Spice Up Your Monochromatic Looks By Going Brighter For Winter 2023/2024

Winter fashion is known for its muted hues and warm tones, perfect for keeping cozy and staying under the radar. It's almost as if our sense of style goes into hibernation mode for the winter, hiding out until the more colorful and brighter seasons circle back around. But does it always have to be this way? Always so neat and neutral? The answer is no — your winter closet can shine just as brightly as your spring and summer clothes. And it might even deserve an upgrade to the most vibrant of colors.


Playing with monochromatic outfits is the easiest and most fun way to spice up your winter outfits this year. We've seen it all over the runway since Versace's Fall-Winter 2021 collection — which showcased monochromatic looks complete with matching tights, as modeled by Bella Hadid — and, most importantly, we've seen it on the streets. Selena Gomez, for instance, gave this trend a much-needed revival last year by wearing a monochromatic hot pink look for a "Saturday Night Live" cameo, and we've been obsessed ever since. Monochromatic has never looked brighter.

Electric blues

Some of us are prone to getting the winter blues when it's cold and dreary out. So why not counteract it by wearing more vibrant, electric shades of blue? As much as the color blue has sad connotations, we can't help but think of electric blue as a jolt of happiness that can brighten the darkest of winter days.


Wear a head-to-toe electric blue outfit and tone it down, if necessary, with a neutral coat to keep cozy when you're out and about. Matching knitted co-ords — especially on the short and skimpy side — are perfect for this trend.

Purple on purple

We are no strangers to purples and plums for the winter season, and we know you aren't either. Take this as an opportunity to pull out your favorite pieces in this colorway and pair them all together for the perfect monochromatic look. None of us can pass up a good pop of purple.


Since layering is key to keeping warm, we suggest layering your purples over a neutral base. Keep your inner layers black, white, or beige, and layer purple pants, a sweater or coat, and shoes on top for an insulated purple ensemble that stands out.

Mossy forest green

Of all greens, forest green is the most winter-appropriate; it's dark, moody, and unassuming. But have you thought of pairing your deep winter greens with brighter shades, like moss, lime, or chartreuse? The combination, though still monochromatic, gives dimension to an outfit and makes your style pop spectacularly.


You can do this in many ways, but we suggest keeping most of the outfit a uniform shade of dark green and adding one bright green piece — shoes, jewelry, handbag, or socks, for instance — to stand out among the rest. We promise you'll be the cutest Grinch in town.

Sunshine yellow

Not many people would think to wear yellow during the winter. It's definitely a spring color, but it's much too bright for the cold ... isn't it? This new trend is busting that myth. Bright, sunshiney hues are perfect for the not-so-bright days of winter. In addition to looking cute, wearing yellow can also make you feel happy (via CNN).


A long yellow jacket paired with matching gloves, pants, or knitted headwear (balaclavas, in particular, are making a comeback) is all you need for a monochromatic yellow look. You'll look and feel like you're sunshine personified.

Ruby-red realness

Red is simply unbeatable when it comes to making a monochromatic statement, especially during the winter. If done right, an all-around ruby-red look can embody the season — and not in a Christmas way, we promise.


For a casual approach to all-red, we suggest going for a sweater and scarf combo over leggings or loose pants. Since red is arguably the most intense of bright colors, you're forgiven if you choose to wear one neutral piece (pants or shoes) to keep the look grounded in streetwear casual. Plus, red shoes can tie the look together perfectly.

All the pink

The color pink transcends seasonal color palettes. It can, and should, be worn year-round. So no, don't expect Barbie Pink to be done and dusted just because summer has come and gone. The winter loves a good splash of color, especially a bright-pink one.


A pink monochromatic outfit doesn't need to stick to one shade only. Instead, feel free to get creative with it. Add hot pink details on top of more muted, blushy pink hues, or baby pinks with magentas. Anything to feel pretty in pink. The winter touch? A statement coat of your choosing.