The Winter Beauty Trend To Try Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Whether the weather outside is frightful or not, things are looking warm and luxurious inside with these winter beauty trends. Depending on which sign you are, we've picked out the perfect makeup and accessory ideas for you to lean into this season. "Winter for me personally tends to be a cold and dull time so I like to bring some color into my makeup looks," celebrity makeup artist Alexandra French told Byrdie, and we've made sure to touch on some of those colorful trends. However, some lean into the mild and wintery side of the season as well.


How did we determine which trends are best for which signs? After scoping out the best beauty trends, we did some research on each of the zodiac signs to see which trend would fit perfectly for each. We looked at birthstones, the elements of some of the signs, and even their planetary rulers. Signs that tend to be more outgoing were paired with outgoing looks, and signs that like blending in, well, they were paired with the more subdued looks. So, without further ado, let's see which trend is for you!

Aries requires vibrant reds

When you think of chilly nights and days in the winter months, you may find yourself trying to come up with comfortable ways to get warmer. As psychic Nina Ashby told mbgmindfulness about the color red, "It represents blood; it represents life force passion; its slow-moving molecules create friction, which creates heat, so it represents heat and fire as well." That's all we needed to explain why red is a hot color this winter in both fashion and beauty. Now is the perfect time to start putting red into your beauty routine, Aries, whether it's your lips or your nails, an eye-catching blush, or maybe you want to experiment with some red eyeshadows. 


The astrological power color for Aries is red, showing their connection to their ruling planet Mars. Astrologer Guadalupe Terrones told Reader's Digest, "Power colors help amplify your inherent nature and grant you the confidence to express it more freely." He added that, because of Aries' connection to this color, "... red is the perfect color for Aries, as it represents their ability to react well in high-pressure situations and to enjoy the adrenaline that comes with adventure." Whether you're seeking an adrenaline or dopamine boost this winter, red is the way to go.

Cancer should put on some pearls

Pearls are the way to go this winter, and you don't just have to have them in your wardrobe. Pearls are versatile accessories — they look just as good in your hair as they do on your neck, ears, and even your face. From pearly hair pieces and pearl necklaces to pearlescent makeup, there are all sorts of options to bring a little white sparkle to your life. Even if you live someplace that doesn't get any snow in the winter, you can feel that white glow with a few strategically placed pearls in your beauty and fashion routine.


June has three birthstones, and the pearl is one of them. While both Geminis and Cancers have birthdays in June, we're going with Cancer because they're a water sign -– and pearls come from oysters and mussels –- both found in the water. "They're the first ones to rock runway looks in real life," the Astro Twins told Glamour. Pearls have been back with a vengeance this year. As jewelry brand owner Jin Jungsura told Marie Claire, "They are not only timeless and traditional but also unique and dynamic. Some of the most precious gems have the power to span generations and remain covetable for decades, and pearls fit firmly into that sartorial realm."

Scorpio should embrace gothic glam

"Scorpio is the darkest sign of the zodiac because they are unafraid to explore the dark caverns of the soul — theirs or anyone else's," Sage Goddess' Athena Perrakis told Reader's Digest. Rather than try to hide your dark side, embrace it with some black eyeliner and some deep-colored lips –- purple or deep blood red will do. You can try a soft goth look, which doesn't require very black eyes mixed with dark lips — you can do one or the other, have fun with some lighter smoky shades, or try some lighter colors that edge toward pastel goth. Or, you could try something witchy glam — picking colors for your makeup that feel witchy, like blacks, deep purples, dark blues, and perhaps even some metallic shades that feel magical.


In color psychology, black is often seen as a protective color offering security for those who wear it. This is one of the reasons why black is a color often associated with witches. As for the goth subculture, black fits the darkness and mystery of Scorpio perfectly because that's one of the reasons why goths don this shade. Scorpio is one of the most powerful signs, so added protection can never hurt.

Capricorn looks good in latte

Brown is known as one of Capricorn's power colors — perhaps because they are an earth sign, and when many of us think of earth, we think of dirt, which is brown. Makeup artist Alexandra French told Cosmopolitan, "I have a feeling this food makeup trend — like strawberry girl vibes — will continue, but in darker, cooler tones for winter."  We're here for this winter trend, and we think latte makeup is perfect for busy Capricorn.


But why is latte makeup — the blending of brown shades that make us think of lattes, from pumpkin spice to mocha — the right pick for Cap? "That Cardinal energy is going to make them want to just keep going," astrologer Maria Sofia Marmanides told Well + Good. She added, "It's like, 'Okay, what's next? What can I do next? What other thing can I achieve?'" Even if you're not actually getting caffeine from latte-colored makeup, as one of the hardest-working zodiac signs, we think this trend will give you the boost of confidence that can drive you to success.

Pisces shouldn't forget to sparkle

"Water signs are strongly suited in their intuitive, perceptive skills. While everyone experiences empathy, Pisces is especially known for its desire to extend help to others," astrologer MaKayla McRae told Bustle. They're good at following their instincts and trusting their guts. Their intuitive skills and desire to help are two things that made us pick Pisces for this particular beauty trend — glittery, sparkly, and metallic makeup. Plus, being a water sign, the sparkly makeup shades are sure to feel at home — trust your gut about this one, Pisces — and being someone who loves helping others, an outgoing makeup trend fits well here. Think NYE glitz and glamour, and the shine of disco balls.


While the eyes offer the perfect canvas for shiny eyeshadows that turn heads, don't dismiss other great beauty trends, like glittery or tinsel hair, metallic and glittery lips, and even accent glitter wherever you want to put some. Not only will you stand out, but these glitzy styles have a wet look to them as well, which suits fishy Pisces to a tee.

Leo needs dramatic eyes

Leos are theatrical and love attention. "Most Leos relate to fashion as a means of self-expression and personal empowerment," author Bri Luna told InStyle. The same can be said for their beauty choices. Their love of self-expression and tendency to seek attention make them the best candidates for some eyes that really pop. The trend we're picking for this proud zodiac sign is the dramatic eye, and your inspiration is none other than Priscilla Presley. Married, at one time, to the King of Rock n' Roll, Elvis Presley, Priscilla is used to being in the limelight — a place Leo definitely wants to hang out. They have no problem owning their self-confidence, and this look is empowering.


The dramatic eye trend that's taking over this winter comes directly from people's current obsession with Priscilla Presley's eyes — at least how they looked when she married Mr. Presley. You'll want liquid liner on hand to get that shape and false eyelashes are a must. Play with eyeshadow to make your lashlines look even more pronounced, using a brown under the lower lashes and something white on your upper lid to add brightness and make all the darker colors stand out.

Virgo can handle the thin eyebrow trend

Thin eyebrows are back in -– it's like it's the '90s again. We went from bushy brows right back down to nothing in just a few years. Before you dive right off the deep end, know that your face shape will tell you if this look is going to throw your whole game off balance or make you look absolutely fabulous. People with oval, round, or long faces look best with thin brows, while a square or heart-shaped face looks better with thicker brows. We picked Virgo for this trend because they have a great attention to detail, which is needed for perfectly thin brows. This look isn't the easiest to create, and you want both brows to look the same. As astrologer Stefanie Iris Weiss told Well + Good, "Virgos are very much a sign of extreme intelligence. They have many skills, but sometimes the knowledge can be a bit elusive because they have the tendency to be obsessed with detail."


Here's where that obsession comes in handy, Virgo. To pull off thin brows, be careful not to overpluck because sometimes those hairs don't grow back. Make a definitive plan for the thinness, arch, and shape you want before you dive in. Afraid to go all out and pluck 'em? Use makeup to create the look of thinner brows. Shape your brows, use concealer to cover the hairs you want gone, and use highlighter to make the arch.

Sagittarius finds adventure in the cold girl look

Sagittarius thrives on adventure, so they're not one to shy away from looking unique or spending time in the cold — expect them to be climbing snow-capped mountains or hiking through the woods in snow shoes whenever they can. So of all the zodiac signs, we think that Sagittarius is the best choice to pull off wind-flushed cheeks and a chilly pink nose. As certified astrologer Donna Page said to Women's Health, "You know you're a Sag if, when life starts to implode on you, you go away for the weekend to see someplace you've never been and you come back completely recharged." While adventure is their therapy, even when you're warming up indoors you can still look like you just stepped inside from the winter chill.


To pull off the adventurous look of the cold-girl aesthetic, start with a light and even base — this will make your wind-kissed cheeks stand out more. Your cheeks are one of the key points, and celebrity makeup artist Kasey Spickard told Real Simple, "Sweep it onto the apples of your cheeks, under your eyes, and the bridge of your nose." White highlights add to the chilled look, and a chilly mouth comes from putting your lipstick on the "pucker," then blending outwards.

Taurus luxuriates in vivid gemstone hues

As noted by the Astro Twins to Parade, "Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet of love, luxury, and beauty." That being said, astrologer Courtney O'Reilly said of the sign to Well + Good, "Taureans are easygoing by nature and are quite affable, thanks to Venus — planet of love, affection, and friendship — being their ruling planet." So, while Taurus loves luxury, their down-to-earth (they are an earth sign, after all) spirit makes them love comfort that doesn't always have to be pricey. Well, we found one trend that gives the look of glamour and riches, without the big price tag — gemstone-hued eyeshadow.


From emerald and sapphire to ruby and even pearl, think of shimmery palettes that mimic the colors of any of your favorite gemstones. If you have some gemstone earrings, match your eye look to them for an evening on the town or your next date night. You can also look for shimmery nail polish shades that match your eyeshadow. To get an authentic gemstone look, use a shimmery white or off-white shadow to add some extra sparkle — much like when the light reflects on a piece of gemstone-encrusted jewelry.  

Gemini balances neon and pastel eyes

Neon and pastels — they're both colorful in their own ways, and they're teaming up for one of this winter's wonderful beauty trends. These two spectrums of color are basically opposites — one is bright and outgoing, while the other is subdued and subtle. It is that opposition and contrast that made us pick this trend for Gemini. Mistakenly seen as two-faced, Geminis have a duality about them that makes them feel like two people trapped in one. When discussing Gemini and fashion, the Astro Twins told Glamour, "Let's face it. They match their loud and shameless personalities." Neon is definitely loud, and mixed with pastels, it's sure to catch a glance.


There are so many ways you can combine these shades — from dying your hair to picking the right makeup colors and even painting your nails in both pastels and neons. Opt for pastel and neon shades in the same family, like pastel pink hair and nails combined with neon pink lips and eyes. Or mix colors, like pastel blue hair with neon blue lips and pastel blended neatly with neon green on your eyes. The sky's the limit here, and we trust that Gemini can come up with some stellar looks. 

Aquarius feels eccentric in cat eyes

While you may question why we didn't pick Leo, a big cat, for the cat eyes trend, hear us out. Aquarius is one of those signs that offers more than the eyes can see. As astrologer Natha Campanella told Well + Good, "They're always cutting edge and can be a little bit ahead of the trend because they're change-making and taste-making and breaking up the boring. They're definitely eccentric and have a different way about them." Cat eyes give Aquarius an even bigger chance to be eccentric because there are so many things you can do with this makeup look.


Cat eyes come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. You can go big and bold, light and thin-lined, or create something new. Start with picking the right eyeliner. A fresh liquid liner is the best for smooth lines without tugging your skin. Eye shape also matters. Those with hooded eyes will need to work on making sure their liner doesn't get lost when their eyes are open, so a cat eye that focuses more on the outside of the lid is a better choice. Always start by making a dot where you want your liner winged out to, and then go from there — that's your pattern.

Libra longs for nearly nude makeup

"Ruled by Venus, the planet of balance and harmony, Libra wants to have drama-free relationships," astrologer Rachel Lang told Well + Good. Because they like harmony, peace, and balance, we'd say they like a drama-free life in general ... and what's more drama-free than a nearly nude look?   


The nude look, or no-makeup makeup look (as it's sometimes referred to), isn't as difficult as some may think. And you're actually wearing a full face of makeup, even though it doesn't look like it. Always start with an even canvas, so grab a nice foundation that gives you a little glow, evens things out, and matches your natural skin tone well. A beige eyeshadow will give a nice sunkissed look without making you look made-up. Go light with the eyeliner and don't overdo the mascara, but you also don't want to skip these steps for fuller eyes. Finally, opt for a nude lip color that keeps your smile looking natural. You can add some bronzer instead of blush for a suntanned look, and give yourself a brighter eye area with some well-placed highlighter.