The Fragrance You Should Wear Based On Your Zodiac Sign

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When it comes to fragrances, there are many to choose from. From top notes to base notes and the heart notes in between, there is something to be said about picking just the right scent for an occasion. Here, we're looking at the different signs of the zodiac and which fragrances would best suit each one. To make this choice, we looked at the elements of each sign, as well as their various traits. For the fragrances themselves, we looked at some of the scent layers to see what fit best with each sign.


Think of it this way: Earth signs are likely to be complemented by earthy scents, water signs will most often enjoy watery and clean scents, air signs could be best suited to light scents (though not always), and fire signs will find comfort in spicy scents and stronger scents (at least sometimes). But that's just based on the elements each sign is represented by. Let's look at our chosen fragrance notes for each zodiac sign, why exactly we chose them, and our recommendation for an excellent fragrance to try out.

Watery scents for Pisces

The final watery sign of the zodiac encompasses a little bit of each sign, but because Pisces are represented by the fish, watery scents feel right for them. As astrologer Rachel Lang pointed out to Well + Good, "They are gracefully resilient and adaptable." Astrologer Emily Newman added, "Because of their sensitivity, they are prone to overreacting or becoming overwhelmed in emotionally charged circumstances." It is because of this sign's sensitivity and emotional connections that we think a watery scent is perfect for them. It will help calm the fish and offer a feeling of grounding for them.  


Of course, when it comes to fragrances, nothing is more watery than Cool Water — it's right in the name! Cool Water comes in men's and women's fragrances. For the women's scent, you get some fruity notes of melon, berries, and pineapple mixed with a woodsy scent and lily of the valley florals, which is a very relaxing smell. For the men's scent, lavender and mint are mixed with base notes of amber. Amazon gives DAVIDOFF Cool Water for Women 4.7 stars, with reviewers writing comments like, "The smell of this perfume is amazing! It has a fresh, clean scent that is not overtly floral" and "Very refreshing and light." The men's has the same star rating.

Dark and watery for Scorpio

Scorpios are considered to be one of the dark signs of the zodiac because they're often seen as being aloof and mysterious. As astrologer Lumi Pelinku told Well + Good, "Scorpios long to investigate the undercurrents of humanity, mainly those who are often misunderstood such as criminals and outcasts." Pelinku added, "They even mold into the darker shades of personality hence their well-known dark humor." It is because of that dark side and Scorpio's element of water that we determined a dark and watery fragrance would be the best choice for this zodiac sign. 


Dark Ride offers a fun and spooky choice that fits those elements. The description of this perfume on their website is the best, but we think the notes they mention — from chlorine to theatrical fog — scream Scorpio. That drop of ozone is sure to make you think of the first hints of rain in the air, and the slightly burnt smell of pyrotechnics will make you feel like you're at your favorite rock concert, right in the front row. It's a wild ride of a fragrance, but reviewers have given it a total of 4.73 stars, saying, "100% smells like the real deal," and "I adore the sniff, it is the Pirates of the Caribbean ride hands down."

Calming scents for Cancer

Cancer people are extremely family-oriented, but being a water sign, they are full of all sorts of emotions. As The AstroTwins told mbgmindfulness about water signs in general, "Like water, they can be refreshing, or they can drown you in their depths." When speaking specifically of Cancer folks, astrologer Linda Joyce told Women's Health, "The mind does not have access to the power of the emotions and therefore it mistrusts them." It's that energy flux that makes a calming scent best for this sign — something smooth and not too overpowering. It should give them some nurturing right back and calm the waves of emotion when they creep in. 


Rosie Perfume Oil comes to mind for Cancer -– a light scent that is reported to be very calming to users. The notes include rose, nude musk, and vanilla. Aromatherapist Jennie Pinkhart told Get The Gloss, "Among aromatherapists, we know rose can be a wonderful support for people experiencing depression and studies have proven its efficacy to help calm anxiety." And lavender, as Dr. Hafiz Abdul Majid explained to Real Simple, wakes the brain up, saying, "The smell affects mood, productivity, and mental illness by providing a calm sensation to the brain." Rosie Perfume Oil has a 4-star rating at Sephora, with reviews like, "This is the most heavenly, soft, sexy fragrance I have ever worn!"

Spring florals for Taurus

When most people think of Taurus, they think of the bull — someone who is stubborn and sticks to their own thing. However, that's just one trait of this sign. When describing Taurus to Well + Good, astrologist Courtney O'Reilly said, "Taurus is the sign traditionally linked with the middle of spring, when the Earth is in full bloom and lush, and so for Taurus, getting out in nature is important." This is why we decided that a spring floral scent is an excellent option for Taureans — an earthy scent that will take them back to spring no matter what time of year it is. 


When it came to looking for the perfect fragrance, L'Eau Rêvée d'Alma Eau de Toilette from Sisley Paris stood out. Described as having a marine citrus scent, it's obvious this fragrance is refreshing — much like the crisp, fresh spring air. Top notes are herby, middle notes are floral (iris, jasmine, cyclamen, and rose), and base notes are woodsy and earthy, just like this sign. While this fragrance may only have 3.3 stars on Scentbird, those who love it say, "opens up beautifully, just need to give it time — now this is my go to scent" and "lovely floral with great cardamom touch."

Dynamic scents for Capricorn

The workaholics of the zodiac are extremely motivated. As humanistic astrologer Jessica Lanyadoo explained to Women's Health, "[Capricorn] is an active and dynamic sign that really wants to make things happen on a material level." Because they are energetic, we think they need a dynamic scent. And, the dynamic scent that really describes Capricorn's love of work and success is leather.


Amouage has a highly-rated fragrance called Opus VII Reckless Leather Eau de Parfum. It is a lively scent laced with leather that makes us think of workaholic Capricorn. It's also woodsy, making it excellent for the earth sign. Some of the top notes include pink pepper, cardamom, and nutmeg, making it a spicy scent sure to stand out. Agarwood smoke, patchouli, and leather are just a few of the middle notes. In the base notes, the sandalwood truly stands out among some others. One 5-star reviewer wrote, "Well done formula! ... The natural ingredients are really important. I suggest the 'green' notes to be 'fresh' too."

Mossy and earthy for Virgo

Grounded Virgo is pretty much one of the most logical and practical signs of the zodiac. They have a deep connection with the earth, from its healing properties to its ability to keep us alive. Linda Joyce said to Women's Health, "Virgo rules service, purpose, and health" and "It is the sign of responsibility and consequences." All of those responsibilities can add up, so even though Virgo is fairly grounded on their own, they may require some extra grounding and assistance getting back down to earth when things begin to overwhelm them or they've given too much of themselves in service. This is why an earthy, mossy scent is fantastic for this sign. 


"1000" has those grounding mossy notes you're looking for, Virgo. The notes in this lovely fragrance include muguet, osmanthus, violet, jasmine, rose, patchouli, and sandalwood, giving it the smell of a morning walk among moss-covered trees. With five stars on FragranceNet, Jean Patou's "1000" is definitely a hit. Fans note, "Its scent is a wonderful reminder that I deserve something special" and "I cant say enough about this perfume. I first found it in 1990s and rarely use anything else. It never ever disappoints me. I can wear it anytime anywhere and it always fits."

Worldly scents for Sagittarius

Sagittarius is the adventurer of the zodiac, enjoying a life of exploration and freedom. Astrologer Ms. Charlotte told Bustle, "[Sagittarians] are at their best when they throw themselves into the chaos of world travel; unbothered by the dramas, demands, and responsibilities of their small-minded small towns." They're big dreamers who can see the big picture with ease — and they never miss a good tourist attraction when they're on their travels. Because they are the wanderers, we think scents that are from other parts of the world suit them best. 


That's why we chose Nishane's Duftblüten, a fragrance that will make even the most stationary Sag feel like a world traveler. The top notes are magnolia and gardenia, with middle notes of osmanthus and Indonesian patchouli, and incense and oakmoss for heart notes. From conjuring up dreams of visiting a village market in some faraway land to taking a stroll through a beautiful forest in the middle of nowhere, this fragrance seems like an adventure all its own. Reviewers told Fragrantica, "If I need to describe this fragrance with one word, it is impressive. Very very impressive" and "Strange, cool, vegetal fragrance." While it seems this scent isn't for everyone, Sagittarius' sense of adventure makes it worth a try.


Musky and woodsy for Aries

Aries is the first of the three fire signs, but what really makes this sign stand out are its convictions. As astrologer Kyle Thomas told Brides, "Aries are ruled by Mars and are the first zodiac sign on the wheel. This makes them courageous and passionate when planning something they are excited about." It is that passion and fiery desire of theirs that make a musky and woodsy scent perfect for Aries. 


Byredo's De Los Santos Eau de Parfum offers an aromatic scent that is worthy of an Aries. It smells of musk and sage, with all the woody goodness added in. Top notes include clary sage and mirabelle. The middle note of palo santo makes us think of a warm bonfire. At the base is a musk. This fragrance has 4.2 out of 5 stars on Nordstrom. Users wrote, "This sent hugs me. It's so nostalgic and gorgeous. It's like nothing I've smelled before but somehow feels like home" and "Wow, I love this. It smells like a field with different herbs dried out in the sun."

Spicy and intense scents for Leo

Leo is ruled by the sun, and like that big ball in the sky, they enjoy being noticed. When it comes to fashion, Bri Luna, the founder of TheHoodwitch, told InStyle, "They often gravitate towards vibrant and luxurious garments that reflect their confidence they love attention-grabbing outfits that make a statement and showcase their individuality." It is this need to grab attention and their ability to exude confidence that make a bold fragrance an ideal choice for Leo.  


Bistro Waters offers just the right scent for the luxurious lion, with bold peppers in the middle notes, lime and coriander in the top notes, and nutmeg and basil finishing things off. It's definitely an attention-grabbing combo. One reviewer wrote on Fragrantica, "This is a beautiful green pepper, citrus floral, coriander, herbaceous, oakmossy, and almost mentholated fragrance. It's green, fresh, and every so slightly masculine, but I think it would be stunning on anyone." 

Romantic scents for Libra

Libra folks are known to be pretty balanced, which isn't surprising. After all, the scales are used to represent this sign. However, there's something else to be known about this sign. As astrologer Kyle Thomas told Brides, "As the zodiac sign that rules marriage and partnership, Libras are the most romantic of all," adding, "They hunger for romance and relationships." A sign that lives for love and romance deserves a romantic fragrance to help them along.


Romance by Ralph Lauren is just the right fragrance for loving Libra — it's right in the name. All of the notes that stand out in this scent make one think of love, from lilies and other white florals to musk. At 4.6 stars on Sephora, it has reviews like, "This smells fresh and clean as well as sophisticated" and "When I close my eyes and think of spring this pops in my mind. It's a lovely light floral & girly smell that's perfect for everything." And spring is, of course, a time for love!

Fruity mixed with woodsy notes for Gemini

Gemini is known as the twins, and they often get a bad rap for this — from being accused of being two-faced to being so indecisive they struggle to make decisions. C.P., Professional Gemini, told Coveteur, "There are certainly two twins. Twin #1 is an extrovert who loves to gossip. This one might be where the two-faced stereotype comes from, but it's all in good fun. Twin #2 is a self-absorbed nihilist asking themselves 'who even am I in this world?'" We'd like to imagine that those two sides want different scents. With that in mind, they would want something that is a nice blend of two scents that speak to both twins. For the darker twin, a woodsy fragrance is perfect, while a fruity scent enlightens their brighter side. 


Framboise Noire Fragrance is a perfect mix of feminine and masculine that will help balance both sides of Gemini. It mixes floral, fruity, and woodsy scents, with the smell of forest berries and woods, mixed with smooth textures. Highly rated at 4.9 stars, people said, "Oh I LOVE this! Especially the base notes of oud and woods," "An intoxicatingly sexy scent," and "Lovely perfume, very unique and long lasting."

Novelty scents for Aquarius

Aquarius is often confused as a water sign because they are known as the water bearer, when they are, in fact, an air sign. As a communicative sign, Aquarius loves talking about all the new things on the horizon, and they love adventuring into what's coming next — in the world or on the store shelves. As astrologer Rebecca M. Farrar told Bustle, "Aquarius likes novelty and what is new and next, so a partner who can find the next 'big thing' or classic early adopter will keep attention." While this may refer to finding a partner, we think it's a great note on how to find the right fragrance for this sign as well. Plus, The AstroTwins told mbgmindfulness, "Aquarians can be very free-spirited," so they'd want a sent that frees them and offers them something unique to share with the world.


'Replica' Coffee Break Eau de Toilette is just the right fun scent for this sign, and it will give Aquarius a boost of energy for their next get-together with friends or strangers. Key notes include lavender and coffee. It has four stars on Sephora, with reviewers saying, "This is one of my absolute favorite scents. It's super rich and great for a date" and "This perfume is so interesting and unique. It is warm and cozy, but at the same time it's fresh and light."