Statement Belts Are Trending For 2024 - How To Wear Them Right

Wearing the right accessories is necessary if you want your outfit to go from just okay to high fashion. Whether you're using handbags or dominating jewelry trends, accessories are the must-have piece to complete any look. One accessory set to become the ultimate trend piece for 2024 is the belt. However, not just any belt will do to get the chicest look. To get this trend down, you'll need to bring out your flashiest and boldest belts for a statement piece. 

Even if you're a minimalist, a statement belt can take your looks to the next level. Not only will it help draw attention to your outfit, but it can actually be a practical piece that cinches in your silhouette.

To get a statement belt, look at different ways to make this accessory stand out. Whether that's with unexpected designs (like the ones shown in Mithridate Fall/Winter 2023 collection, per Tagwalk), materials, or colors and prints, there are plenty of ways to make your belt the star of your outfit. Once you've determined your correct belt size, the next step is styling it properly. You'll need to look at your outfit as a whole and understand what role the belt is playing so you can pair other garments accordingly. 

Reach for unexpected materials

If you're looking for a way to sport a statement belt, start by reaching for an unexpected material. While we typically see belts in leather, others like metal or rattan can provide a chic plot twist. Recently, we've witnessed belts in metal and pearls on the runway from brands like Chanel, who use these materials to remix their iconic chain belts. Even a tiny switch in materials is enough to create a high-fashion moment.

Pair it with similar items

Styling your statement belt can be a struggle. While it might be out of your comfort zone, lean into the style of your belt to create a cohesive ensemble. Take it from the Anteprima Fall-Winter 2023 show, which showcased a similar color palette between the belt and overall ensemble for a more put-together look. If your belt contains a statement accent, color, or material, using similar tones and details throughout your look brings it all together.

Style them with simple pieces

Finding what to wear with your statement belt doesn't need to take forever. Opt for basics that will always match your look; stick to simple tees and trousers to let your belt do all the talking. Jonathan Simkhai used this trick for the 2023 Fall Ready-to-Wear collection, allowing the belt to shine independently with simple, tailored pieces underneath (via WWD). Rock blazer dresses or knit two-pieces that will let your statement belt truly take center stage.

Use different shapes and sizes

It wasn't long ago that the corset belt took over from its dainty, thin counterparts. Apart from the fact that these laid-back, Y2K-inspired, oversized belts take up most of the outfit, they usually wrap around, giving you a more dimensional look. Instead of limiting all the glam to the front, these belts create a fashion moment in the back as well. Max Mara showcased how these belts can go over basically anything on the Fall Winter 2023 runway, making it a reliable piece you can hold onto for all of 2024.

Let your belt stand out

The last thing your statement accessory should do is clash with your overall ensemble. Rocking a statement belt in a vibrant hue is a great way to create an Instagram-worthy moment, but remember to opt for a toned-down or neutral outfit to let your belt's color shine. During the Helmut Lang Spring/Summer 2024 show, we saw how Peter Do uses colorful ribbon belts to contrast strongly against neutral tailored pieces, letting the color stand out.

Stray from typical belt designs

There's nothing more avant-garde than a belt that doesn't actually look like a belt. We've seen brands like Hermès recently showcase attractive yet unexpected belt designs, such as a padlock boasting leather and metal details, to really turn heads. These exciting forms will create a buzz and make your outfits look chic. You can add even more interest to the look by pairing your a-typical belt with garments that wouldn't normally call for a belt at all, like a blazer.