The Ingenious Hack That'll Help You Nail The Draped Blazer Look

Are you looking for the best ways to style a chic blazer? For fashionistas seeking the perfect balance of elegance, tailoring, and seemingly effortless glamor, it's all about the draped blazer look. Throwing one of these jackets loosely over your shoulders instead of utilizing the sleeves gives the sharp, formal lines of a blazer a surprisingly airy ease. It's no wonder that this blend of formal and casual styling has become a celebrity favorite. For instance, fashion icon Victoria Beckham has not only been known to wear the draped blazer look herself but even showcases it in promo shots for her own fashion line on Instagram.


However, there's one big drawback to the draped blazer silhouette: a lack of stability. Whether caught in a gust of wind, gesticulating too broadly, or reaching up to give someone a hug, it's all too easy for the smooth lining inside most blazers to slide right off your shoulders. But that doesn't mean you have to skip this covetable style. Thanks to an oh-so-easy hack, mastering the draped blazer look may be as easy as repurposing its hanging loops as makeshift anchors.

How to pull off the draped blazer hack

Want to rock a draped blazer without the danger of constantly dropping it on the ground? In a Facebook reel, Trendist shares a simple way to keep your trendy draped blazer in place over a camisole. Start by pulling out one of the hanging loops inside the shoulder seams of your blazer, lining it up with your correct shoulder. Holding the bulk of the jacket out of the way, tie the hanging loop around the corresponding straps of your cami and/or bra, aiming as closely as possible to the peak of your shoulder. Repeat with the other hanging strap, tying it around the straps on your opposite shoulder.


Once you have attached the straps on both sides, your blazer should settle naturally over your shoulders and arms. And now that the inside of the jacket is secured to your undershirt, those knotted straps will hold things in place — even if a sudden movement or stray breeze tries to dislodge the look. Goodbye, instability, hello, style.

When can you use this hack?

We love a good fashion hack, whether trying to keep long sleeves pushed up or a belt flap from dangling. And when it comes to the draped blazer hack, we appreciate that this technique seems simple and straightforward. However, there are one or two obvious limitations to this trick. First and foremost, it's only geared at spaghetti-strap tops without explaining any ways to make the hack work for other popular blazer layering options like T-shirts or button-ups. Secondly, while this strategy will certainly help keep your blazer in place, it'll also make it cumbersome to remove. Anytime you want to slip off your top layer or switch your blazer from a draped look to regular wear, you'll first have to untie those double-knotted hanging loops.


And what if your blazer doesn't have hanging loops to begin with? Perhaps they weren't included in this particular jacket, or maybe you prematurely snipped them out when you first got the blazer home. In either case, it seems that this hack is no longer an option. So, for draped blazer looks that lack hanging loops and the foundation of a strappy camisole, it's back to the drawing board for now.