Are Balaclavas Making A Comeback? What To Know About The Hat Trend

When it comes to fashionable hat trends for fall and winter, you might prefer beanies, tend to opt for toques, or adore options that take a contemporary spin on a classic balaclava. A popular type of hat that covers not only your head but also your neck, it can either be pulled up over the bottom of your face or pulled down to expose your nose, mouth, and chin. Thanks to these factors, balaclavas can be the finishing touch to your outfit while keeping you warm at the same time. This is also why they're making a comeback.

"I used to have long hair, and it covered my head AND neck, so just on a practical level, balaclavas have been good for me because they cover both areas at once," content creator Clara Perlmutter told Vogue. On top of keeping you warm no matter what length hair you have, Perlmutter explained, "They're also so versatile. They feel like good character design pieces. Is she a vigilante superhero? Is she a ski enthusiast? Is she — God forbid — a bank robber? I want to keep my options open!"

Although we obviously don't encourage you to start plotting a life of crime, we definitely think you should give this head-topping trend a try. With that in mind, you'll surely be interested to find out how to slay your own chic, edgy, and oh-so-pretty balaclavas.

Black fleece fitted balaclava

You can keep things simple while also being totally stylish with the help of a sleek black balaclava. A relatively neutral option that can work with a wide range of outfits, it's also a timeless tone that can be wonderfully modern. If you need a hat that will also keep you toasty, then you might want to opt for a cozy fleece balaclava. On top of that, you can grab one that's fitted so that it will be able to keep the cold air from getting to you.

Radiantly red loose balaclava

Make your balaclava a highlight of your ensemble by popping on one that's an eye-catching color. For instance, you definitely can't miss this stunning radiantly red shade. That's not to mention the fact that it boasts a soft texture and added details that may make this option simply irresistible. Of course, you might also adore that this version is a little loose which means it won't rub against your face, irritate your neck, or ruin your hairstyle. Beyond that, this option allows you to pull the balaclava up over your face without it being too tight.

Fluffy white cashmere balaclava

Cashmere is a luxurious material that can be used for much more than just sweaters (although we do love a good cashmere sweater). Treat yourself to a balaclava in the enviable fabric and you surely won't regret it. Not only will it feel incredible against your skin but it will look just as good. Just take a peek at the white one seen above that is reminiscent of a gorgeous cloud. As if this variation weren't already totally enviable, it also features strings that let you pull the balaclava tighter around your face if needed.

Multicolor crocheted balaclava

If you love taking on some DIY fun and know how to crochet, then this might be your new favorite project. Although the particular version seen here uses multiple colors of yarn to create a stunning effect, you could make one in any color or opt for fun combinations. You can also ensure that the balaclava is perfectly snug by crocheting one that is your exact size and adding any accents that suit your style. Once you've made one for yourself, don't be surprised if your friends and family members want one as well.

Woven wool balaclava

Living in a place that experiences chilly weather means that you may want to add a few wool items to your winter wardrobe. Thanks to the fact that it's a material that's been used for ages, people have also come up with countless charming ways to incorporate wool into their designs. With one kind of woven pattern featured in the collar and rim of this beautiful balaclava, another weave has been used for the head section that's a wider crisscrossed arrangement. If it reminds you of an Irish Aran sweater, then you're surely not alone.

Balaclava with playful puffy ears

You don't have to be a child to enjoy playful fashion. In fact, you can show off your grown-up silly side by wearing a colorful balaclava that boasts additional ears. There's nothing wrong with human ears, of course, however this quirky item opts for animal-like ears instead. Whether you want ones that look like they belong to a cat, bunny, or moose, you'll surely want ears that are stuffed for that extra adorable touch. Put another twist on it by nabbing a balaclava that has unique alien ears or delightful devil horns.

Green knitted balaclava (or two)

There may not be a heck of a lot of leafy trees or flourishing plants around during the colder time of year, however, you can still bring a touch of summer into your style by incorporating a green balaclava into your ensemble. From a deep forest green to something much lighter or brighter, pretty much any shade would suit a knitted design. Of course, if you absolutely fall in love with your snazzy new balaclava, then you may want to get a matching one for your furry little BFF.