop hollering until they got it. That's that Taurus stubborn streak — they will push on until they get everything they want, and that's not a bad trait to have, honestly. Of course, not everything worked out in Merida's favor, but she kept going — and that's important.

"There are those who say fate is something beyond our command. That destiny is not our own," Merida said in the film. "But I know better. Our fate lives within us. You only have to be brave enough to see it." We think Merida's words are spot on for Taurus; they have the bravery needed to make things happen (pun intended). Merida was also down to earth enough to admit when she made a mistake, and, while this is not a typical Taurus trait, we think that Taurus can at least see the error in their ways and make changes, even if they stay silent about it.


Gemini is Cinderella

Gemini is symbolized by the twins, and who better is there to represent this sign than Cinderella, who essentially lives two lives in her film? Perhaps it's the twin aspect of Gemini that makes them more adaptable in life, but this sign is nevertheless one that can make anything work in their favor. "They find themselves in right-place, right-time situations, because they're light on their feet and really adaptable, and the universe responds well to that," astrologer Colin Bedell told Well + Good


Cinderella surely did a lot of adapting. When she met the prince, Cinderella happened to be in the right place — a place where she belonged, but should not have been due to the unfortunate circumstances of her life. 

As a mutable sign, Gemini is fine with change. In fact, they take it to a whole new level — they can change their minds at the drop of a hat. "What's a royal ball? After all, I suppose it would be frightfully dull, and boring, and completely ... completely wonderful."  Ah, yes, Cinderella — the true sign of a Gemini. In one sentence, she went from one opinion to the completely opposite opinion on royal balls, and it turned out to be the best choice to change her life. So, perhaps Gemini's ability to change their minds at a whim is a good thing (at least sometimes).


Aquarius is Jasmine

Some signs are easier to match to Disney Princesses than others, and Aquarius was a no-brainer. "Aquarius is a fixed sign, which really brings stability, determination, and depth, so these people tend to be extremely intelligent and very much connected—they can easily channel information that exists out in the ether and bring it into reality," astrologer Corina Crysler told Well + Good. It's that determination that made us match these two together. Jasmine didn't like being trapped in the palace she called home, so she found a way to free herself. Jasmine is nothing if not innovative and determined when it comes to changing the status of her life and finding freedom. 


As she says in "Aladdin," "How dare you. All of you. Standing around deciding my future. I am not a prize to be won." An Aquarius to the core, Jasmine wants to live life the way she prefers, including plenty of adventure and choices. As the AstroTwins put it to MindBodyGreen, "Aquarians can be very free-spirited, but they also have a type-A side that comes from the fixity of their chart," adding that they're definitely the type to challenge the way things are "supposed to be." That's Jasmine, alright!

Sagittarius is Pocahontas

Sagittarius is another sign that can easily be described as adventurous. It's that free-spirited side of them — and that fun-loving heart of theirs — that leads them on all sorts of adventures. As astrologer Francesca Oddie put it to Well + Good, "They have vision and are good at seeing the big picture." It's this ability to see what's not there yet and to want to adventure into the world to make their visions a reality that made us choose Pocahontas for this zodiac sign. She was looking for a whole new world to experience — sorry to steal your song, Jasmine! — and she found it by venturing out of the confines of the life she'd lived up until the film started.


What's more, Sagittarians not only have a clear perspective — something Pocahontas is known for — but they're also the travelers of the zodiac. "If you walk the footsteps of a stranger, you'll learn things you never knew you never knew," Pocahontas says in her self-titled film. Her words ring with experiencing new things and not just accepting life as it is. While she may have stumbled a few times, felt naive once or twice, and even second-guessed the path she was taking, she still moved forward with the passion of a fire sign.

Aries is Mulan

While Mulan could easily have been our pick for Gemini (living two lives and all) or Pisces (the duality of the fish), we determined that she's better suited as an Aries. She pretends to be someone else to help save her family and becomes an absolute success in her skills. Fiery Aries is brave and has a great desire to succeed. "They can be a little bit naive because they jump into things head first and the planning is not always there, but they definitely get things done," Cleo Neptune told USA Today.


"Maybe I didn't go for my father. Maybe what I really wanted was to prove I could do things right, so when I looked in the mirror, I'd see someone worthwhile," Mulan says in her film. "But I was wrong. I see nothing." What she did do was go on a whim, which we know is a basic Aries trait. Mulan was successful, but we all have our own inner demons. And as a fire sign, she'd be more likely to pick apart her faults and flaws. As Rachel Lang told Well + Good of this sign, "When you do come to terms with the consequences of your actions, though, you're likely to apologize in a way that's short, sweet, and to the point." There's that — oh, and a saved country — at least!

Capricorn is Tiana

Tiana is one of the hardest-working Disney Princesses — she has an understanding of how work, well, works and what it can do for you if you get out there instead of waiting for things to come to you. We paired her with Capricorn because they're the workhorses of the zodiac. But why do Capriorns work so much? As senior astrologer Narayana Montúfar told Women's Health, "This relationship to the harshest season of the year gives Capricorn an incredible amount of patience and endurance." Those two traits are enough to make someone not mind spending a lot of time at work.


"It serves me right for wishing on stars. The only way to get what you want in this world is through hard work." This statement alone from Tiana sounds like something a Capricorn would say. Of course, how can one enjoy what life has to offer if they're spending too much time working? Well, when she turns into a frog, she spends her time figuring out how to be a human again, which we'll count as a much-needed vacation for any Capricorn. Her story should be seen as a lesson to Capricorns: Take a break every now and then and realize that work isn't always everything.

Libra is Moana

Libra is represented by the scales — by justice and balance. Moana is all about standing up for her people, and she believes they deserve balance in their lives. Speaking about Libra's traits, author Syd Robinson told Today that Libras are "known for their strong moral compass and natural ability to see both sides of every argument," and that "at the end of the day, Libras are charming peacemakers who love love, and love giving love to everyone in their lives." We completely see these traits in Moana, making her the perfect match for this zodiac sign.


"Bonding is not measured by the time you spent together, but by the comfort you find when you realize you have each other." We get it, Moana — it's about a balance between what you're getting and giving, as well as how you're both enjoying and using that time. Libras are "we" people, and the relationships they have with others are important aspects of their lives. Moana did the things she did for the people, not just for herself, which we think makes her a Libra through and through.

Virgo is Aurora

Patient and kind Aurora is a good fit for Virgo. She connects the most with this sign when it comes to her loyalty in love; when she finds the right person, she sticks with him, and that's a definite Virgo trait. Explaining this tendency for Virgos, astrologer Christa Westaway told Bustle, "Since partners can be works-in-progress for them, Virgos don't often abandon their partners to find new ones."


But, like astrologer Stefanie Iris Weiss told Well + Good, "Virgos can get into their head too much, so it can be helpful to try to bring them out of that." Aurora spent a lot of time in her own mind, thinking about the future and how she could break free of her confined life — even though she knew the life she was living was only meant to protect her from evil. "I know you're trying to protect me, but nothing is more important than true love," she famously said. Preach, Aurora, but also live in the present moment a little more — you'll thank us later.

Scorpio is Snow White

Scorpios deal with a lot of jealousy in their lives, and people see them how they want to. This is textbook Snow White, who didn't do anything wrong but whose stepmother was jealous of her beauty. Furthermore, she's kindhearted but misunderstood by those who don't take the time to get to know her. Another similarity between Snow White and Scorpio comes in the form of rising from the dead: Snow White eats the poisoned apple, and Scorpio is symbolized as a phoenix rising from the ashes. On this symbolism, senior astrologer Narayana Montúfar told Women's Health, "We hear about the Phoenix in relation to a Scorpio rising out of the ashes of trauma, negativity, or whatever else that person is going through." 


Snow White definitely went through a lot, but, like the watery Scorpio, she somehow always managed to be caring and let karma take control of those negative situations. We sometimes hear about Scorpio being the type of person to seek revenge, but those are the Scorpios who are still in that Scorpion stage — the ones who aren't ready to fly alone like the eagle or rise from the negativity to be greater and better people. One final, great connection between these two is Scorpio's magnetic personality that people can't help but be attracted to — it's like the dwarves and how they quickly warmed up to Snow White when they found her lounging about in their home.