Our Favorite Ways To Bring The Milk Nails Trend Into Winter 2023

It wasn't long ago that the milk manicure trend was taking over the nail salons and social media feeds. The allure of a dreamy white or neutral hue with a light shimmer dominated our feeds, leading many to seek subtle and quiet luxury nail designs. This minimal nail style is perfect for those who still want a captivating manicure but don't need anything over the top. 

Since the emergence of this trend, plenty of variations have appeared thanks to those looking for more decadent alternatives. We've seen the pastel strawberry milk nails and coconut milk nails take off over summer and fall, and this winter season will offer even more exciting option. 

While there are plenty of typical winter nail trends to look forward to, milk nails give us something soft and delicate to match the dreaminess of the cold weather. If you're looking forward to the holiday season, there are many ways you can turn this subtle nail trend into the perfect manicure for winter, from festive sparkles to snowflake nail art. 

Festive French nails

By far, the most accessible nail design for an elegant vibe is the French manicure. Milky French nails will have the bottom of the nail in a milky color, like light pink or white, while the top has a more festive component. Add whichever color reminds you most of the season, whether it's silver, red, or green. If you want more winter sparkle, give your French tips a shimmery finish. 

Add the accents

With the toned-down nature of the milk nails trend, it's pretty easy to add accents and art to your nails to strike a balance. Because this trend typically involves lighter hues, you'll find that most accents you add on top will pop even more. Add red shimmers for a candy cane design, or rep another one of your favorite holidays. Between gems, nail stickers, and other accents, there are plenty of ways you can use the milk nails trend to showcase your love for the holiday season.

Holiday chrome

Although we've gotten used to seeing the milk nails trend with light colors, there is a space for other shades that best represent the winter season. Hues like silver or blue are perfect for channeling that winter chill without losing the milky vibe. Use these shades instead of your typical milky nail polishes and add a light chrome layer to create that mystical yet understated design.

Winter designs

There are plenty of symbols and nail art that can perfectly represent winter without having to resort to holiday-specific nail designs. Opt for a milk nail base and finely drawn snowflakes for a chilly manicure set. Choose a dark blue for a moodier take or a soft light blue that keeps the dreamy aspect of this trend. You can also opt for a crisp white design over your nude base to keep the subtle aesthetic. 

Winter whites

There's no better hue to represent winter than white. A white milk nail design is perfect for the season as it replicates a snowstorm. Keep your nails elegant and low-key with a milky white tone that'll blend with the season and any outfit you may have in mind. If you're looking for a less obvious winter manicure, this white milky nail design is the perfect option.

Milky sparkles

While we've established that milky nails go along with almost any color or accent you can think of, there's one that it seems to pair with the best. A sparkly crystal gem accent on your milk nails is the ultimate way to highlight them without distracting from the overall design. Add subtle crystal diamantes to your manicure, and you'll get that winter shimmer you usually see in the snow.