The Lengthy Coat Style Petite Women Should Avoid

Try as we might, there will always be trends that are strictly off-limits to us short women. Be it dragging, floor-length gowns that are not tailor-made to fit our unique proportions, or even jeans designed for women inches taller than us. And speaking of the petite woman's long list of fashion no-gos, we have to discuss the long trenchcoat.


We've noticed Kim Kardashian has been seen strutting around in oversized trenchcoats more than once, surprising us all by miraculously avoiding tripping over her hems. While we're sure it has lots to do with her inherent elegance and grace (and trailing team of security), we have to admit that we would never achieve such poise in this style. It is time to admit it: The long trenchcoat is just not for us petite women.

So, instead of dragging your coattails in unflattering ways and ruining the hemline of perfectly good garments, try these height-appropriate alternatives and styling choices instead. You'll look just as fab, without the fear of getting tangled in miles of fabric.

Embrace the short trench

While it is true that oversized coats can easily engulf your small frame in unflattering ways, there's no need to avoid long trenchcoats completely. Thankfully, certain stores carry lines specifically tailored for us petite women. Finding a long trench that fits your measurements can be the best thing you ever do for your wardrobe. For instance, a good quality leather trench (faux or sustainable, preferably) will elevate any outfit for years to come. Try it with the current trends — pops of red and printed tights, for instance — and learn the power of a well-fitted trench.


Choose an elongating print

Prints can be a short girl's best friend as easily as they can become her worst enemy. It all comes down to learning what looks good on you: vertical or horizontal summer stripes, big or small designs, organic or angular shapes, and so on. We all have our preferences when accentuating and disguising our proportions. Petite women typically seek to elongate their figure through smart prints, and trenches are no different. Next time you shop for trenchcoats, consider the power of an elongating print. Vertical lines and square motifs can do a lot for a short figure.


Show some ankle

The main thing to avoid when shopping for coats is indeed oversized, floor-length versions of the garment. But have you considered the other factors that also play a role in emphasizing a petite woman's stature? The length of the pants, for example, can be significant. When styling your shorter trenchcoat, consider pairing it with cropped or ankle-length pants. Showing some ankle is the way to go if you want to seem taller than you are, especially in photos. Mixing trends, such as street-wear slippers and scrunch socks, with cool-girl cropped pants will elevate your trenchcoat game significantly.


Wear oversized pants

On the flip side, it isn't unheard of for shorter girls to embrace oversized pants in favor of elongating their legs. All you need to make this work is the right pair of heels and the resigned understanding that your pants' hemline will be destroyed whether you like it or not.


Wearing long pants and heels — such as jeans and comfortable booties — will undoubtedly create the illusion of longer legs underneath your perfectly tailored (petite) trenchcoat. We love to see this in real life in combination with a cropped top to counteract the length of the pants.

Invest in shorter alternatives

Another way to distract from your petite height is to invest in a long-ish coat that isn't a trench. For instance, Penny Lane coats (characterized by shearling details) are constantly in and out of style, which will guarantee them a place in your wardrobe for years to come. The best thing about them? They're long enough to keep you warm (booty included) while being short enough to show off the bottom layers of your outfit.


A fun print with some groovy faux fur is all you need to feel like the main character in a '60s-inspired movie. You're welcome.