We Tried 5 Nailtopia X Disney Nail Polishes & The Shade Mickey Mouse Was Oh-So Fine

In celebration of Disney's 100th anniversary, Nailtopia released an array of plant-based, chip-free nail lacquers featuring some iconic Disney characters that are sure to stir up some nostalgia. From Mickey Mouse and his friends to Peter Pan and Tinker Bell, Nailtopia's limited-edition nail polishes come in hues that exude the essence of the personalities we know and love from the small and big screens alike. We simply had to get our hands on a few of them — or five.


The Nailtopia x Disney polishes come in both mini and full sizes, retailing for $5 and $10 on the brand's website, respectively. With 18 different shades, the collection has plenty of variety, so chances are there's something for everyone. What's more, these polishes can be used in combination with one another for an even more fun manicure. For instance, you could use Peter Pan and Tinker Bell, which come in complementary hues of green, or Anna and Elsa's polishes (two distinct shades of purple) for a more modern Disney duo. 

Ultimately, after checking out the polish bottles at our local Ulta Beauty, the characters we landed on were Mickey Mouse, Peter Pan, Donald Duck, Tinker Bell, and Pluto, and one definitely stood out among the crowd.


Hot dog! Mickey Mouse is our winner

Starting with the obvious choice to represent Disney's 100th anniversary, we opened Mickey Mouse. At first glance, we thought this was a black nail polish, but after our first brush stroke, it became apparent that Mickey Mouse is actually more of a deep, dark plum, which we found even more delightful. Our next observation was regarding the brush and top handle: The wide brush and sturdy handle were both easy to work with and comfortable. 


The thick formula was jelly-like and smooth, but we gleaned pretty quickly that a second coat of polish would be necessary for the right coverage. Once the first coat dried, we applied a second and were very pleased with the results. The rich, velvety dark plum hue truly stunned, and we can confidently say that Mickey Mouse was our favorite out of the five Nailtopia x Disney nail polishes we tried out — and makes for a particularly satisfying at-home manicure

Peter Pan is a grounded green

Next in our test was Peter Pan, a beautiful mossy olive shade of green almost identical to the iconic Peter Pan getup we'd recognize anywhere. Essentially, this color is aptly named. We found that the formula was quite similar to Mickey Mouse in consistency and made for a smooth application process. The coverage was also similar in that a second coat was necessary to gain full coverage. We patiently waited for the first coat to dry, although we didn't have to wait long — another plus! Then, we applied the second coat, which provided just the results we were hoping for. 


In natural lighting, Peter Pan really popped and appeared brighter than it did indoors or in the bottle. In fact, we'd say the hue was closer to green apple than olive in the sunlight. Overall, the luminous yet earthy hue was just what we would look for were we seeking out the perfect, vibrant green — plus, green is always an "it" nail color, so you can't go wrong with grabbing Peter Pan.

Donald Duck is perfect for summer and winter

Donald Duck is the ideal royal blue both in the bottle and out. At the first brush stroke, we found its consistency to be a lot like Mickey Mouse. Thick, velvety, and smooth. It, too, required an additional coat, but the wait was well worth it. We can say out of the polishes we tried from the Nailtopia x Disney collection, none are one-coat-and-done polishes, but that doesn't mean they aren't worth the investment. You'd just likely want to reach for a different bottle when you're running out the door in a rush and need a quick coat of lacquer.


Ultimately, we appreciated Donald Duck's bold and bright nature. The true blue was eye-catching and seemed perfectly fitting for the beloved Disney character. We'd opt to wear this color in either the summer or winter months, as it could easily work well with either the sea or the snow. Spring and summer might be harder sells for this polish, but with a touch of mani magic, this polish could become a year-round treat.

Tinker Bell is a fever dream in a bottle (in a good way)

Like seafoam with a neon tint, Tinker Bell stood out in our selection thanks to its ocean essence. This illuminated hue of green is certainly reminiscent of Tinker Bell, which is something we really appreciated about it. After all, a novelty item like this needs to, at the bare minimum, evoke the IP on its packaging. For our manicure, we applied two coats of the gel lacquer, as we did with the previous colors, but found this was the first to require a third coat. Tinker Bell was still a bit translucent after two coats, which could simply be the nature of lighter polish shades like this one. Once the third coat had dried, we were impressed by the results, and while we might not reach for a neon hue like this one often, Tinker Bell would be a great choice if the occasion called for it.


And just like Tinker Bell makes people feel good with her magic, we learned we could feel good about using these polishes. "Nailtopia nail lacquer is plant-based, Bio-Sourced, Superfood infused, ALL FREE and NON-TOXIC which means we don't have any bad chemicals or harsh ingredients that can hurt your nails," Nailtopia explains on its site. While this shade wasn't our favorite of the bunch, we're thankful for the brand's safe, clean formulas.

Pluto gives pumpkin spice and space

Lastly, we have the autumnal shade aptly named after Mickey Mouse's beloved canine, Pluto. This pumpkin-spice orange is cheery and vibrant, particularly in the sunlight. We wondered if Pluto would require three shades like Tinkerbell since it's a lighter hue, but we were pleased to find that two coats did the trick. Its thick, buttery formula dried rather quickly and provided a perfect, jelly-like texture. Pluto looks a lot like, well, Pluto in its coloring and would go well with Tinker Bell for a fun seasonal manicure.


Moreover, we found that these polishes were easily removable without much effort when it came time to take them off, which is always a plus in our book. All in all, the Nailtopia x Disney polishes we tried out from the 100th-anniversary collection were fun novelty grabs. The high-quality, quick-drying formula made for an easy-breezy at-home manicure, and we want to try out some other characters from the collection now. If you grab these, though, just remember that multiple coats are needed for full-coverage application; while the formula is great, this isn't a mani you can do in a hurry.