35 Tiffany Blue Nail Ideas For A Classy, Expensive-Looking Manicure

Thanks to a certain New York City-born jewelry company that's been around since 1837, Tiffany blue is a color that will always be beloved. That company is none other than Tiffany & Co., of course. To this day, they sell luxurious necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings, watches, brooches, and hair accessories — basically anything that sparkles and shines. There's something for everyone with exquisite taste at Tiffany & Co. 

Speaking of exquisite taste, for those looking for a nail color that's classy and expensive-looking, Tiffany blue is the shade to go for. The stunning shade is reminiscent of mermaid fishtail scales and mint-flavored chewing gum. The eccentric color exhibits hues of teal, blue, and green.

As of now, Tiffany blue nails are rising in the ranks of popularity. Beauty lovers who want their nails to make a statement are leaning into this trend since this is the type of color that simply can't be ignored. Calmer and quieter colors like lavender, cream, or gray simply won't stand out as much as a color like Tiffany blue naturally does — and we've got some stunning examples.

Retro swirl

One of the ways to ensure that your Tiffany blue nails look more special than ever is by requesting some retro '70s swirls with your mani. You may want to seek a nail technician skilled in this type of design who will pull this off with the perfect amount of precision. Different shades of Tiffany blue and glitter instantly make these swirls look even more elegant.

With gold glitter

The idea of adding gold glitter to your Tiffany blue nails should be on your radar if you're ready to look like royalty. After all, gold is one of the top colors associated with royalty! You deserve to feel that way whenever you look down at your fingers. Tiffany blue is a gorgeous color on its own, but golden glitter adds something extra special.

Summery blue

One of the best times to rock Tiffany blue as a polish color is during the summer season — but, of course, we wouldn't blame you if you wanted to wear this nail polish color at any time. It heavily represents that universal summer feeling based on its clarity and brightness. Wearing Tiffany blue during colder and gloomier seasons like winter and fall might just perk up your mood.

Terrific teal

Tiffany blue is a nail polish color often compared to teal. Since Tiffany blue is so closely related to teal, you can still get the same luxurious vibe by reaching for a teal polish if you don't have Tiffany blue on hand. Just like with this set, there's something so fun about a nail polish color that stands out in such a significant way.

Go chrome

Wearing regular chrome nail polish or chrome gel puts you on the fast track to standing out in a crowd. The chrome version of Tiffany blue polish looks incredibly futuristic and alien-like. Chrome nails are always exciting to dabble with since the light reflects off of them effortlessly.

Perfectly shiny

The shinier your nails are, the better! Tiffany blue is a nail polish color that provides the most ideal level of shine. Pop on a glossy topcoat, and they will be even more elevated. Even when you're wearing other sparkly accessories such as glittering rings, bracelets, and necklaces, your Tiffany blue nails will still stand out for being impressively shiny.

Blinged out

Tiffany nails will always be special on their own, but they're even more pleasant to look at when they're blinged out with extra gemstones and rhinestones. Some nail lovers prefer to skip out on gemstones since they don't always last very long, but if your nail glue is sturdy enough, these gemstones will stick around.

Floral pattern nails

Floral print Tiffany blue nails are way too beautiful to ignore. Nail technicians who know how to add detailed flower designs on the surfaces of your nails are some of the most talented individuals out there, so if your nail tech can ace this look, hold onto them! Adding just a few flower petals to your Tiffany blue nails will make such a positive difference in your results.

Sharply shaped

Going for an extreme edge nail shape isn't the move for everyone, but there is something super fierce and edgy about requesting sharper tips at the nail salon. Square tip nails and rounded nails are super popular, but sharp nails in a Tiffany blue color are perfect for anyone who wants to showcase their inner fierceness. 

Tiffany blue French tip nails

When you think of a French manicure, you probably think of classic white tips. White French tip nails have been popular for years as a common customer request inside nail salons. If you want to abandon tradition and take your French manicure to the next level, opt for Tiffany blue tips. 

Checkered blue nails

Those willing to experiment with different patterns on their nails can have a lot of fun with design choices. Checkered patterns will always be beloved since they instantly remind most people of outdoor picnics on warm afternoons. Painting a Tiffany blue checkered pattern on your nails is a lovely way to remind yourself of that simplicity.

Dipped in sugar

It will look like your Tiffany blue nails are covered in sugar if the glitter painted on top is sizable enough. Tiffany blue nails, with the appearance that they've been dipped in raw sugar granules, will look both beautiful and sweet. These nails obviously won't taste like sugar, but the visual is enough!

Classy almond

Almond-shaped nails are another common request at nail salons for the realism they provide. When your nails are almond-shaped, they look a little more natural and believable. With a touch of sparkle on the tips, you'll ensure that you look as classy as ever when other people notice your fingers.

Cute and creepy

You don't have to be celebrating Halloween to enjoy some super cute and creepy nails in a shade of Tiffany blue. Nails that represent ghostly entities can work during any month of the year based on your vibe. True crime lovers, horror movie fanatics, and anyone who appreciates the creepier things in life are welcome to rock nails with ghostly symbolism.

Wavy pattern

Wavy patterns tend to be visually pleasing when it comes to beauty and fashion. The same rule applies regarding your nail designs. Wavy nail art that utilizes a color like Tiffany blue will always be gorgeous to look at. Plus, your nail technician can get creative when it comes to where the swirls start and stop on each of your nails if you aren't too sure.


You know you're ready for a vacation when your nails are totally on point. These Tiffany blue nails are the true definition of being ready for a relaxing vacation away from the hustle and bustle of reality. The pointer finger and ring finger are both covered in solid blue, while the thumb, middle finger, and pinky fingers are only halfway painted for additional flair.

Half polish nails

It's fun to rock nails that aren't all perfectly matching. Banish boring nails with a mismatched mani by going for this Tiffany blue set, which includes diagonally painted nails on the pointer and middle finger. Even though the other three fingers are painted solidly, these nails are far from boring or basic.

Baby blue nails

Baby blue Tiffany nails are all the rage if you're hoping to hop onto the bandwagon with this trend. There are multiple shades of Tiffany blue to work with, but the lighter end of the spectrum is girly and feminine in all the best ways. This set of Tiffany blue nails in a lighter shade has such a delicate vibe to it.

Half blue, half pink

You can never go wrong with Tiffany blue colored nails. By the same token, it's also pretty tough to go wrong with baby pink-colored nails. Combine the two and go half-and-half with Tiffany blue and baby pink! These two colors pair well together for baby showers and gender reveal parties.

One-off nail

As previously mentioned, there's always something very cool about making sure at least one or two of the nails on your hands are painted differently. When there's one nail that looks visually different from the rest, it serves as a true conversation starter. Couple that with a color like Tiffany blue, and it's a win!


Nails that resemble the appearance of a thunderstorm are beyond impressive to see. When lightning strikes down on earth amid thunderclouds, it causes streaks of bright whiteness to flash through the area. These Tiffany blue nails are covered in streaks of white that look just like those thunderstorm flashes.

Teal + chrome swirl

When opting for Tiffany blue nails, a color like teal is part of the deal in most cases. Blending teal nail polish with silvery chrome splotches is a great way to show a more creative side when it comes to your nail art. Lovely swirls of teal and chrome are equally fabulous and futuristic.

Classic medium-length

Some people adore incredibly long and detailed nails, while others prefer their nails to remain short and simple. There's also a middle ground to consider, though. This set of Tiffany blue nails is medium-length, which means there is nothing distracting anyone from truly observing the beauty of such a vibrant color.

Holiday blue

Whether you're in the middle of celebrating a holiday season or not, Tiffany blue nails that resemble holiday vibes are fun to play around with. This particular set of Tiffany blue nails is covered in snowflakes, so it's perfect for the entire winter season. 

Plain and simple

Describing something as "plain" doesn't take away from how pretty it is! Nails that classify as plain will always get the job done if you're hoping to come across as well-put-together, chic, and classy. This set of Tiffany blue nails fits the mold in terms of being both plain and pretty.

Shortest of them all

Tiffany blue nails — without much length to them at all — deserve their time to shine. They give anyone looking at your hands the chance to truly acknowledge the gorgeous color. This set of Tiffany blue nails is super short, which means there likely wasn't any acrylic powder or tips added on. Genuinely focusing on the Tiffany blue nail polish color is the goal with these nails.

Tiffany blue and white

Plenty of people who rock Tiffany blue nails make sure every single nail is covered in an equal amount of polish. This set, in particular, has a streak of white polish on the middle and ring fingers for extra flair. The center of the middle and ring fingers is totally clear as well. Mixing and matching the appearance of your nails is a creative way to showcase your style.

Eccentric and loud

It's time to get super eccentric! Tiffany blue comes in different shades, and one of those shades happens to be neon. An eccentric teal shade of Tiffany blue for your nails is a wonderful way to make sure your hands are conversation starters when you're socializing with new people. There's no way others won't compliment you on your nails when they look like this!

Tied together with a bow

Decking your nails out with different gems, crystals, and rhinestones is a sparkling way to complete your glamorous look. Another decal that can potentially be glued to your nails would be miniature bows. This set of Tiffany blue nails has a  white bow glued to the ring finger. It resembles an unopened gift during the holiday season — or a classic Tiffany & Co. jewelry box. 

Just a few gemstones

Are you the type of person who doesn't want to go all out with crystals and gemstones when you get your nails done but want a little extra somethin'? A set of Tiffany blue nails with just a small handful of crystals is still a great way to showcase just how sophisticated and elegant you are.

Switch it up

Switching it up with your nails is easy to do if you're willing to get a tad bit creative. Who says you need to have Tiffany blue cover the entire nail? This set includes a stunning nude shade with a Tiffany blue stripe going down the center of each nail. It's simple, chic, and so expensive looking.

Cow print

Animal prints are the new neutrals. Whether you're opting for a zebra print, cheetah print, or something else, animal print remains an important factor in the beauty and fashion world. Even when it temporarily goes out of style, it always comes back around in terms of likability. This set of Tiffany blue nails includes a split nail with cow print nail art.

Mermaid blue

Whenever you've laid eyes on a mermaid in a movie or TV show, the scales on their fishtails are usually a shiny shade of teal. Keep that in mind as you think about this set of Tiffany nails! The color of these nails is reminiscent of a mermaid's fishtail scales with an ample amount of shine, whatever the light reflects off the surfaces.

Mint gum

This Tiffany blue set of nails is close enough to a shade of minty blue to easily remind just about anyone of a pack of mint-flavored gum. Be reminded of the simple pleasures in life — like chewing a fresh piece of gum — whenever you glance down at your hands. Opt for a matte topcoat for that extra oomph. 

Holographic Tiffany blue

Holographic nails will always be dazzling and eye-catching. For those looking to embrace your inner mirrorball with high-shine nails, you'll want to request a holographic mani ASAP. These Tiffany blue nails are holographic in a way that shows off a dazzling shimmer of pink. And, of course, your nails don't have to be this long to get in on the trend!